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File01 Result PHD ENTRANCE.docx2023-07-19 07:31 19k
File01-12-2021 Open-Physical Counseling for B.PT, Mathematics, English, MJMC, Hin...2021-11-30 15:41 3120k
File01_2024 UG ORDIANCE FINAL 2024_compressed.pdf2024-04-30 06:53 366k
File02 DRAFT PG ORDINANCE.pdf2024-01-05 07:16 431k
File02-12-2021 Open-Physical Counseling for LLB, LLM, Psychology, Public Ad, MSW ...2021-11-30 15:41 3075k
File02_2024 PG ORDINANCE FINAL 2024.pdf2024-04-30 06:53 772k
File03 DRAFT integrated ordinance.pdf2024-01-05 07:17 362k
File03_2024 INTEGRATED ORDINANCE FINAL 2024.pdf2024-04-30 06:54 914k
File04_2024 KNOWLEDGE ENHANCEMENT COURSESS ORDINANCE FINAL 2024.pdf2024-04-30 06:55 632k
File1 (1)_rotated (1).pdf2023-09-08 05:29 171k
File1-Pharmaceutical Sciences.pdf2022-08-17 17:46 118k
File1. Updated Final Date Sheet UG (BA, B.SC., B.Com. BBA BCA B.Ed integ., BTTM _...2023-05-13 06:45 956k
File1.2.pdf2020-02-19 18:26 91k
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File15-Political Science.pdf2022-08-17 17:54 105k
File16-Animation & Multimedia.pdf2022-08-17 17:55 115k
File16.17.pdf2020-02-19 18:40 92k
File1606887673476_M.PTтАУOrtho.pdf2020-12-02 11:38 194k
File1639213665784_List of Candidates-Ph. D Interview.pdf2021-12-13 22:06 83k
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File18.19.20.pdf2020-02-19 18:40 227k
File19-06-2023.pdf2023-06-20 04:53 115k
File1st GUG Book Fair.pdf2024-01-19 08:05 502k
File1st GUG Book fair_compressed.pdf2024-01-18 04:37 494k
File1st merit list for Ph.D Admission in Management program..pdf2023-03-21 13:40 1013k
File1st merit list of ph.d admission 2024 batch .pdf2024-05-07 04:35 638k
File1st merit list of Ph.D admission in Department of Management .pdf2024-05-07 04:24 278k
File1st provisional merit list of B.Tech lateral entry.pdf2023-09-12 14:16 811k
File1stECMeeting_compressed.pdf2020-03-02 17:16 3981k
File2 MBA DATE SHEET_compressed.pdf2023-05-06 12:47 133k
File2-Computer Engineering.pdf2022-08-17 17:47 127k
File2. Updated final Date sheet B.Tech and B.Voc_compressed.pdf2023-05-13 06:46 320k
File2.10.06.2020.pdf2020-06-10 14:41 35k
File2019 Year 1 Sem 1 Subject Wise Percentage_compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:47 191k
File2019 Year 1 Sem 2 Subject Wise Percentage_compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:45 223k
File2019 Year 2 Sem 3 Subject Wise Percentage_compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:45 201k
File2019 Year 2 Sem 4 Subject Wise Percentage_compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:44 186k
File2019 Year 3 Sem 5 Subject Wise Percentage_compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:43 159k
File2019 Year 3 Sem 6 Subject Wise Percentage_compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:43 149k
File2019 Year 4 Sem 7 Subject Wise Percentage_compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:42 64k
File2020 Year 1 Sem 2 Subject Wise Percentage_compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:42 244k
File2020 Year 2 Sem 3 Subject Wise Percentage_compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:40 206k
File2020 Year 3 Sem 5 Subject Wise Percentage_compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:38 166k
File2020-10-22 15.22.00_20201022152208.pdf2020-10-22 15:44 350k
File2021 Year 1 Sem 1 Subject Wise Percentage_compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:37 230k
File2022 passout students_degree details.pdf2024-02-22 08:25 204k
File2023 National Seminar EcoSoc GUG .pdf2023-03-03 04:29 10842k
File2023 National Seminar EcoSoc GUG.pdf2023-02-27 11:04 10792k
File2023 passout students_degree details.pdf2024-02-22 08:26 215k
File21 June updated Final Date Sheet June 2022.pdf2022-06-21 20:16 817k
File21.22.pdf2020-02-19 18:41 154k
File23.24.25.pdf2020-02-19 18:41 198k
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File24.06.2019.pdf2019-06-24 12:47 502k
File24.8.2018Law Schedule of Admission-1.pdf2018-11-25 10:37 439k
File25-06-2019.pdf2019-06-25 16:01 561k
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File29.30.31.pdf2020-02-19 18:42 159k
File2nd merit list of digital marketing .pdf2023-08-09 14:03 474k
File2nd Merit list of MBA ( integrated) .pdf2023-07-21 14:53 1053k
File2nd merit list of MBA (Hospitality management).pdf2023-08-10 06:55 606k
File2nd Merit List of MBA (Integrated).pdf2022-08-26 12:36 1093k
File2nd merit list of PGDBA.pdf2023-08-09 14:02 555k
File2nd Merit List of Ph.D Admission in Psychology (2022-23).pdf2023-04-10 11:12 164k
File2nd Merit List Of Ph.D Admission in Public Administration.pdf2023-04-12 11:14 174k
File2nd OC M.Com Integrated.pdf2023-08-10 10:45 335k
File2nd Provisional Merit list of B. Tech.pdf2023-09-11 12:51 1658k
File2ndECMeeting.pdf2020-03-02 17:10 1414k
File2NDMERITLISTB.ED..pdf2020-12-11 17:21 561k
File2ndMeritListofAdditional20student.pdf2020-12-29 13:23 807k
[IMG]3-1-2020.jpg2020-01-03 14:18 912k
File3-Electronics Engg..pdf2022-08-17 17:47 123k
File3. Updated Final Datesheet (B.Pharm., M. Pharm., BPT, MPT_compressed.pdf2023-05-13 06:47 213k
File3.4.pdf2020-02-19 18:27 137k
File3.6AnnualReport(2019-20).pdf2021-03-08 13:00 1507k
File32.33.34.pdf2020-02-19 18:42 155k
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File38.39.40.pdf2020-02-19 18:43 161k
File3rd merit list of MBA (Integrated).pdf2023-07-25 04:01 627k
File3rd merit list of MBA -1.pdf2023-08-10 13:38 531k
File3rd Open Counseling Merit list of Political Science.pdf2023-09-18 10:36 331k
File3rd Open Counseling Merit list of Public Policy, Admin. & Governance.pdf2023-09-18 10:36 325k
File3rdECMeeting.pdf2020-03-02 17:09 1202k
File4-Management.pdf2022-08-17 17:48 115k
File4. Updated Final Datesheet (LLB, LLM, MPH, MSW)_compressed.pdf2023-05-13 06:47 151k
File4.9.19.pdf2019-09-04 16:47 170k
[IMG]4EF1393B-DCC3-433D-9435-CA4CACDB6FBD.jpeg2022-02-19 13:25 92k
File4THECMeeting.pdf2020-03-02 17:07 119k
File5-Commerce.pdf2022-08-17 17:48 138k
File5. UPDATED FINAL DATE SHEET (MBA, MBA Integrated, M.Com, Integrated AN...2023-05-13 06:49 305k
File5.6.pdf2020-02-19 18:27 81k
File51Malba.pdf2022-11-04 16:17 349k
[IMG]58A97C6F-6950-4F64-8DB9-36DF66701561.jpeg2021-12-22 17:37 79k
File5thEC.pdf2020-03-18 15:09 7050k
File6-English.pdf2022-08-17 17:49 119k
File6. UPDATED FINAL DATE SHEET PG (MA, M.SC., MCA, MPES)_compressed.pdf2023-05-13 06:49 512k
[IMG]6A4E81CC-8897-4BDB-9CA7-1C98FB1F90FB.jpeg2022-05-17 16:55 0k
[IMG]6BF751AD-149D-4862-B1EA-3549D67C55FA.jpeg2022-05-16 19:25 0k
[IMG]6hsept.jpg2019-09-06 17:09 1855k
File6th sem re-evaluation result (1).pdf2022-10-04 15:49 2376k
File6thECMeeting.pdf2020-03-02 17:06 574k
File7-Media Studies.pdf2022-08-17 17:49 115k
File7.8.pdf2020-02-19 18:30 86k
File7thEC.pdf2020-03-18 15:08 4965k
File8-Public Administration.pdf2022-08-17 17:50 129k
[IMG]86176FB7-4B51-4DA9-A70F-5370B2F01D4C.jpeg2019-11-21 12:15 31k
File8thECMeeting.pdf2020-03-02 17:15 4909k
File9-Psychology.pdf2022-08-17 17:50 134k
File9.10.11.pdf2020-02-19 18:33 252k
File9967-9972.pdf2023-02-27 11:33 319k
File__ NIT (VCB).pdf2023-09-20 05:06 288k
File`B.Pharma 5th Sem26052022..pdf2022-05-26 11:01 254k
FileA Legal Talk Show.pdf2022-08-02 14:39 20239k
FileA Legal Talk Show2.pdf2022-08-02 14:49 612k
FileAcademicCalendar2020.pdf2021-03-30 20:17 5725k
[IMG]academiccalender2019.jpg2019-12-03 14:27 1105k
Filead 9.pdf2018-11-25 10:13 66k
FileAd-Walk-in-Interviews forTRPinPhysiotherapytobeheldon05.08.19.pdf2019-08-02 15:29 186k
FileAd-Walk-in-InterviewsfoDeputaioninEnglish.pdf2019-09-11 18:00 194k
Filead10.pdf2018-11-24 23:34 243k
Filead5a-.pdf2018-11-25 11:00 74k
Filead5b.pdf2018-11-25 10:28 74k
FileAddendum 08 of 2023.pdf2023-12-28 14:03 97k
FileAddendum for advt no ET-04 2023.pdf2023-07-05 07:32 947k
FileADDENDUM to Advt No ET-102023.pdf2023-12-29 15:51 53k
FileAddendum to Advt. No. 12,13,14 & 16-2018.pdf2018-12-05 16:29 149k
FileAddendum to Notice dt. 19.09.2023 for Assistant Librarian..pdf2023-09-26 03:00 410k
FileADDENDUM to notice dt. 22.12.2023 (advt. No. ET-072023).pdf2023-12-22 12:18 39k
FileAddendum-1.pdf2023-10-04 10:37 59k
FileADDENDUM-2 to Notice no. 1349 dt. 01.10.2023 for Asstt. Prof. (Contratual).pdf2023-10-01 14:48 406k
FileADDENDUM-2.pdf2023-10-04 08:48 63k
FileAddendum-IV to Notic no. 633 dt. 26.04.2024 (Education).pdf2024-04-30 06:51 69k
FileAddendum.pdf2023-06-07 10:41 469k
FileAddendumandCorrigendum.pdf2020-08-27 15:32 8049k
FileAddendumtoAdvt.pdf2019-02-23 21:55 630k
FileAddition to the list of shorlisted applicants on ac of amendment in the key o...2024-06-21 11:32 73k
[IMG]addmissionissue.jpeg2020-08-06 18:37 26k
Fileadministrativeblockbuilding.pdf2020-07-09 20:50 74k
FileAdmission Brochure for the Affiliated Colleges 2021-22.pdf2021-09-09 07:44 1056k
FileAdmission Form for admission to UG and PG .pdf2021-11-30 19:39 753k
FileAdmission Guidelines and admission schedule for B.Ed and M.Ed programmes of a...2022-10-04 09:51 754k
FileAdmission Guidelines and admission schedule for B.Ed and M.Ed programmes of a...2022-10-04 15:02 754k
FileAdmission Guidelines and admission schedule for B.Ed and M.Ed programmes of a...2022-10-06 12:35 861k
FileAdmission Guidelines and admission schedule for B.Ed and M.Ed programmes of a...2022-10-03 15:38 748k
FileAdmission guidelines for admission to Ph.D. programme against vacant seats an...2023-05-19 10:36 4342k
FileAdmission guidelines for admission to Ph.D. programme against vacant seats an...2023-05-30 07:45 1966k
