(State Govt. University Established Under Haryana Act 17 Of 2017)



Gurugram University aspires to be a front runner in global education; role model for institutional excellence, trans-cultural quality learning, intellectual growth, contemporary research, capacity building and nurturing socially and morally responsible disciples through a learner’s centric approach. The university seeks to ensure a journey from studentship to epitome of discipleship by working on academic skills, life skills, technical skills and industry skills of its students.

Motivation behind our Vision: The name of city “Gurugram” carries forward to the University which itself is after the name of Guru Dronacharya. Since ages, the story of Eklavya (a character from the Indian Epic-Mahabharata) has come to define exemplary discipleship. Eklavya was the son of a poor hunter who wanted to learn archery from Dronacharya who was a teacher to the members of royal family was not allowed to teach the state art to anybody else. It was forbidden to make anyone as powerful as the princes for the safety of the region. As Eklavya in his heart had already accepted Dronacharya as his Guru. He made a statue of his Guru and learned archery with sincerity and practice. He became so good at it that, he would hear the sound of the animal, shoot an arrow at it and claim the animal.

Dronacharya was baffled when he got to know about Eklavya and decided to meet him. Eklavya welcomed his Guru with great honor and love and then Dronacharya asked for Guru Dakshina in the form of thumb of the right hand of Eklavya. Eklavya without a second thought gave the thumb of his right hand to his Guru.

In this story Dhronacharya is commonly viewed as being cruel and self-centred but Dhronacharya blessed Eklavya with immortality by asking him for his thumb thereby, “Raising his status from studentship to epitome of discipleship.” So when people think of devotion, they think of Eklavya, and not Arjuna. Dronacharya took the blame on him and uplifted his student which reflects that even if Guru is wrong, if your devotion is there you can never go wrong.