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(राज्य सरकार द्वारा हरियाणा अधिनियम 2017 के तहत स्थापित विश्वविद्यालय)

Year:2021 VOL 1 ISSUE 1,2021

Sr.No. Contents Page No PDF
1 Perspectives of Pension Plans and Social Security in China Vis-A Vis India Neelam Tandon, Deepak Tandon & Navneet Saxena   1-17
2 Pandemic Led Migration: An Analysis of Livelihood Concerns and Policy Measures Tamanna Kapur , Sakshi Singh  & Jitender Bhandari   18-25
3 Relationship between Work Experience & Occupational Stress Charu Mohla   26-35
4 Impact of Smart City on Tourism Industry: A Case Study of Udaipur City B. L. Verma, Dhamendra Salvi   36-44
5 Performance of Mutual Funds and Its Impact on Their CRISIL Ratings Tushant Tuteja , Saima Rizvi   45-60
6 A Pragmatic Study of Students’ Perspective towards Online Learning in Higher Education Institutions in North India Pooja Verma   61-67
7 A Case Study of Commercial Banks Involved In Bancassurance Business  Bhupesh Lohar, Monika Panchal   68-75
8 The Effect of Corporate Governance Practices on Earning Per Share in Service Sector Aditi Sharma, Manju Garg   76-77
9 Role played by Third Party Administrators in India in providing Health Insurance related Services Suman Devi, Vazir Singh Nehra   82-88
10 Analysis of Leadership Skills of Prospective Managers and Technocrats Neha Dhankar,  Satyawan Baroda 89-94
11 CASE STUDY Comprehensive Employee Engagement Framework: A Case of Google Shweta Mittal, Namita Mangla   95-102
12 BOOK REVIEW   103-104