FileAdmission guidelines for Affiliated Colleges 28.06.2023_compressed.pdf2023-06-30 10:38 898k
FileAdmission Guidelines for Ph.D. programme 2022-23 (1).pdf2023-01-03 11:43 1857k
FileAdmission Guidelines for Ph.D. programme 2022-23.pdf2022-12-30 12:19 1265k
FileAdmission guidelines for the B.Ed. & M.Ed. of Affiliated Education Colleges ...2023-08-11 05:46 994k
FileAdmission guidelines session 2022-23 for PG programmes of Affiliated Colleges...2022-08-19 14:04 1625k
FileAdmission Helpdesk (Session 2024-25).pdf2024-04-23 06:27 147k
FileAdmission Helpdesk.pdf2023-06-05 15:44 370k
FileAdmission Notice 2021-22.pdf2021-08-14 17:10 258k
FileAdmission Notice 2022-23.PDF2022-07-04 10:33 60k
FileAdmission Notice for Education Colleges 2022.pdf2022-10-03 15:38 589k
FileAdmission Notice for PG programmes of Affiliated Colleges for the session 202...2022-08-02 16:50 3249k
FileAdmission Notice for Ph.D. programmes (1).PDF2023-05-08 15:57 44k
FileAdmission Notice for Ph.D. programmes.PDF2022-12-30 12:19 481k
FileAdmission Notice for PhD Management program.pdf2024-04-26 09:36 333k
FileAdmission notice for Physical Counseling of UG and PG programmes (with offlin...2023-08-28 04:41 285k
FileAdmission notice for Physical Counseling of UG and PG programmes (with offlin...2023-08-24 05:18 492k
FileAdmission notice for Physical Counseling of UG and PG programmes.pdf2023-08-23 10:50 118k
FileAdmission Notice for the PG Programmes for the session 2024-25.pdf2024-05-09 08:44 180k
FileAdmission Notice for the session 2022-23 as updated on 01.08.2022.pdf2022-08-02 11:39 62k
FileAdmission notice for the session PG Programmes for the session 2024-25..pdf2024-05-08 08:57 180k
FileAdmission Notice for the UG & Integrated Programmes for the session 2024-25..pdf2024-05-08 08:57 177k
FileAdmission Notice for UG & PG prgrammes for the session 2023-24.PDF2023-05-19 10:47 83k
FileAdmission Notice for UG and PG Programs for the session 2024-25..pdf2024-05-07 04:26 628k
FileAdmission Notice for vacant seats in B. Pharmacy Course of TFW category.pdf2021-10-22 16:38 525k
FileAdmission Notice for vacant seats in B. Pharmacy Lateral Entry.pdf2021-10-25 16:26 525k
FileAdmission Notice of B.Pharmacy Course against vacant seats.pdf2021-10-11 15:59 243k
FileAdmission Notice session 2022-23 for PG programmes of Affiliated Colleges.PDF2022-08-19 14:03 584k
FileAdmission Notice- 2022-23.pdf2022-07-07 17:19 63k
FileAdmission Schedule for 2021 - 17.08.2021 - After DR. Comments.pdf2021-08-17 16:53 108k
FileAdmission Schedule for admissions to B.Tech. LEET programme.pdf2021-10-06 17:00 1801k
FileAdmission Schedule for admissions to LLM & M.Ed. programme.pdf2021-10-14 16:01 299k
FileAdmission schedule for B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes.pdf2022-10-31 15:58 982k
FileAdmission Schedule for PG programmes of Affiliated Colleges 29.09.2022.PDF2022-09-29 16:10 38k
FileAdmission Schedule for PG programmes of affiliated colleges.PDF2022-09-19 16:42 418k
FileAdmission Schedule of M.Pharm.pdf2022-09-17 18:13 2223k
FileAdmission Schedule of various UG and PG programmes for which last date was ex...2022-09-16 17:45 389k
FileAdmission with late fee against vacant seat by condoning the delay..pdf2022-11-22 17:25 2210k
FileAdmission-Brochure-2020-21_29.09.2020.pdf2020-09-29 12:44 2259k
FileAdmissionBrochure20-21.pdf2021-09-20 09:52 1056k
[IMG]AdmissionNotice2020-21.jpg2020-07-07 15:19 1473k
FileAdmissionnotice2020-21.pdf2020-07-09 13:57 79k
[IMG]Admissionnoticefinal.jpg2020-07-07 15:21 1952k
FileAdmissionnoticeforB.Pharmacywith.pdf2020-11-04 14:06 569k
FileAdmissionnoticePharmacyEWS.pdf2020-11-12 21:04 571k
FileAdmissionPharmacyCourse-2020-21.pdf2020-12-22 15:41 288k
FileAdobe Scan 01 Feb 2022 (1).pdf2022-02-01 12:19 356k
FileAdobe Scan 02 Feb 2022.pdf2022-02-02 13:09 396k
FileAdobe Scan 03 Feb 2022.pdf2022-02-07 19:49 263k
FileAdobe Scan 03 Mar 2022.pdf2022-03-03 22:17 352k
FileAdobe Scan 04 Mar 2022.pdf2022-03-04 15:20 431k
FileAdobe Scan 06-Apr-2023 (3).pdf2023-04-06 10:54 315k
FileAdobe Scan 06-Oct-2023 (1).pdf2023-10-06 11:16 434k
FileAdobe Scan 06-Oct-2023.pdf2023-10-06 11:17 618k
FileAdobe Scan 07 Jan 2022.pdf2022-01-10 13:17 1005k
FileAdobe Scan 07 Mar 2022 (2).pdf2022-03-07 19:00 413k
FileAdobe Scan 07 Mar 2022 (3).pdf2022-03-07 18:57 454k
FileAdobe Scan 08 Feb 2022.pdf2022-02-08 17:25 320k
FileAdobe Scan 09-Feb-2024.pdf2024-02-12 05:32 303k
FileAdobe Scan 10 Mar 2022.pdf2022-03-10 12:39 294k
FileAdobe Scan 10 Oct 2022.pdf2022-10-10 10:22 571k
FileAdobe Scan 11 Feb 2022.pdf2022-02-12 17:40 430k
FileAdobe Scan 12-Feb-2024.pdf2024-02-12 10:51 169k
FileAdobe Scan 14 Jan 2022.pdf2022-01-14 15:13 367k
FileAdobe Scan 14-Feb-2023 (1)_compressed.pdf2023-02-14 12:37 1748k
FileAdobe Scan 16 May 2022 (1).pdf2022-05-16 18:37 0k
FileAdobe Scan 16-Feb-2024.pdf2024-02-20 06:57 196k
FileAdobe Scan 16-Jun-2021.pdf2021-06-16 15:42 269k
FileAdobe Scan 17 Feb 2022 (2).pdf2022-02-18 12:11 229k
FileAdobe Scan 17 Mar 2023.pdf2023-03-17 10:40 357k
FileAdobe Scan 17-Aug-2023 (1).pdf2023-08-17 08:46 371k
FileAdobe Scan 17-Jun-2021.pdf2021-06-17 14:49 258k
FileAdobe Scan 18 Feb 2022.pdf2022-02-18 17:57 385k
FileAdobe Scan 18 Jul 2022 (1).pdf2022-07-18 17:03 516k
FileAdobe Scan 19-Feb-2024.pdf2024-02-20 06:57 378k
FileAdobe Scan 20 Oct 2022 (3).pdf2022-10-20 15:45 420k
FileAdobe Scan 22 Feb 2022 (1).pdf2022-02-22 18:13 445k
FileAdobe Scan 22 Feb 2022 (2).pdf2022-02-22 18:14 352k
FileAdobe Scan 22 Feb 2022.pdf2022-02-23 19:52 302k
FileAdobe Scan 24 Aug 2022.pdf2022-08-24 15:52 646k
FileAdobe Scan 24 Feb 2022.pdf2022-02-24 16:32 412k
FileAdobe Scan 25 Jan 2022.pdf2022-01-26 16:31 373k
FileAdobe Scan 27 Jan 2022.pdf2022-01-27 14:14 279k
FileAdobe Scan 28 Jul 2022.pdf2022-07-28 17:16 389k
FileAdobe Scan 29 Aug 2023.pdf2023-08-31 03:21 448k
FileAdobe Scan 29 Feb 2024 (1).pdf2024-02-29 10:42 371k
FileAdobe Scan 29-Sep-2023.pdf2023-10-04 07:57 686k
FileAdobe Scan 3 Oct 2022 (1).pdf2022-10-03 20:04 2004k
FileAdobe Scan 30 Sep 2022 (4).pdf2022-10-01 07:27 1040k
FileAdobe Scan 5 Jul 2023.pdf2023-07-05 09:26 1277k
FileAdobe Scan 8 Dec 2022 (1)_compressed.pdf2022-12-08 18:08 509k
FileAdobe Scan Apr 05, 2021.pdf2021-04-05 22:56 125k
FileAdobe Scan Apr 06, 2023.pdf2023-04-06 05:43 342k
FileAdobe Scan Apr 18, 2023.pdf2023-05-24 10:17 1867k
FileAdobe Scan Apr 20, 2023 (1).pdf2023-04-20 15:37 182k
FileAdobe Scan Apr 21, 2023.pdf2023-04-21 13:26 142k
FileAdobe Scan Apr 25, 2023.pdf2023-04-25 07:29 1195k
FileAdobe Scan Apr 26, 2023.pdf2023-04-26 12:36 1076k
FileAdobe Scan Aug 13, 2021 (3).pdf2021-08-13 16:21 114k
FileAdobe Scan Aug 13, 2021 (4).pdf2021-08-13 16:20 106k
FileAdobe Scan Aug 13, 2021 (5).pdf2021-08-13 16:20 97k
FileAdobe Scan Dec 05, 2022 (1).pdf2022-12-06 10:03 298k
FileAdobe Scan Dec 05, 2022.pdf2022-12-06 10:01 955k
FileAdobe Scan Dec 06, 2022.pdf2022-12-06 16:15 460k
FileAdobe Scan Dec 07, 2022.pdf2022-12-07 14:52 425k
FileAdobe Scan Dec 23, 2022 (1).pdf2022-12-25 04:32 986k
FileAdobe Scan Dec 26, 2022.pdf2022-12-26 13:36 245k
FileAdobe Scan Dec 28, 2022 (1).pdf2022-12-29 04:37 291k
FileAdobe Scan Dec 30, 2022.pdf2022-12-30 12:17 702k
FileAdobe Scan Feb 03, 2023.pdf2023-02-03 15:34 331k
FileAdobe Scan Feb 07, 2023.pdf2023-02-07 14:30 380k
FileAdobe Scan Feb 09, 2022.pdf2022-02-10 09:22 294k
FileAdobe Scan Feb 10, 2023 (1).pdf2023-02-13 12:34 658k
FileAdobe Scan Feb 10, 2023.pdf2023-02-10 14:23 658k
FileAdobe Scan Feb 14, 2023 (1).pdf2023-02-23 04:51 638k
FileAdobe Scan Feb 28, 2023 (1).pdf2023-03-01 04:48 331k
FileAdobe Scan Feb 28, 2023 (2).pdf2023-03-01 04:49 760k
FileAdobe Scan Feb 28, 2023.pdf2023-03-01 04:46 207k
FileAdobe Scan Jan 02, 2023.pdf2023-01-02 15:07 514k
FileAdobe Scan Jan 03, 2023.pdf2023-01-03 11:29 950k
FileAdobe Scan Jan 04, 2023.pdf2023-01-04 12:05 281k
FileAdobe Scan Jan 09, 2023.pdf2023-01-09 11:54 399k
FileAdobe Scan Jan 12, 2023.pdf2023-01-13 00:32 235k
FileAdobe Scan Jan 13, 2023 (1).pdf2023-01-14 07:43 323k
FileAdobe Scan Jan 13, 2023.pdf2023-01-13 09:11 344k
FileAdobe Scan Jan 20, 2023.pdf2023-01-20 08:06 647k
FileAdobe Scan Jan 25, 2023.pdf2023-01-25 10:24 296k
FileAdobe Scan Jan 31, 2023 (1).pdf2023-02-01 04:16 421k
FileAdobe Scan Jul 18, 2023.pdf2023-07-18 11:09 294k
FileAdobe Scan Jun 05, 2021 (2).pdf2021-06-05 15:23 244k
FileAdobe Scan Mar 24, 2023.pdf2023-03-24 14:33 258k
FileAdobe Scan Nov 04, 2022 (1).pdf2022-11-04 16:31 355k
FileAdobe Scan Nov 07, 2022.pdf2022-11-07 18:42 1581k
FileAdobe Scan Nov 10, 2022.pdf2022-11-10 14:17 256k
FileAdobe Scan Nov 15, 2022 (1).pdf2022-11-15 14:32 248k
FileAdobe Scan Nov 15, 2022 (2).pdf2022-11-15 14:33 670k
FileAdobe Scan Nov 21, 2022.pdf2022-11-21 19:44 516k
FileAdobe Scan Nov 22, 2022.pdf2022-11-22 17:23 769k
FileAdobe Scan Nov 24, 2022.pdf2022-11-25 10:04 1786k
FileAdobe Scan Nov 29, 2022.pdf2022-11-29 14:53 1782k
FileAdobe Scan Nov 30, 2022.pdf2022-11-30 14:46 911k
FileAdobe Scan Oct 12, 2022 (1).pdf2022-10-14 10:10 756k
FileAdobe Scan Oct 16, 2023.pdf2023-10-16 09:29 367k
FileAdobe Scan Oct 18, 2022 (2).pdf2022-10-19 09:46 915k
FileAdobe Scan Oct 18, 2022.pdf2022-10-19 09:46 642k
FileAdobe Scan Oct 20, 2023.pdf2023-10-20 07:06 369k
FileAdobe Scan Oct 21, 2022 (1) (2).pdf2022-10-31 11:32 955k
FileAdobe Scan Oct 21, 2022 (1).pdf2022-10-31 11:27 955k
FileAdobe Scan Oct 27, 2022.pdf2022-10-27 17:06 188k
FileAdobe Scan Oct 31, 2022 (1).pdf2022-10-31 15:26 618k
FileAdobe Scan Oct 31, 2022 (1)_compressed.pdf2022-11-02 12:55 329k
FileAdobe Scan Oct 31, 2022_compressed.pdf2022-11-02 12:55 1176k
FileAdobe_Scan_Jun_22,_2021.pdf2021-06-22 18:54 219k
