(State Govt. University Established Under Haryana Act 17 Of 2017)



It gives me immense pleasure and privilege to write the message as founder vice-chancellor of Grurugram University. At the very outset, I am prompted to use sir Aurobindo’s quote;

“There is divinity in every child and purpose of education is to take out that divinity”

Here, at Gurugram, we will work precisely as per the quote. We have adopted a system in India whereby, the professional careers are chosen not because it is the passion of the child but because what parents see in the child. The wishes of the parents keep changing as the fashion changes.  Therefore, what universities get is half mentally prepared and charged students. We have to break this tradition. We must go by the passion of the child. At Gurugram University, we will offer wide range of courses to choose from as per the passion of the child. Vivekananda once said,

“Education is not which prepares you for life; it is LIFE itself”

I believe that rigors, chills and pressures of the contemporary world require professionals not to end their quest for knowledge with their stay in the campus. The dynamics of the ever and fast changing world urge the academicians to push the students into continuous learning programmes so that they become life-long learners. In addition, to creating ever fertile minds for professional and personal success, we have also committed and dedicated ourselves to create socially proactive citizens who are the epitomes of highest ethics, social and moral conduct. The responsibility lies with us to nurture complete professionals who can rightly be blended into a mixture of “Gyan” and “Karma”. I can proudly state that we are fully equipped and motivated to handle the challenge and surely be successful.

These days we talk a lot about “Packages”. Yes, packages are important for a living but not for life. Therefore, we have chosen out motto as “विद्या जीवनाय न तु जीविकाय”

I take this opportunity to appeal all academia to support us in our endeavour to be an “out-of-the-box university” a term which our honourable Chief Minister Shri Manohar Lal Khattar has so lovingly and fondly coined for us. I also thank His Excellency Shri Kaptan Singh Solanki, The Honourable Governor of Haryana for giving me a chance to serve here as founder Vice-Chancellor.


I also welcome one and all who shall be joining us as faculty, student and staff.