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Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of Indira Gandhi University Meerpur, Rewari Dr Markanday Ahuja and Eminent Gynaecologist and Educationist Prof(Dr) Anju Ahuja took part enthusiastically and practiced various ‘asanas’ of Yoga and pranayama at Indira Gandhi University Meerpur, Rewari.

As part of worldwide celebration of 4th International Yoga Day on 21st June 2018, Indira Gandhi University Meerpur, Rewari has also celebrated this day in its campus. Yoga session of around forty minutes was organized in which students, faculty, and staff along with Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of  Indira Gandhi University Meerpur, Rewari Dr Markanday Ahuja and Eminent Gynaecologist and Educationist  Prof(Dr) Anju Ahuja  took part enthusiastically and practiced various ‘asanas’ of  Yoga and pranayama.

Concluding ceremony of the Yoga included a lecture by Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Dr Markanday Ahuja which stressed on mental and physical strength of people which enables people to live a healthy life. Thus, he urged the students and staff to practise Yoga which will help create overall harmony of body and mind

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