FileAdvertisemen for Non-teaching ENT 4 of 2022.pdf2022-06-30 18:52 233k
FileAdvertisement for 01 post of Professor (JMC) on deputation basis-pdf.pdf2021-05-18 13:31 944k
FileAdvertisement For Asstt. Prof. (contractual)57700 pdf.pdf2022-06-29 12:40 519k
FileAdvertisement for the Post of Non-Teaching Advt. No. - 03 of 2021 (Non-Teachi...2021-04-07 09:08 296k
FileAdvertisement No 11.pdf2018-11-24 23:33 377k
FileAdvertisement No. ET- 05 2022.pdf2022-06-30 18:08 213k
FileAdvertisement No. ET-10-2023 (Teaching-Contractual).pdf2023-12-23 06:40 1142k
FileAdvertisement of Mali post of Non-Teaching staff (B.Ed. Course)..pdf2023-04-11 05:26 731k
FileAdvertisement2020Assistantprofessor.pdf2020-09-11 15:20 342k
FileAdvertisement_ET-01-2020_TRP.pdf2020-01-17 10:27 212k
FileAdvertisement_ET-18-2019_AssttProf.pdf2019-09-11 21:44 403k
FileAdvertisement_No._ET-01-15_of_2024_(Assistant_Professors_&_Asstt._Librarian)-...2024-02-20 09:49 1164k
FileAdvertisementforthePostofNon-Teaching.pdf2020-08-12 14:21 3764k
FileAdvertisementforTRPsfor2020-21-2.pdf2020-09-16 16:32 207k
FileAdvertisementforTRPsfor2020-Mathematics.pdf2021-01-23 17:43 143k
FileAdvt 4 of 2023 (1) (1) (1).pdf2023-06-06 14:14 1012k
FileAdvt 4 of 2023 (1).pdf2023-06-07 04:23 393k
FileAdvt No. - ET-09-2022.pdf2022-12-07 11:33 783k
Fileadvt no. 13-2021.pdf2021-09-12 16:52 5931k
FileAdvt no. ET-09 of 2022- Advertisement For Asstt. Prof. (contractual)@57700 (1...2022-12-07 14:51 403k
FileAdvt no.ET122019.pdf2019-09-05 15:56 649k
FileAdvt. 8-2018.pdf2018-11-25 10:18 774k
FileAdvt. ENT 01-2022.pdf2022-03-25 21:50 495k
FileAdvt. ET-06-2022 Prof. psychology (pdf-2).pdf2022-06-29 12:39 1774k
FileAdvt. ET-06-2022 Prof. psychology.pdf2022-06-29 11:59 997k
FileAdvt. for non-teaching staff on deputation basis (1).pdf2023-10-16 11:42 457k
FileAdvt. no. 02-2021- Asssistant Prof. in law.pdf2021-03-16 18:47 320k
FileAdvt. no. 07 of 2022 (Engg.& Tech) for the Teaching Posts.pdf2022-11-28 11:49 1275k
FileAdvt. no. 08 of 2022 for the Teaching Posts.pdf2022-11-28 11:49 1513k
FileAdvt. no. 11of 2022 for the Teaching Posts.pdf2023-01-10 05:14 1509k
FileAdvt. No. 12-2018 for Non-Teaching-29.10.18- PDF.pdf2018-11-24 23:32 401k
FileAdvt. no. 9 of 2021 for engagement of retired personal as Associate Professor...2021-06-30 11:03 159k
FileAdvt. no. 9-2021 for engagement of retire teacher as Associate Professor in C...2021-06-29 20:39 44k
FileAdvt. No. ENT-03 of 2023 for website.pdf2023-04-27 13:47 232k
FileAdvt. no. ENT-06 of 2023 (for non- teaching post on deputation).pdf2023-09-28 10:37 504k
FileAdvt. No. ENT-08 2023 (Non-Teaching Posts).pdf2023-10-19 10:45 1238k
FileAdvt. No. ENT-08-2023 (3).pdf2023-10-17 09:33 642k
FileAdvt. No. ENT-08-2023.pdf2023-10-17 09:24 611k
FileAdvt. No. ENT-16-2021 (Assistant).pdf2021-10-29 19:49 3328k
FileAdvt. No. ET 02-2022 (1).pdf2022-04-05 19:13 4639k
FileAdvt. No. ET 02-2022 (2).pdf2022-04-06 16:28 4639k
FileAdvt. no. ET- 05-2023.pdf2023-08-25 03:59 1105k
FileAdvt. No. ET-02 of 2023 (Asstt. Librarian).pdf2023-04-25 07:28 1149k
FileAdvt. no. ET-04 of 2023 (Assistant Professor-Contractual) for 2023-24.pdf2023-06-08 13:46 1594k
FileAdvt. No. ET-05-2023.pdf2023-08-25 05:33 1105k
FileAdvt. No. ET-07 of 2023 (Teaching Posts).pdf2023-11-06 10:05 1388k
FileAdvt. No. ET-10-2022.pdf2022-12-07 19:05 671k
FileAdvt. No. NT-01-15 of 2024 (1).pdf2024-02-19 13:59 753k
FileAdvt. No. NT-01-15 of 2024 - 19.02.24.pdf2024-02-19 11:15 872k
FileAdvt. no. T-342024 (for Hiring Adjunct Faculty).pdf2024-03-18 11:01 423k
FileAdvt._No._13-_2018-_Non-Teaching_Post- pdf.PDF2018-11-24 23:31 454k
FileAdvt._No._14-2018-_Non_Teaching_Post- pdf.PDF2018-11-24 23:28 342k
FileAdvt._No._16-_2018- Non-Teaching Posts.pdf2018-11-24 23:24 231k ENT-09-2023 pdf.pdf2023-12-01 10:44 873k
FileAdvt.No.-ENT-08 2023.pdf2023-10-27 06:33 1134k
FileAdvt.No.1-2019_Non-Teaching(lastdate25.07.19).pdf2019-07-06 20:08 500k
FileAdvt.No.18-2018-TRPforLawPDFwithT&C.pdf2019-01-02 16:06 215k
FileAdvt.No.2-2019_Non-Teaching.pdf2019-07-09 10:44 221k
FileAdvt.No.2-2019_Non-Teaching_Final.docx2019-07-11 14:10 104k
FileAdvt.No.2-2019_Non-Teaching_Final.pdf2019-07-11 14:11 223k
FileAdvt.No.ENT-05-2019_Non-Teaching.pdf2019-07-26 20:00 511k
FileAdvt.No.ET9_Non-Teaching.pdf2019-07-25 14:48 575k
FileAdvt062018.pdf2018-11-25 10:26 295k
FileAdvtforprotocol.pdf2019-03-04 10:52 248k
FileAdvtNo04of2018.pdf2018-11-25 10:32 327k
FileAdvtNo072018.pdf2018-11-25 10:23 412k
[IMG]af.jpg2020-09-18 12:03 375k
FileAffiliated Colleges to Update internal assessment on University Portal.pdf2022-06-28 10:47 286k
FileAffiliatedCollegeswitrograms.pdf2021-03-08 12:57 6671k
FileAICTE 01.02.2024.pdf2024-02-02 09:27 185k
FileAltaScanner_04_06_2023(2).pdf2023-04-06 10:17 581k
[IMG]amendmend.jpg2021-04-18 13:25 228k
FileAmendment in Date Sheet Dated 01-12-2023_compressed.pdf2023-12-04 05:15 195k
FileAmendment in Date Sheet Dated 06-12-2023 .pdf2023-12-06 08:11 785k
FileAmendment in date sheet dated 11-12-23.pdf2023-12-13 06:13 368k
FileAmendment in Date sheet Dated 30-11-2023.pdf2023-12-01 04:19 536k
FileAmendment in Date Sheet Dec 2023 dated 08.12.2023.pdf2023-12-13 06:12 425k
FileAmendment in Date Sheet May 2023 Examinations..pdf2023-06-14 05:53 262k
FileAmendment in Date Sheets - April-May 2024 Examinations Dated 22-04-2024_compr...2024-04-23 06:33 1347k
FileAmendment in Updated Answer Keys of the Question Papers for the written test ...2024-06-07 12:08 65k
FileAMENDMENTS IN DATE SHEET (JAN-2024 EXAM) ON DATED 03-01-2024.pdf2024-01-03 09:53 84k
FileAmendments in Date sheets - February 2023 Re- appear Examinations..pdf2023-02-15 10:54 496k
FileAmendments in Date sheets - january 2023 examinations..pdf2023-01-26 07:58 880k
FileAmendments in Date Sheets - May 2023 Regular & Re-appear Examinations._compre...2023-05-31 05:59 340k
FileAmendments in Date Sheets Jan-2024 Exam dated on 11-01-2024.pdf2024-01-11 10:32 270k
Fileamendments in Date Sheets January 2023 Examination.pdf2023-01-13 00:29 1299k
FileAnimation & Multimedia_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 06:59 103k
FileAnnualReport(2019-20).pdf2021-03-05 22:34 1507k
FileAns. Key Assistant Librarian..pdf2023-08-02 05:58 1794k
FileAns. Key Communication Officer.pdf2023-08-02 05:58 2032k
FileAnswer Key for Question Papers.pdf2022-08-19 14:15 1366k
FileAnswer Key- Assistant Professor (ECE).pdf2024-02-17 10:21 279k
FileAnswer Key- Assistant Professor (ECONOMICS).pdf2024-02-17 10:20 214k
FileAnswer Key- Assistant Professor (Psychology).pdf2024-02-17 10:19 214k
FileAnswer Key-Assistant Professor (Commerce).pdf2024-02-17 10:18 212k
FileAnswer Key-Assistant Professor (CSE).pdf2024-02-17 10:18 524k
FileAnswer Key-Assistant Professor (Management).pdf2024-02-17 10:17 214k
FileAnswer Key-Assistant Professor (PHARMACY).pdf2024-02-17 10:17 284k
FileAnswer Key-Assistant Professor (Physiotherapy).pdf2024-02-17 10:16 214k
FileAnswer Key-PhD Entrance-Department of Commerce.pdf2024-02-21 04:22 263k
FileAnswer Key-PhD Entrance-Department of CSE.pdf2024-02-21 04:19 265k
FileAnswer Key-PhD Entrance-Department of Law.pdf2024-02-21 04:21 318k
FileAnswer Key-PhD Entrance-Department of Management.pdf2024-02-21 04:24 264k
FileAnswer Key-PhD Entrance-Department of Pharmacy.pdf2024-02-21 04:20 263k
FileAnswer Key-PhD Entrance-Department of Physiotherapy.pdf2024-02-21 04:17 264k
FileAnswer Key-PhD Entrance-Department of Political Science & Public Policy.pdf2024-02-21 04:24 266k
Fileanswer keys Ph.D. Entrance Tests .pdf2023-03-04 11:49 228k
FileAnswer keys Ph.D. Entrance Tests 07 July 2023 _compressed.pdf2023-07-10 11:28 37k
FileAnswer keys.pdf2023-12-20 05:02 164k
FileAnswersheets.pdf2020-07-09 21:00 76k
FileApplication Form for Direct Recruitment to the post of Professor & Assoc. Pro...2024-02-20 09:45 798k
FileApplied Not Applied for MBA (Hospitality Management) PG, Diploma in Business ...2023-09-13 09:50 403k
FileApproved MOM of IQAC-cum-NAAC Core team with Branch Heads held on 28-11-2023 ...2023-12-04 05:30 1840k
FileApr 12, Doc 5.pdf2022-04-14 08:04 313k
FileARDRinterviewnoticefor14.03.2019.pdf2019-03-11 17:32 4666k
Fileasfug.pdf2020-07-30 11:44 941k
FileAssistant Librarian Updated Ans key.pdf2023-08-14 10:36 343k
[IMG]ASSISTANTREGISTRARSCHEDULEDFOR04.03.2019.jpg2019-03-03 19:24 1814k
FileAssociateProcessor.pdf2019-08-06 19:32 638k
FileAttendance in the B.Pharmacy (Sept-Nov 2018).pdf2018-12-11 11:21 581k
FileAttendance in the B.Tech. (Computer Science) Sept-Oct 2018.pdf2018-12-11 11:21 681k
FileAttendance in the M.A. English (Sept-Oct 2018).pdf2018-12-11 11:21 226k
FileAttendance in the M.Sc. Applied Psychology (Sept-Nov 2018).pdf2018-12-11 11:21 231k
FileAttendance of B.P.T (Sept-Nov 2018).pdf2018-12-11 11:21 572k
FileAttendance of MBA 2 Years (Sept-Nov 2018).pdf2018-12-11 18:23 681k
FileAttendance of MBA 5 Years (Sept-Nov 2018).pdf2018-12-11 18:23 1119k
FileAttendance(Sept-Nov2018)ofM.Com5years.pdf2018-12-19 16:07 891k
FileAttendance(SeptNov2018)ofM.Com2years.pdf2018-12-19 16:07 388k
FileAttendance_(Sept-Nov_202018)_of_different_departments.pdf2018-12-19 16:14 117k
FileB-Pharma.pdf2019-07-18 11:43 129k
FileB. Pharmacy (Batch-2018).pdf2022-07-13 16:49 921k
FileB.A Reappear Result.pdf2024-03-01 06:30 281k
FileB.Com.(Hons.)1stand3rdSem._1-2.pdf2021-03-06 13:37 14k
FileB.Com.General1stand3rdSem._1-2.pdf2021-03-06 13:41 14k
FileB.Ed. and M.Ed. Admission Booklet for affiliated colleges..pdf2021-09-09 07:45 884k
[IMG]B.Ed. and M.Ed. Admission Notice for affiliated colleges.jpg2021-09-09 07:46 1552k
FileB.Ed. Notification [1194].pdf2022-10-10 10:11 692k
FileB.Ed.2ndRevisedMeritlist.pdf2020-12-14 11:03 561k
FileB.Ed.Admission(Revised).pdf2020-10-29 14:06 1206k
FileB.Ed.Firstmeritlist.pdf2020-12-08 13:04 357k
FileB.P.T 1stYr.Re.pdf2020-06-15 11:55 177k
FileB.P.T.pdf2019-07-08 16:23 1631k
FileB.Pharma 1st Sem.26052022.pdf2022-05-26 11:01 265k
FileB.Pharma 3rd Sem.26052022.pdf2022-05-26 11:01 273k
FileB.Pharma Re-Appear Datesheet (1).pdf2022-07-08 11:27 407k
FileB.Pharmacy 2nd Semester Re-appear.pdf2021-03-25 08:21 261k
FileB.Pharmacy 2nd Semester.pdf2021-03-25 08:23 240k
FileB.Pharmacy Schedule.pdf2022-07-27 14:06 447k
FileB.Pharmacy.pdf2019-12-03 16:38 4835k
FileB.PharmacyDatesheet1stSem._2-2021.pdf2021-02-20 14:01 12k
FileB.PharmacyDatesheet1stSem.pdf2021-03-06 14:50 17k
FileB.PharmacyDatesheet2ndSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:51 18k
FileB.PharmacyDatesheet2ndSem._2-2020.pdf2021-02-20 14:06 12k
FileB.PharmacyDatesheet2ndSem.pdf2021-02-10 14:28 12k
FileB.PharmacyDatesheet3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:51 16k
FileB.PharmacyDatesheet3rdSem._2-2021.pdf2021-02-20 14:07 11k
FileB.PharmacyDatesheet4thSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:52 18k
FileB.PharmacyDatesheet4thSem._1-1.pdf2021-02-10 14:26 12k
FileB.PharmacyDatesheet4thSem2_2021.pdf2021-02-20 14:08 12k
FileB.PT Third Merit List.pdf2020-09-16 09:28 227k
FileB.Pt..pdf2019-07-18 11:43 126k
FileB.PTNew.pdf2020-09-04 11:35 471k
FileB.PTOpenMeritList.pdf2020-10-12 10:48 845k
FileB.PTSecondMeritListUpdated(Final).pdf2020-09-10 09:42 1297k
FileB.Pyhsiotheraphy.pdf2019-12-03 14:42 1628k
FileB.Sc 1st Sem. Result.pdf2022-08-22 10:45 450k
FileB.Sc. Reappear Result 5th, 1st, 3rd Sem..pdf2024-03-15 10:44 436k
FileB.Sc.Bio-Tech.1stand3rdSem_1-2.pdf2021-03-06 13:43 14k
FileB.Sc.Botany(Hons.)1stand3rdSem._1-1.pdf2021-03-06 14:42 13k
FileB.Sc.Chemistry(Hons.)1stand3rdSem._1-1.pdf2021-03-06 14:44 13k
FileB.Sc.HomeScience1stand3rdSem._1-2.pdf2021-03-06 14:45 14k
FileB.Sc.Hons.pdf2019-11-14 22:50 93k
FileB.Sc.Mathematics(Hons.)1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:45 22k
FileB.Sc.PassCourse1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:45 29k
FileB.Sc.Physics(Hons.)1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:46 21k
FileB.Sc.Zoology(Hons.)1stand3rdSem.pdf2021-03-06 14:46 21k
FileB.ScBiotech.pdf2019-11-14 22:48 1579k
FileB.Tech (AI) 3rd Sem.pdf2022-06-23 16:27 252k
FileB.TECH DATESHEET -Final.pdf2022-02-18 14:10 391k
FileB.Tech(AI) 1st Sem..pdf2022-06-22 16:27 247k
FileB.TECH-GURUGRAMUNIVERSITy,GURUGRAM.pdf2021-03-13 11:43 229k
FileB.Tech.(LEET)2nd.pdf2020-12-07 16:11 343k
FileB.Tech.1stSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:46 19k
FileB.Tech.3rdSem.pdf2021-03-06 14:47 25k
FileB.Tech.5thSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:49 17k
[IMG]B.TECH.jpg2019-05-28 16:20 1588k
FileB.Tech.LEET.pdf2020-12-01 15:56 691k
FileB.Tech.pdf2020-09-04 09:11 1471k
FileB.Tech3rdSem(1).pdf2020-06-02 12:33 37k
FileB.Tech3rdSemCSE.pdf2020-05-26 21:14 317k
FileB.Tech3rdSemester.pdf2020-06-02 14:52 304k
FileB.TechCS-compressed.pdf2019-12-03 16:40 678k
FileB.techCS1stsemRe.pdf2020-05-24 08:01 117k
FileB.TechMeritListNew.pdf2020-09-04 12:18 193k
FileB.TechOpenMeritList.pdf2020-10-12 10:49 638k
FileB.TechSecondMeritListUpdated(Final).pdf2020-09-10 09:34 1467k
FileB.TechThirdMeritList.pdf2020-09-16 09:29 226k
FileB.Voc. Automobile 1st Sem..pdf2022-06-08 15:56 106k
FileB.Vocational1stSem..pdf2021-03-09 22:15 15k
FileBA - DRONACHARYA GOVT COLLEGE.pdf2021-03-13 18:11 1736k
FileBA - GOVT. COLLEGE BISSAR AKBARPUR NUH.pdf2021-03-13 18:12 208k
FileBA GOVT COLLEGE JATAULI HAILY MANDI.pdf2021-03-13 18:16 752k
FileBA GOVT GOLLEGE FOR WOMEN SALAHERI.pdf2021-03-13 18:16 398k
FileBA GOVT. COLLEGE FARRUKHNAGAR.pdf2021-03-13 18:18 138k
FileBA GOVT. COLLEGE FOR GIRLS MANESAR..pdf2021-03-13 18:19 203k
FileBA GOVT. COLLEGE FOR GIRLS SECTOR 52.pdf2021-03-13 18:20 133k
FileBA GOVT. COLLEGE FOR GIRLS.pdf2021-03-13 18:22 1412k
FileBA GOVT. COLLEGE FOR WOMEN PUNHANA.pdf2021-03-13 18:23 296k
FileBA GOVT. COLLEGE NAGINA.pdf2021-03-13 18:24 686k
FileBA GOVT. COLLEGE RITHOJ.pdf2021-03-13 18:24 269k
FileBA GOVT. COLLEGE SECTOR 9.pdf2021-03-13 18:25 694k
FileBA GOVT. COLLEGE SIDHRAWALI.pdf2021-03-13 18:25 625k
FileBA H.L.G. GOVT. COLLEGE TAURU NUH.pdf2021-03-13 18:26 542k
FileBA N.B.G.S.M COLLEGE.pdf2021-03-13 18:26 546k
FileBA SURAJ DEGREE COLLEGE.pdf2021-03-13 18:27 106k
FileBA YASIN MEO DEGREE COLLEGE.pdf2021-03-13 18:27 755k
FileBA(Hons.)CulinaryArts(w.e.f.2020)1stSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:52 17k
FileBachelor Of law Result Notification.pdf2022-06-17 16:21 199k
FileBachelor of Law.pdf2022-05-17 16:56 75k
FileBachelor of Pharmacy 1st Sem RE07282021.pdf2021-07-28 12:44 53k
FileBachelor of Pharmacy 2nd Sem Re07282021.pdf2021-07-28 12:44 84k
FileBachelor of Pharmacy 3rd Sem Re07282021.pdf2021-07-28 12:45 67k
FileBachelor of Pharmacy 5th Sem07282021.pdf2021-07-28 12:45 232k
FileBachelor of pharmacy Semester 1st RE Session 2019 (2).pdf2021-03-18 16:37 149k
FileBachelor of Pharmacy Semester 1st Re-appear Session 2018 (1).pdf2021-03-18 16:38 71k
FileBACHELOR OF PHARMACY SEMESTER 3rd RE-Appear Session 2018.pdf2021-03-18 16:33 117k
FileBachelor of Pharmacy.pdf2022-05-17 16:57 67k
FileBACHELOR OF SCIENCE GOVT. COLLEGE, SECTOR 9.pdf2021-03-13 17:55 268k
FileBACHELOR OF SCIENCE N.B.G.S.M. COLLEGE.pdf2021-03-13 17:58 123k
FileBACHELOR OF SCIENCE YMD.pdf2021-03-13 18:00 181k
FileBACHELOR OF SCIENCE- H.L.G. GOVT. COLLEGE TAURU NUH.pdf2021-03-13 17:57 127k
FileBachelorofPharmacy1stsemRe-appear.pdf2020-05-24 08:02 107k
FileBachelorofPharmacy3rdsem.pdf2020-05-24 08:45 192k
FileBachelorofTourismandTravelManagement(Sem1).pdf2020-02-10 18:14 218k
FileBACulinaryArts1stand3rdSem.pdf2021-03-06 14:52 20k
FileBAEconomics(Hons.)1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:53 70k
FileBAEnglish(Hons.)1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:54 19k
FileBAGeography(Hons.)1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:54 19k
FileBAHindi(Hons.)1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:55 19k
FileBAHistory(Hons.)1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:55 19k
[IMG]BANNEW1.jpg2018-12-19 16:34 36k
FileBAPassCourse1stand3rdSem.pdf2021-03-06 14:55 35k
FileBAPoliticalScience(Hons.)1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:56 19k
FileBAPsychology(Hons.)1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:56 19k
FileBASanskrit(Hons.)1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 14:56 18k
FileBBA & BTTM REAPPEAR.pdf2024-03-27 09:18 348k
FileBBA 1st Sem..pdf2022-06-15 16:35 1268k
FileBBA1stand3rdSem.pdf2021-03-06 14:59 20k
FileBBA1stSem.pdf2020-03-04 15:44 1192k
FileBBAHM.pdf2021-03-06 15:01 17k
FileBBAJKBusiness&Sec-9.pdf2020-03-11 16:14 420k
FileBCA DRONACHARYA GOVT COLLEGE.pdf2021-03-13 17:31 517k
FileBCA GOVT. COLLEGE, SECTOR 9.pdf2021-03-13 17:32 396k
FileBCA YMD COLLEGE.pdf2021-03-13 17:32 261k
FileBCA, N.B.G.S.M COLLEGE.pdf2021-03-13 17:33 192k
FileBCA- GOVT. COLLEGE FOR GIRSLS.pdf2021-03-13 17:32 355k
FileBCA1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:02 18k
FileBed 1st and 2nd Year Datesheet for Rls.pdf2022-07-08 11:27 25k
FileBhartiyaBhashaDivas.pdf2023-09-20 07:50 611k
FileBHM.pdf2021-03-06 15:02 20k
Filebissarakbarpur.pdf2021-03-05 13:58 128k
[IMG]book-now.png2020-10-10 11:53 108k
[IMG]bottom.jpg2020-07-09 14:26 10k
FileBPT 2018-2019 Revised result of 4th year..pdf2024-04-03 06:33 1006k
FileBPT 2018.pdf2024-03-28 04:26 70k
FileBPT re-appear result 2018-19.pdf2023-09-22 10:23 206k
FileBPT(w.e.f.2020)1stsem.pdf2021-03-06 15:03 17k
FileBPT.pdf2024-05-21 09:51 397k
FileBPT1stand3rdSem.(w.e.f.2019).pdf2021-03-06 15:03 20k
FileBPT1stYrRe-appear.pdf2020-05-24 08:57 209k
FileBtate.pdf.pdf2020-03-07 16:49 170k
FileBTech.pdf2019-01-21 17:14 984k
FileBTTM 1st. Sem..pdf2022-06-08 15:58 210k
FileBTTM 3rd Sem (1).pdf2022-06-21 10:57 255k
FileBTTM1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:04 20k
FileCA Firm 2023-24 final.pdf2023-09-18 04:33 817k
FileCA Firm 2023-24 updated.pdf2023-09-21 04:53 913k
FileCA Firm 2023-24 updated_compressed.pdf2023-09-21 04:35 209k
FileCA3B4707-2B90-4AA5-BB1D-FE77219393B1.pdf.pdf2020-03-07 17:17 170k
FileCamScanner 06-01-2023 17.06.56.pdf2023-06-02 07:14 257k
FileCamScanner 06-01-2023 17.07.37.pdf2023-06-02 07:13 271k
FileCamScanner 06-07-2023 09.39.22.pdf2023-06-08 13:52 175k
FileCamScanner 06-30-2022 17.49.pdf2022-06-30 18:21 213k
FileCamScanner 07-06-2021 15.10.15.pdf2021-07-07 19:32 802k
FileCamScanner 08-09-2023 16.31.pdf2023-08-09 14:07 264k
FileCamScanner 09-14-2021 12.25.pdf2021-09-14 18:58 278k
FileCamScanner 09-24-2021 14.05.03.pdf2021-09-24 15:08 275k
[IMG]CANCERDAYWEBSITE.png2019-02-04 17:14 263k
FileCanteen Tender (1).pdf2018-11-24 23:27 768k
FileCanteen Tender.pdf2018-11-24 23:21 768k
[IMG]CB012BEE-7F99-490C-89FA-3A21DF9519B5.jpeg2022-02-21 14:15 225k
FileCERTIFICATE COURSE IN JAPANESE open COUNSELLING merit list..pdf2023-09-06 04:53 515k
FileCERTIFICATE COURSE IN JAPANESE Open Counselling merit list.pdf2023-09-05 07:29 131k
FileChange in Date sheet of Examinations..pdf2024-05-24 02:10 324k
FileChange in Dates of Examinations..pdf2024-04-30 10:43 1693k
FileChange in Dates of Examinations.pdf2024-05-14 03:46 641k
FileChange in Dates of Special Re-appear Examinations..pdf2024-05-15 10:19 1287k
FileChange in Dates of special Re-appear Examinations.pdf2024-05-27 10:15 327k
FileChange of Date of Examinations Scheduled on April 27, 2024 (Saturday) and May...2024-04-26 04:40 829k
FileChange of Examination Center of Govt .College for Girls , Sec.52, _Gurugram..pdf2023-01-11 13:01 307k
FileChemistry_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 06:58 104k
Fileclarification regarding admission with gap year.[1039].pdf2022-09-22 16:40 438k
FileClarification regarding entrance test for admission in MBA and M.Com Programm...2022-08-10 16:30 1795k
Fileclarification regarding the batch size .pdf2023-05-20 10:14 489k
Fileclearing87.pdf2022-11-08 11:06 383k
FileClerk.pdf2019-02-24 20:02 436k
[IMG]ClerkcumDEO.jpg2020-03-04 21:25 987k
Filecodes (29).pdf2023-03-16 04:25 331k
FileCombinedSyllabusofPh.Dentranceexaminationsession2020-21.pdf2021-01-13 16:27 12420k
FileCommerce _Ph.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus as per UGC.pdf2023-01-31 10:07 841k
FileCommerce part 1 Research Methodology Q.Paper _compressed.pdf2023-03-05 12:26 437k
FileCOMMERCE PART 2 Q.Paper Ph.D. Entrance.pdf2023-03-04 12:03 1959k
FileCommerce.pdf2023-12-20 07:03 143k
FileCommerce_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 06:57 98k
FileCommunication Officer (PRO) updated Ans key.pdf2023-08-14 10:37 326k
FileComputer Science & Engg..pdf2024-06-15 06:32 137k
FileComputer Science & Engg.pdf2023-09-28 11:39 140k
FileComputer Science_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 07:05 118k
FileComputerTypeTestforthepostofClerk.pdf2019-03-05 22:12 132k
FileConduct of classes to complete the syllabuses..pdf2022-01-31 16:35 695k
FileConduct of Special Examinations (Re-appear) for 5th Sem of UG Course (3 yr co...2024-03-20 06:03 504k
FileConduct of Special Examinations (Re-appear) for 5th Sem. of UG Courses (3 yr ...2024-03-11 04:48 504k
FileConduct of Special Examinations (Re-appear) for 5th Sem. of UG Courses (3 yr ...2024-03-11 04:45 513k
Fileconsolidate- Question Paper & Answer Key for the post of Peon- Advt. No. ENT-...2022-11-22 17:20 1645k
FileConstitution of Faculty Law & Humanities.pdf2023-12-29 07:17 638k
FileConstitution of Faculty of Commerce and Management.pdf2023-12-29 07:23 673k
FileConstitution of Faculty of Science & Technology.pdf2023-12-29 07:21 683k
FileConstitution of Faculty of Social Science and Education.pdf2023-12-29 07:20 668k
FileConvocation Notification 21.09.2021 (Times of Roman).pdf2021-09-21 21:28 328k
Fileconvocation.pdf2024-02-09 15:38 611k
FileConvocation_notification_latest.pdf2024-02-22 08:23 612k
[IMG]corona.jpeg2020-03-13 17:22 70k
FileCorrigendum ENT 10-2022_compressed.pdf2022-12-24 16:50 898k
FileCorrigendum for Advt. No. 04-2021, 05-2021 and 06-2021.pdf2021-05-12 11:16 11k
FileCorrigendum for interview for the post of Assistant professor Commerce advt. ...2022-06-10 06:46 226k
FileCorrigendum for National Conference.pdf2022-05-23 10:10 353k
FileCorrigendum in Advt. No. ET 02-2022.pdf2022-04-28 13:14 1730k
FileCorrigendum Notice for B.Pharmacy and B.Tech..pdf2023-06-19 04:57 1294k
FileCorrigendum of Clerk Ans key.pdf2023-03-01 11:25 697k
FileCorrigendum to Notice dt. 24.11.2023 for Advt. no. ENT-082023.pdf2023-11-28 07:11 35k
FileCorrigendum to the tender notice of supply of furniture in GUG.pdf2021-12-02 16:32 133k
Filecorrigendum waste.pdf2022-11-17 17:09 170k
FileCorrigendum(forexclusionofnegativemarking).pdf2019-02-08 13:55 166k
FileCorrigendum- Update Answer Keys for the post of SDO & Law Officer (advt. no. ...2023-12-20 09:18 213k
FileCorrigendum-II to Advt. No. ET-05-2022.pdf2022-07-20 12:21 233k
[IMG]corrigendum-Walk-In-Inerview.png2022-11-07 16:48 245k
[IMG]CORRIGENDUM.jpg2018-11-24 20:36 1675k
Filecorrigendum.pdf2019-10-01 22:36 96k
FileCorrigendum1.pdf2022-06-16 17:39 119k
FileCorrigendumforAdvt.No.04of2020.pdf2020-09-25 15:28 187k
FileCorrigendumNotice.pdf2019-02-08 16:57 13k
FileCounseling Schedule for M.Pharm. (Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, pha...2023-08-14 04:11 517k
FileCounselingofLLBandLLM.pdf2021-01-08 17:43 839k
Filecourse word 21.11.23.pdf2023-11-22 05:54 423k
[IMG]daftri&HA.jpg2020-01-15 05:38 891k
FileDANCE.pdf2020-05-04 13:39 392k
FileDaronacharya+Govt+College+Gurugram+BA+Ecnomics+(Hons).pdf2020-04-15 09:03 450k
FileDaronacharyaGovtCollege,GurugramBSc).pdf2020-04-15 09:35 2831k
FileDate extension for B.Ed. and M.Ed. upto 11.10.2021.pdf2021-09-29 18:12 1511k
FileDate extension for PG Programme upto 11.10.2021.pdf2021-09-29 18:13 1410k
FileDate Sheet for BPT MPT 1st year for intake year 2023 and Reppear only for int...2024-06-03 05:03 475k
FileDate Sheet for Special Re-appear Examinations of Odd Semester-May 2024..pdf2024-05-08 04:33 516k
FileDate Sheet of B.Pharmacy (1st Semester) Regular and Re-appear -2023..pdf2023-02-27 04:40 317k
FileDate Sheet Pharmacy-rotated.pdf2021-12-31 14:20 525k
FileDatesheet 29-Jun-2022 17-27-15.pdf2022-06-30 10:03 531k
FileDateSheet-new.pdf2020-06-19 13:32 420k
Filedatesheet.pdf2020-08-26 14:16 1054k
FileDATESHEETB.A HONS..pdf2019-11-08 22:44 1299k
[IMG]DatesheetB.A(Hons)Culinary Arts.jpg2019-11-11 17:01 507k
[IMG]DatesheetB.A(Hons)Urdu.jpg2019-11-11 17:01 539k
[IMG]DatesheetB.A1stSem..jpg2019-11-11 17:02 759k
[IMG]DatesheetB.AHospitalityManagement.jpg2019-11-11 17:02 541k
[IMG]DatesheetB.C.A.jpg2019-11-11 17:03 492k
[IMG]DatesheetB.Com(Hons).jpg2019-11-11 17:03 574k
[IMG]DatesheetB.Com.jpg2019-11-11 17:04 521k
[IMG]DatesheetB.Pharmacy.jpg2019-11-11 17:04 633k
[IMG]DatesheetB.Pyhsiotheraphy.jpg2019-11-11 17:05 625k
FileDATESHEETB.Sc. HONS..pdf2019-11-08 22:43 810k
[IMG]DatesheetB.Sc.1stSem.jpg2019-11-11 17:06 713k
[IMG]DatesheetB.Sc.Bitechnology.jpg2019-11-11 17:06 571k
[IMG]DatesheetB.Sc.HomeScience.jpg2019-11-11 17:07 502k
[IMG]DatesheetB.T.T.M.jpg2019-11-11 17:09 548k
[IMG]DatesheetB.TechCS.jpg2019-11-11 17:09 631k
[IMG]DatesheetBBA.jpg2019-11-11 17:10 579k
[IMG]DatesheetLLM.jpg2019-11-11 17:11 616k
[IMG]DatesheetM.A.PhysicalEducation&Sports.jpg2019-11-11 17:12 647k
[IMG]DatesheetM.AAppliedPsychology.jpg2019-11-11 17:12 619k
[IMG]DatesheetM.AEnglish.jpg2019-11-11 17:13 639k
[IMG]DatesheetM.AHindi.jpg2019-11-11 17:14 536k
[IMG]DatesheetM.AHistory.jpg2019-11-11 17:15 591k
[IMG]DatesheetM.APoliticalScience.jpg2019-11-11 17:16 540k
[IMG]DatesheetM.APsychology.jpg2019-11-11 17:16 507k
[IMG]DatesheetM.APublicAdm.jpg2019-11-11 17:17 622k
[IMG]DatesheetM.ASociology.jpg2019-11-11 17:17 548k
[IMG]DatesheetM.Com2Yr.jpg2019-11-11 17:18 589k
[IMG]DatesheetM.Pharmacy.jpg2019-11-11 17:19 514k
FileDatesheetM.Pharmacy2ndsem.pdf2021-02-10 14:39 12k
FileDatesheetM.Pharmacy2ndsem2021_2.pdf2021-02-20 14:09 12k
[IMG]DatesheetM.Pyhsiotheraphy.jpg2019-11-11 17:19 535k
[IMG]DatesheetM.Sc.Chemistry.jpg2019-11-11 17:20 502k
[IMG]DatesheetM.Sc.ComputerScience.jpg2019-11-11 17:21 492k
[IMG]DatesheetM.Sc.NeuroScience.jpg2019-11-11 17:22 493k
[IMG]DatesheetM.Sc.Physics.jpg2019-11-11 17:22 500k
[IMG]DatesheetM.Sc.Psychology.jpg2019-11-11 17:23 540k
[IMG]DatesheetM.scMathematics.jpg2019-11-11 17:24 540k
[IMG]DatesheetMasterofPublicHealth.jpg2019-11-11 17:24 567k
[IMG]DatesheetMBA 5Yr.jpg2019-11-11 17:25 658k
[IMG]DatesheetMca.jpg2019-11-11 17:25 547k
FiledatesheetNew.pdf2019-04-19 16:19 1559k
FileDatesheetNotice.pdf2019-12-03 14:33 42k
[IMG]DatesheetofM.Com.5Yr.1stand3rdSemester.png2019-11-13 15:31 144k
[IMG]DatesheetP.GDiplomaGuidenceandCouncelling.jpg2019-11-11 17:26 500k
FileDColl.MPES2-2021.pdf2021-02-20 13:34 183k
FileDec2019exams.pdf2019-12-17 12:04 318k
FileDEJUREPOSTER1.pdf2022-06-09 10:26 982k
FileDeprivedScheduleCast.pdf2020-08-24 17:48 2007k
FileDIPLOMA COURSE IN GERMAN open Counselling merit list..pdf2023-09-06 04:52 150k
FileDIPLOMA COURSE IN JAPANESE open Counselling merit list..pdf2023-09-06 04:53 149k
FileDIPLOMA COURSE IN JAPANESE Open Counselling merit list.pdf2023-09-05 07:28 135k
FileDNIT acrylic sheet worknew.pdf2021-08-11 10:54 1975k
FileDNIT furniture.pdf2021-04-09 09:21 2017k
FileDNIT gate and gazebo new.pdf2021-08-11 10:57 2249k
FileDNIT Herbal Plaster & Paint.pdf2021-10-29 14:31 1391k
FileDNIT horticulture new.pdf2021-08-11 10:57 2213k
FileDNIT Jali Herbal.pdf2021-04-10 13:28 1452k
FileDNIT Latest Three gazebo.pdf2021-06-26 08:59 2486k
FileDNIT library civil worknew.pdf2021-09-01 10:49 2057k
FileDNIT RCC BOUNDARY WALL.pdf2021-06-26 08:59 2219k
FileDNIT supply of 43 Almirahin Gurugram University112233.pdf2021-08-19 21:58 946k
FileDNIT_benches2021.pdf2021-03-18 16:51 2017k
Filednitfurniture18092021.pdf2021-09-19 09:42 1757k
Filednitfurniture885.pdf2021-11-30 11:54 1864k
FileDNITgate.pdf2021-02-10 20:31 1184k
FileDOC 18-Jun-2021 16.57.01.pdf2021-06-19 09:02 102k
FileDOC-20230823-WA0009..pdf2023-08-24 03:32 404k
FileDocScanner 03-Feb-2022 4-35 pm.pdf2022-02-03 17:14 150k
FileDocScanner 1 May 2023 5-11 pm.pdf2023-05-02 04:35 1127k
FileDocScanner 10-Feb-2022 11-11 am.pdf2022-02-10 11:15 411k
FileDocScanner 11 May 2023 3-34 pm.pdf2023-05-11 10:35 1333k
FileDocScanner 12-Apr-2023 3-58 pm.pdf2023-04-18 04:53 411k
FileDocScanner 14-Feb-2022 4-11 pm.pdf2022-02-14 19:19 220k
FileDocScanner 15-Feb-2022 4-13 pm.pdf2022-02-15 16:37 306k
FileDocScanner 15-Feb-2022 4-31 pm.pdf2022-02-15 16:38 570k
FileDocScanner 16 Aug 2023 2-52 pm.pdf2023-08-16 10:04 1267k
FileDocScanner 16 Aug 2023 2-55 pm.pdf2023-08-16 10:05 1018k
FileDocScanner 16 May 2023 2-22 pm.pdf2023-05-16 09:54 495k
FileDocScanner 18 Sept 2023 4-41 pm (2).pdf2023-09-26 06:31 771k
FileDocScanner 18 Sept 2023 4-41 pm.pdf2023-09-19 04:58 771k
FileDocScanner 19-May-2023 3-17 pm.pdf2023-05-20 10:38 395k
FileDocScanner 19-May-2023 3-17 pm_compressed.pdf2023-05-20 11:01 162k
FileDocScanner 2 Aug 2023 10-17 am.pdf2023-08-02 05:54 1199k
FileDocScanner 2 May 2023 4-53 pm.pdf2023-05-03 04:12 1647k
FileDocScanner 21 Jun 2023 5-00 pm.pdf2023-06-22 04:04 1735k
FileDocScanner 22 Jul 2023 1-42 pm.pdf2023-07-24 08:57 405k
FileDocScanner 24 May 2023 4-00 pm.pdf2023-05-24 10:39 1079k
FileDocScanner 24-May-2022 4-25 pm.pdf2022-05-25 13:52 214k
FileDocScanner 24-May-2022 4-26 pm.pdf2022-05-25 13:53 274k
FileDocScanner 24-May-2022 4-27 pm.pdf2022-05-25 13:52 1308k
FileDocScanner 24-May-2022 4-28 pm.pdf2022-05-25 13:50 571k
FileDocScanner 25 Jul 2022 13-56.pdf2022-07-27 15:50 2973k
FileDocScanner 26-May-2023 5-25 pm.pdf2023-05-29 04:40 91k
FileDocScanner 27 May 2023 4-34 pm.pdf2023-05-29 04:35 573k
FileDocScanner 27 Sept 2023 4-11 pm.pdf2023-09-28 10:41 1100k
FileDocScanner 28 May 2023 3-46 pm.pdf2023-05-29 04:35 346k
FileDocScanner 31 Aug 2023 4-24 pm.pdf2023-08-31 11:08 1265k
FileDocScanner 31 Oct 2023 4-27 pm.pdf2023-11-03 04:31 390k
FileDocScanner 4 May 2023 4-48 pm.pdf2023-05-04 16:03 2043k
FileDocScanner 6 Sept 2023 11-33 am (1) (1)_compressed.pdf2023-09-26 09:06 908k
FileDocScanner 7 Jun 2023 4-42 pm.pdf2023-06-08 13:51 907k
FileDocScanner 9 Aug 2023 3-43 pm.pdf2023-08-09 10:24 1483k
FileDocScanner Apr 18, 2024 3-29 PM.pdf2024-04-19 04:14 760k
FileDocScanner Aug 14, 2023 10-56 AM.pdf2023-08-16 06:02 1155k
FileDocScanner Aug 14, 2023 5-05 PM.pdf2023-08-16 04:22 368k
FileDocScanner Aug 14, 2023 9-56 AM.pdf2023-08-16 06:04 686k
FileDocScanner Aug 25, 2023 13-44.pdf2023-08-25 08:38 430k
FileDocScanner Dec 6, 2022 2-24 PM.pdf2022-12-06 16:08 424k
FileDocScanner Dec 6, 2022 2-26 PM.pdf2022-12-06 16:11 463k
FileDocScanner Feb 4, 2023 9-06 AM.pdf2023-02-06 01:28 297k
FileDocScanner Feb 7, 2024 3-32 PM.pdf2024-02-08 04:15 961k
FileDocScanner Jan 20, 2023 19-10 (2).pdf2023-01-24 10:40 329k
FileDocScanner Jul 5, 2023 1-58 PM.pdf2023-07-05 10:32 432k
FileDocScanner Mar 17, 2023 4-49 PM.pdf2023-03-18 02:44 920k
FileDocScanner Oct 6, 2023 12-31 PM.pdf2023-10-06 07:16 431k
FileDocument Fri_May_03_15_21_05.pdf2024-05-03 10:46 561k
FileDocument Fri_May_03_15_22_04.pdf2024-05-03 10:45 300k
FileDocument Tue_Feb_20_15_25_33.pdf2024-02-21 04:42 282k
FileDocument Tue_Feb_20_15_27_04.pdf2024-02-21 04:45 249k
FileDocument Tue_Feb_20_15_49_16.pdf2024-02-21 04:45 276k
FileDocument Verification and Assessment of Socio-economic & experience weight-ag...2024-01-25 09:14 70k
FileDocument verification report and schedule of Interviews for the post of Assoc...2024-04-26 11:56 287k
FileDocument verification report and schedule of Interviews for the post of Assoc...2024-04-26 11:55 142k
FileDocuments Verification Report and Interview Schedule for the Post of Associat...2024-04-19 10:22 117k
FileDocuments Verification Report and Interview Schedule for the Post of Associat...2024-04-19 10:17 132k
FileDocuments Verification Report and Interview Schedule for the Post of Professo...2024-04-19 10:20 231k
FileDocuments Verification Report and Interview Schedule for the Post of Professo...2024-04-19 10:24 210k
FileDocuments Verification Report and Interview Schedule for the Post of Professo...2024-04-19 10:18 119k
FileDocuments' Verification Report and Interview Schedule for the Post of Associa...2024-04-19 09:38 117k
FileDocuments' Verification Report and Interview Schedule for the Post of Associa...2024-04-19 09:56 132k
FileDocuments' Verification Report and Interview Schedule for the Post of Profess...2024-04-19 09:38 231k
FileDocuments' Verification Report and Interview Schedule for the Post of Profess...2024-04-19 10:00 210k
FileDocuments' Verification Report and Interview Schedule for the Post of Profess...2024-04-19 10:11 119k
Filedsd.pdf2021-03-05 14:19 3586k
FileDV for the Post of Assistant Professor and Associate Professor.pdf2024-04-12 06:51 126k
FileE-Tender Purchase of Answer Books 13-May-2022 15-29-59.pdf2022-05-13 19:13 0k
Fileearthing work for lab.pdf2023-02-21 12:46 654k
FileEconomics (1).pdf2023-09-28 11:45 112k
FileEducation courses extended notification.pdf2023-11-06 04:54 321k
FileElectronic Engg.pdf2023-06-29 06:55 195k
FileElectronics Engg.pdf2023-12-20 07:03 214k
[IMG]eligableapplicant.jpeg2020-08-06 18:37 58k
FileEnglish (1).pdf2023-09-28 11:46 103k
FileEnglish_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 07:07 99k
FileEnroiment for Nntionai Service Scheme (NSS) Voluntecrs 2023-24.pdf2023-09-14 04:44 629k
FileENT- 02-2020_1.pdf2021-09-09 20:24 376k
FileENT-14-2019_NoticeforInteriew_Programmer_JrProg.pdf2019-09-06 20:10 503k
FileENT-19-2019_NoticeforVerificationofDocuments.pdf2019-09-18 20:53 465k
FileEnvironment Science_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 06:57 96k
[IMG]eoapg.jpg2020-11-11 21:13 1423k
FileEOI Girls Hostel.pdf2023-07-01 03:50 650k
FileEOI-converted.pdf2021-02-13 15:00 50k
FileEOIcontractors.pdf2020-10-14 20:46 37k
FileET- 07-2022 notice..pdf2022-12-28 10:27 507k
FileET-01-2023_compressed.pdf2023-02-22 04:01 871k
FileET-17-2019_NoticeforInteriew_Teaching_Law&Mgmt.pdf2019-09-11 21:42 471k
FileET-182019-20-4-2021.pdf2021-04-20 18:40 354k
FileET072022 notice..pdf2022-12-28 09:52 507k
FileEven Semester Re-evaluation Result (6) (1).pdf2022-11-04 16:32 1148k
FileEven Semester Result Notice.pdf2022-11-21 19:44 228k
[IMG]EVS .jpg2019-05-01 15:44 1427k
Fileewc.pdf2020-04-25 10:31 416k
Fileews.pdf2020-11-26 11:09 722k
FileExam Notification regarding reschedule of few papers.pdf2022-06-21 20:17 397k
[IMG]exam...jpg2021-01-18 11:39 206k
Fileexam.Schedule.pdf2021-06-07 12:41 84k
[IMG]exam1.jpg2021-10-25 16:31 633k
[IMG]exam2.jpg2021-10-25 16:32 586k
[IMG]exam3.jpg2021-10-26 10:02 601k
[IMG]examform.jpg2020-08-10 21:44 112k
FileExamination Centers for the January 2023 Examinations..pdf2023-01-06 11:45 849k
FileExamination Centers for the Regular & Re-appear Examinations-2023 for M.Ed. C...2023-07-24 08:56 336k
FileExamination centre December 2023.pdf2023-11-10 06:51 973k
FileExamination Centre for Special Reappear exam .pdf2024-01-02 09:20 542k
FileExamination Centres for May 2024 Examinations..pdf2024-04-08 04:18 969k
FileExamination Centres for Special Re-appear Examinations of Odd Semester-May 20...2024-05-08 04:10 334k
FileExamination Centres for the B.Ed. ( Fresh & Re-appear) july 2023 Examinations...2023-06-27 05:55 1025k
FileExamination centres for the May June 2023 Examinations..pdf2023-04-15 04:12 530k
FileExamination Centres for the Re-apear examinations of Even Semesters..pdf2023-02-03 15:32 421k
FileExamination of 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th sem.pdf2022-06-28 10:46 423k
FileExamination of Science and Computer science.pdf2022-06-09 15:55 243k
Fileexamnotice9-12-19.pdf2019-12-09 15:54 477k
FileExamSchedule.pdf2020-03-19 14:35 60k
FileExisting candidates.pdf2023-08-04 08:43 744k
[IMG]Expressions of Interest for Public-Private Partnership (PPP)08052021.jpg2021-08-05 20:03 1390k
FileExtending last date of online admission of P.G., LLB and B.Tech. LEET Program...2021-09-21 11:55 1591k
FileExtendingofdateofAdmissionandPostponementofPh.DEntranceExamination.pdf2021-02-06 13:20 924k
Fileextension B. tech Course's.pdf2023-11-03 04:21 300k
Fileextension btech courses.pdf2023-11-03 04:22 300k
FileExtension date B. ed M. ed_1.pdf2023-08-31 11:10 332k
[IMG]extension of date.jpg2018-11-25 10:14 1424k
FileExtension of Dates for Conduct of Practical Examinations of B.Ed Courses..pdf2023-08-14 05:18 405k
FileExtension of last date for admission to PG and LLB (3-years) programmes.pdf2023-07-25 10:48 1933k
FileExtension of last date for admission to PG programmes of affiliated colleges ...2022-09-27 14:36 2362k
FileExtension of last date for admission to PG programmes of affiliated colleges.pdf2022-11-22 10:58 191k
FileExtension of last date for admission to PG programmes.pdf2023-07-14 08:28 1328k
FileExtension of last date for admission to programmes of off-site campuses.pdf2023-07-19 04:15 1452k
FileExtension of last date for CR.pdf2023-09-14 11:12 389k
FileExtension of last date for filling up of.pdf2023-10-30 04:42 405k
FileExtension of Last date for filling up On.pdf2023-10-09 10:39 387k
FileExtension of last date for physical open counseling for admission to B.Ed. an...2022-11-18 16:42 92k
FileExtension of last date for physical open counseling for admission to B.Ed. an...2022-11-18 16:31 31k
FileExtension of last date for receipt of Applications for the various teaching p...2024-03-21 12:00 51k
FileExtension of last date for submission of Continuation Returns for 2nd 3rd 4th...2022-09-19 16:49 231k
[IMG]Extension of last date for submission of Documents and Migration certificate.jpg2022-04-21 17:41 1821k
FileExtension of last date for submission of online forms for special examination...2023-06-08 13:53 219k
FileExtension of last date for submission of print out of online applications for...2024-03-26 11:18 83k
FileExtension of last date for submission of tende.pdf2023-11-14 08:10 319k
FileExtension of last date of RR of all PG.pdf2023-09-14 10:44 430k
FileExtension of last date of UG and PG programmes.pdf2023-07-07 06:42 1404k
[IMG]ExtensionofP.G.LLBandB.TechLEETCourse.jpg2020-10-09 13:47 422k
FileExtracurtainGH.pdf2023-04-03 14:55 275k
Filefaruknagar.pdf2021-03-05 14:01 119k
[IMG]FCA5C85B-893E-4760-86D3-3D4A349F3BE7.jpeg2022-02-18 12:14 86k
FileFee bifurcation gurugram university.pdf2018-11-25 10:35 988k
FileFee for FTR, STR Project Report.pdf2022-06-15 16:39 257k
FileFee notice for existing odd semester (July 2023 to December 2023) for the ses...2023-07-14 04:17 1217k
FileFee Refund Policy for the session 2023-24 as per UGC guidelines.pdf2023-08-14 09:13 735k
FileFee structure 2024-25.pdf2023-10-09 10:44 1590k
FileFee Structure Notification 16.06.23.pdf2023-06-16 10:38 124k
FileFee Structure[1246].pdf2022-10-12 12:29 670k
FileFee submission notice in respect of existing even semester (January 2023 to J...2023-03-17 04:11 1943k
FileFee submission notice in respect of existing even semester.PDF2023-02-15 08:34 81k
FileFeedback Suggestion on draft ordinances..pdf2024-04-09 04:14 529k
FileFeeExtensionNoticeForExsitingStudents.pdf2020-10-13 12:15 590k
FileFeeNotice.pdf2020-09-30 16:55 1022k
FileFees.pdf2019-07-22 12:44 654k
FileFinal 22 Date Sheet-20-09-2022.pdf2022-09-20 18:04 477k
FileFinal Date Sheet B.Tech., B.Voc. 06-01-2023.pdf2023-01-07 00:29 802k
FileFinal Date Sheet for B.Pharmacy, M.Pharmacy, BPT, MPT, LLB, BMLS, BMRIT, BRIT...2024-04-19 04:15 507k
FileFinal Date Sheet for B.Tech, M.Tech and B.vocational Courses May 2024 Examina...2024-04-19 04:16 553k
FileFinal Date Sheet for MBA (2 Years), MBA (5 Years Integrated), MBA (H.M.) and ...2024-04-09 04:21 142k
FileFinal Date Sheet For Post Graduate Courses Even Sem for May-2024 Examinations...2024-04-19 04:16 706k
FileFinal Date Sheet for Special Examinations of Odd Semester-May 2024.pdf2024-05-08 04:33 516k
FileFinal Date Sheet for UG Courses (B.A, B.Sc, B.Com, B.Design, BBA, BCA, BTTM, ...2024-04-08 10:19 583k
FileFinal Date Sheet June July 2022 website updated on 17 June.pdf2022-06-18 10:33 874k
FileFinal Date Sheet M.Tech.- 01-02-2023.pdf2023-02-01 11:55 653k
FileFinal Date Sheet of B.Pharmacy, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, MBA, MBA (HM), PGD...2023-11-22 05:50 691k
FileFinal Date Sheet of B.Tech & B.Voc. (5th & 7th Semester Fresh & Re-appear)-De...2023-12-06 08:12 746k
FileFinal Date Sheet of B.Tech., M.Tech., B.Voc., B. Pharmacy, BMLS, BOTT, BMRIT,...2023-12-26 07:25 784k
FileFinal Date Sheet of Special Re-appear Examinations for Final-Ending Semesters...2023-12-26 07:24 370k
FileFinal Date Sheet of UG Courses (BA, BSc, BCom, BBA, BCA, BTTM etc.)-December ...2023-11-17 10:04 268k
FileFinal Date Sheet- PG Courses-10-01-2023.pdf2023-01-10 13:30 727k
FileFinal Date Sheet-B. Pharma-M. Pharma-BPT-MPT-LLB-LLM-MBA-M.Com-06-01-2023.pdf2023-01-07 00:29 535k
FileFinal Date Sheet-B.Pharma-M.Pharma (Even Semester)-26-04-2023.pdf2023-04-26 07:36 465k
FileFinal Date Sheet-BA-BSc-B.Com-BBA-BCA-BTTM-04-01-2023.pdf2023-01-04 10:47 632k
FileFinal Date Sheet-M.Tech. 2023.pdf2023-06-27 05:54 708k
FileFinal Datesheet- PG Courses -December 2023.pdf2023-12-01 04:19 181k
FileFinal Information Brochure 2021-2022 (with page numbers)8142021.pdf2021-08-17 16:54 94966k
Filefinal mba result 222.pdf2022-09-07 10:13 427k
FileFinal Re-appear Date Sheet- 02.02.2023.pdf2023-02-03 15:31 580k
Filefinal result MCOM entrance test.pdf2022-09-07 10:14 381k
FileFinal Theory Date Sheet of UG-PG Special Examinations 3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th Sem...2023-06-30 04:30 128k
FileFinal Theory Date Sheet of UG-PG Special Examinations 3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th Sem...2023-06-30 10:25 181k
Filefinal-notification.pdf2021-02-24 14:54 102k
FileFirst merit list for B.A. in International Culinary Arts (offsite campus).pdf2023-07-26 11:10 1621k
FileFirst merit list for B.A. in Luxury Management programme (offsite campus).pdf2023-07-26 11:07 1267k
FileFirst merit list for B.Sc. in Hospitality Management programme (offsite campu...2023-07-26 11:08 1616k
FileFirst merit list for Bachelor in Design programme (offsite campus).pdf2023-07-26 11:09 1397k
FileFirst merit list for BBA programme (offsite campus)_compressed.pdf2023-07-27 04:50 364k
Filefirst merit list for mba(integrated)_compressed.pdf2023-07-19 14:42 655k
FileFirst Merit List MBA ( Hospitality Management).pdf2023-08-07 12:42 320k
FileFirst Merit List MBA 2 Years.pdf2023-08-05 11:53 1325k
FileFirst Merit List MCom Programme Session 2023-24.pdf2023-08-03 07:36 1822k
FileFirst merit list of Ph.D for Dept. of Commerce.pdf2021-12-20 15:40 167k
FileFirst Merit List PG Diploma in Business Analytics.pdf2023-08-07 12:41 328k
FileFirst merit list PG Diploma in Digital Marketing.pdf2023-08-07 12:44 369k
FileFirst merit list PhD.pdf2021-12-16 18:37 228k
FileFirst Provisional Merit list of M.A. (English) Professional communication S...2023-08-03 10:20 295k
FileFirst Provisional Merit list of M.Sc (Physics) Programme_compressed.pdf2023-08-03 10:22 414k
FileFirst Provisional Merit List of M.Sc. Environmental Science Programme.pdf2023-08-03 10:26 1675k
FileFirst Provisional Merit list MA Hindi Professional-communication skills progr...2023-08-03 10:20 1064k
FileFirst provisional merit list of B.Ed. (Arts and Commerce group) programme.pdf2023-09-08 09:26 962k
FileFirst provisional merit list of B.Ed. (Science group) programme.pdf2023-09-08 09:27 778k
FileFirst provisional merit list of B.PT. programme_compressed.pdf2023-07-17 11:06 891k
FileFirst provisional merit list of B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia programme_comp...2023-07-17 13:48 289k
FileFirst Provisional Merit list of Certificate course for professional in German...2023-08-04 08:04 1461k
FileFirst Provisional Merit list of Certificate course for professional in Japane...2023-08-04 08:03 1424k
FileFirst Provisional Merit list of Certificate course in Japanese.pdf2023-08-04 08:04 1483k
FileFirst Provisional Merit list of Diploma in German.pdf2023-08-04 08:05 1542k
FileFirst Provisional Merit list of Diploma in Japanese.pdf2023-08-04 08:04 1413k
FileFirst Provisional Merit List of LLB Programme_compressed.pdf2023-08-03 13:32 1333k
FileFirst Provisional Merit List of LLM Programme.pdf2023-08-03 11:15 1039k
FileFirst Provisional Merit List of M. A Public Policy, Administration and Govern...2023-08-03 13:38 1057k
FileFirst Provisional Merit List of M.A Applied Economics Programme.pdf2023-08-03 10:23 1271k
FileFirst Provisional Merit List of M.A. Policital Science.pdf2023-08-03 13:37 1099k
FileFirst provisional merit list of M.Com. Integrated.pdf2023-07-17 11:00 2014k
FileFirst provisional merit list of M.Ed. programme.pdf2023-09-08 09:27 380k
FileFirst Provisional Merit List of M.Sc. Chemistry Programme.pdf2023-08-03 10:23 438k
FileFirst Provisional Merit List of M.Sc. Psychology Programme.pdf2023-08-03 11:15 1256k
FileFirst Provisional Merit List of M.Tech programme.pdf2023-08-03 10:23 294k
FileFirst provisional merit list of MAMC Integrated_compressed_compressed.pdf2023-07-17 13:50 305k
FileFirst Provisional Merit List of Msc Mathematics Programme_compressed.pdf2023-08-03 10:25 684k
FileFirst Provisonal Merit List of M. Pharm. Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemis...2023-08-03 10:24 1416k
FileFirstMeritlisforadmissiontotheB.PT.pdf2020-09-04 09:07 101k
Fileflag.JPG2019-01-28 14:33 1679k
[IMG]flag12.jpg2019-02-12 12:42 311k
FileFlow Chart for Process of Admission Ph.D. Scholars.pdf2024-01-12 05:30 91k
[IMG]For conduct of screening written test for the post advertised vide advt no 03...2021-06-15 09:30 80k
FileForm for Re-appear examination of year 2018-19.pdf2022-11-25 22:35 428k
FileFormforre-evaluationofanswer-scripts.pdf2019-01-31 15:56 259k
FileFourth open Counseling Schedule for M.Sc. Psychology.pdf2023-09-14 10:41 1680k
FileFourth open counselling schedule for M.A. Applied Economics.pdf2023-09-13 04:55 1835k
FileFourth open counselling schedule for M.Sc. Physics.pdf2023-09-13 04:55 1797k
FileFrosted film.pdf2024-03-13 11:24 287k
FileG.CollegeM.ScComputerScience2-2021.pdf2021-02-20 13:34 204k
Filegeeta.pdf2019-10-25 14:27 918k
FileGER DIPLOMA COURSE 11. Sep.pdf2023-09-13 05:35 131k
FileGHACC.pdf2023-01-27 06:45 312k
FileGHchimney.pdf2022-08-02 12:05 302k
FileGHELECT.pdf2023-01-27 06:44 299k
FileGold-Medalist_list_passing_year_2022.pdf2024-02-22 08:26 78k
FileGold-Medalist_list_passing_year_2023.pdf2024-02-22 08:27 43k
Filegovernmentcollegeforgirlseditted.pdf2021-03-05 14:17 3886k
FileGovt+College+Jatauli+Haily+Mandi_reduce.pdf2020-04-15 09:17 991k
FileGovt+College+Sector+9+BSc_reduce.pdf2020-04-15 09:07 928k
Filegovt. college sultanpur 17.08.23.pdf2023-08-17 08:48 85k
FileGovtCollegeforGirlsGurugramBAEcnomics(Hons).PDF2020-04-15 09:05 992k
FileGovtCollegeforGirlsGurugramBSc.PDF2020-04-15 09:44 6083k
FileGovtCollegeforGirlsManesar.PDF2020-04-15 09:15 661k
FileGovtCollegeNgina.PDF2020-04-15 09:15 686k
FileGovtCollegeScetor9BAEcnomics(Hons).PDF2020-04-15 09:39 1249k
[IMG]gu34.jpg2019-02-12 12:53 269k
FileGUAdmissionBrochure24.5.2019.pdf2019-05-24 18:10 860k
FileGUBRCopyrightform.pdf2021-03-30 19:41 200k
[IMG]gucoll.gif2018-12-13 15:29 115k
FileGUGActHindi&English.pdf2021-03-11 05:38 1296k
FileGuidelines for conduct of practical examinations Panel of examiners in utds ...2024-01-02 10:55 1330k
FileGURUGRAM UNIVERSITY, GURUGRAM (3).pdf2024-05-15 07:44 315k
FileGurugram-Information-Booklet.pdf2018-11-25 11:05 28315k
FileGurugramUniversity(EOI).pdf2020-09-25 17:18 240k
FileHelp Desk .pdf2021-03-25 15:45 405k
FileHLGGovtCollegeTauru.PDF2020-04-15 09:09 630k
FileHorticulture waste.pdf2023-06-14 09:27 351k
FileHortiwastetrees (1).pdf2023-08-29 08:45 343k
Filehosteltendernotice.pdf2022-03-07 16:10 394k
FileICGCER-DEC 2022 International Conference Invitation DOM GU GURUGRAM.pdf2022-03-15 14:02 23963k
Fileidont.JPG2019-01-25 11:46 3347k
Fileilovepdf_merged.pdf2024-04-02 10:03 2021k
FileImage (5).pdf2023-07-04 06:54 83k
FileImage (6).pdf2023-07-04 06:54 72k
[IMG]image15-min.png2023-08-17 09:24 248k
[IMG]image15.png2023-08-17 09:19 979k
FileImage_039.pdf2023-01-24 10:33 1913k
[IMG]IMG-20200205-WA0003.jpg2020-02-05 11:52 94k
[IMG]IMG-20201024-WA0009 (1).jpg2020-10-25 14:45 53k
[IMG]IMG-20201029-WA0007.jpg2020-10-29 18:04 86k
[IMG]IMG-20201109-WA0010 (1).jpg2020-11-09 14:30 144k
[IMG]IMG-20201117-WA0014.jpg2020-11-17 16:01 76k
[IMG]IMG-20220909-WA0001.jpg2022-09-09 15:33 73k
[IMG]img025.jpg2020-02-10 12:13 666k
[IMG]img051.jpg2020-07-06 15:50 705k
[IMG]img061.jpg2020-07-29 13:50 804k
[IMG]img062.jpg2020-07-29 13:49 816k
[IMG]img064.jpg2020-07-30 08:34 472k
[IMG]img074.jpg2020-09-01 12:19 454k
[IMG]img075.jpg2020-09-01 12:21 614k
[IMG]img090.jpg2020-09-16 10:39 672k
[IMG]img100.jpg2020-09-29 12:09 455k
[IMG]img101.jpg2020-09-29 11:55 873k
[IMG]img103.jpg2020-10-01 14:51 752k
[IMG]img104.jpg2020-10-20 17:23 463k
[IMG]img118.jpg2020-11-10 20:32 1655k
[IMG]img120.jpg2020-11-26 15:55 796k
Fileimg124-converted.pdf2021-01-07 19:36 1902k
[IMG]img135.jpg2021-01-28 10:11 676k
FileIMG_0001 (1).pdf2019-11-19 10:17 147k
FileIMG_0001 (2).pdf2019-11-20 13:18 63k
[IMG]IMG_0001 (5).jpg2019-07-03 13:21 1748k
[IMG]IMG_0001.jpg2023-01-25 10:27 1766k
[IMG]IMG_0002 (3).jpg2019-07-23 14:34 1769k
[IMG]IMG_0002.jpg2019-01-31 15:46 1574k
[IMG]IMG_0003.jpg2019-02-24 14:48 1683k
[IMG]IMG_0005.jpg2019-07-23 17:18 1745k
[IMG]IMG_0008.jpg2019-07-30 17:51 1795k
[IMG]IMG_20220909_112511.jpg2022-09-09 15:33 216k
FileImportant Instructions for Students eligible for online exam.pdf2022-02-19 13:24 177k
FileImportant Notice for Admission in B.Tech. programmes.pdf2022-07-20 12:20 355k
FileImportant Notice for Admission in PG Programmes of affiliated Colleges.pdf2022-10-06 12:28 333k
FileImportant notice for admission in various PG Programmes of University_compres...2022-08-24 16:57 843k
FileImportant Notice for applicants of Advt. No.ET-05 of 2022 (1).pdf2022-08-05 11:28 288k
FileImportant Notice for downloading admit card and schedule for entrance examina...2023-06-27 12:23 1504k
FileImportant Notice for Entrance Test in M.Pharm (Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical C...2022-09-12 14:37 198k
FileImportant notice for entrance test in MBA (2-years) and M.Com. (2-years) prog...2022-09-01 10:05 594k
FileImportant Notice for Extension of last date for Admission to B.Ed and M.Ed Pr...2022-10-21 15:44 296k
FileImportant Notice for Extension of last date for admission to B.Pharmacy progr...2023-09-04 11:24 1597k
FileImportant Notice for Extension of last date for Admission to MBA (HM), PGDBA ...2022-08-29 15:33 239k
FileImportant Notice for Extension of Last Date for Admission to UG Programmes..pdf2024-05-24 02:09 582k
FileImportant Notice for Extension of Last Date for Admission to UG Programmes.pd...2024-06-11 05:10 582k
FileImportant notice for fee refund policy for the session 2022-23.pdf2022-08-16 15:34 1652k
FileImportant Notice for Open Counseling of UTDs programmes against vacant seats ...2022-10-07 10:54 111k
FileImportant Notice for open counselling in Admission to B.Tech Programme on 12....2022-10-08 11:49 200k
FileImportant Notice for open counselling of B.PT. programme.pdf2022-09-08 15:30 176k
FileImportant Notice for Ph.D. applicants; applied for admission in Commerce and ...2023-02-24 11:06 1730k
FileImportant Notice for Revised Schedule for admission to UG & PG programmes..pdf2024-06-13 10:45 267k
FileImportant Notice for Syllabus of Entrance Test in M.B.A (2 year) and M.Com. (...2022-07-28 17:24 394k
FileImportant Notice for the interview for the admission MBA (Hospitality Managem...2022-09-16 16:38 405k
FileImportant Notice for the interview for the admission MBA (Hospitality Managem...2022-09-19 16:42 520k
FileImportant Notice for the students who applied in the PG programmes of Affilia...2022-10-13 12:48 419k
FileImportant Notice for the syllabus of Enternace Test in MBA (2 Year) & MCOM (2...2022-07-29 09:51 394k
FileImportant Notice of fee submission in respect of existing even semester (Jan ...2024-01-10 09:04 2023k
FileImportant Notice of fee submission in respect of existing odd semester (July ...2023-08-29 08:42 598k
FileImportant Notice of open counseling for vacant seats of B. Pharmacy Lateral e...2022-10-19 11:58 301k
FileImportant notice regarding consideration of applicants in 2nd merit list for ...2022-10-14 16:41 345k
FileImportant notice regarding open counseling of B.Sc. Animation and MAMC integr...2022-09-01 15:49 642k
FileImportant notice regarding open counseling of M.Com. Integrated.PDF2022-08-31 12:49 254k
FileImportant NOTICE w.r.t Syllabus and Schedule of written test for engagement o...2023-06-21 13:25 1030k
Fileindianschoolofhospitality.pdf2021-03-05 14:05 356k
FileInformation Brochure Session 2022-23.pdf2022-07-07 17:18 37885k
FileInformation Brochure-session 2022-23 as updated on тАУ 28-07-22.pdf2022-07-28 16:56 61385k
FileInformation in regards to open councelling for the Dept. og Physiotherapy.pdf2023-07-26 09:19 207k
FileInformationBrochure20-21.pdf2021-10-06 10:04 6565k
FileInformationBrochure2020.pdf2020-10-29 14:01 12710k
FileInformationBroucher-24-05-19.pdf2019-07-01 15:23 45969k
Fileinstruction guidelines for subject booking .pdf2022-11-07 18:43 847k
FileInstructionGuidelines for filling-up of Examination Forms of Even SemestersYe...2024-02-07 10:33 955k
FileInstructions for candidates for admission to PG programmes of affiliated coll...2022-10-07 10:57 55k
Fileinstructions guidelines for filling-up of Examination forms of Even Semester ...2023-03-24 05:23 1049k
FileInstructions-CR-2022-23[497].pdf2022-08-02 16:00 673k
Fileinternal practical marks notification.pdf2023-05-30 07:37 271k
FileInternational Conference - 28-6-21.pdf2021-07-01 11:57 1034k
FileInterview for Professor in Psychology.pdf2022-01-12 18:39 280k
FileInterview for the Post of ATPO.pdf2021-08-31 19:06 330k
FileInterview Notice Advt. No.02-2020.pdf2022-02-11 18:02 435k
FileInterview notice for the post of Protocol Officer.pdf2021-08-31 19:06 314k
FileIQAC notification.pdf2022-01-31 16:34 1589k
FileJalipaint.pdf2023-06-16 04:18 296k
Filejatulihelimandi.pdf2021-03-05 14:06 246k
Filejk.pdf2021-03-05 14:06 169k
FileKeydates for B.Tech and B.Arch.pdf2023-06-08 13:44 629k
FileL.L.M..pdf2020-12-01 15:59 357k
FileLab Assistant_compressed.pdf2023-12-12 05:32 113k
FileLab Attendant_compressed.pdf2023-12-12 05:28 123k
[IMG]lala.jpg2019-01-28 14:53 36k
[IMG]lalalajpatrai.png2019-01-28 12:05 837k
FileLast date for submission of RR for 1st Year Student of all UG Courses for the...2022-09-21 11:16 288k
FileLast dt extenstion notice advt. no. ET-11-2022 (1).pdf2023-01-25 10:56 284k
FileLast dt extenstion notice advt. no. ET-11-2022.pdf2023-01-25 05:22 284k
Filelast opportunity for submission of pending Migration Certificate for the sess...2022-11-22 17:22 425k
[IMG]LastdateextendedforB.EdandM.EdCourses.jpg2020-11-17 15:57 1517k
Filelate fee 13-Jan-2022 12-53-31.pdf2022-01-13 13:22 500k
FileLaw Q.Paper Ph.D. Entrance_compressed.pdf2023-03-04 12:00 418k
FileLaw Officer_compressed.pdf2023-12-12 05:32 137k
FileLAW.pdf2023-12-20 07:02 123k
FileLaw_Ph.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus as per UGC.pdf2023-02-01 05:43 388k
FileLegal Assistant_compressed.pdf2023-12-12 05:32 145k
FileLibrary Attendant_compressed.pdf2023-12-12 05:32 168k
Filelist of candidates for interview in Ph.D programe Management .pdf2023-03-14 10:41 867k
FileList of candidates to appear in intreview for Ph.D Seats in the Deptt. of Pol...2024-04-26 09:38 176k
FileList of qualified applicants and Notice for Interview for posts of Assistant...2024-06-08 10:31 379k
FileList of selected candidate as Assistant Professor on contract basis for acade...2023-07-12 10:20 481k
FileList of Selected Candidate for engagement as Assistant Professor in various s...2022-10-28 17:56 89k
FileList of Students Eligible to be Awarded Degrees in the 2nd Convocation 06-02-...2024-02-09 10:42 263k
Filell.b second merit list.pdf2023-08-09 05:40 847k
Filell.m second merit list.pdf2023-08-09 04:36 900k
FileLL.M.pdf2020-01-28 10:53 203k
FileLL.M2ndSemesterResult.pdf2020-10-14 20:49 189k
FileLLB FINAL FIRST MERIT LIST (FOL).pdf2023-08-04 14:49 142k
FileLLB(3-Years)2ndmeritlist.pdf2020-12-07 13:36 206k
FileLLB(3-Years)meritlist.pdf2020-12-01 16:03 211k
FileLLB1stSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:04 16k
FileLLM FINAL FIRST MERIT LIST (FOL).pdf2023-08-04 14:49 135k
[IMG]llm.jpg2019-11-13 21:18 797k
FileLLM1stSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:05 18k
FileLLM2ndmeritlist.pdf2020-12-07 13:36 207k
FileM. _Sc._Physics_1st_and_3rd_Sem._1-1.pdf2021-03-09 21:17 13k
FileM. Sc. Mathematics 3rd Semester Re-evaluation Result.pdf2023-01-02 15:07 265k
FileM.A Economics 1st Sem.pdf2022-06-21 10:57 424k
FileM.A English 3rd sem re07282021.pdf2021-07-28 12:46 50k
FileM.A Geography 1st sem..pdf2022-06-15 16:34 503k
FileM.A History.pdf2022-06-17 16:21 439k
FileM.A Political Science 1st sem..pdf2022-06-15 16:34 352k
FileM.A Psychology 1st Sem.pdf2022-06-21 10:58 243k
FileM.A Psychology 3rd Sem (1) (1).pdf2022-06-23 16:27 157k
FileM.A Pub. Admin. 1st Sem..pdf2022-06-08 15:59 100k
FileM.A Public Ad. 3rd Sem.pdf2022-06-21 10:58 153k
FileM.A Public Administration Sem 1st RE07282021.pdf2021-07-28 12:46 54k
FileM.A Socilogy 1st Sem..pdf2022-06-08 16:00 167k
FileM.A urdu.pdf2022-06-17 16:22 162k
FileM.A(PoliticalScience)-CBCS(Sem1).pdf2020-02-10 18:16 240k
FileM.A(Psychology)-CBCS(Sem1).pdf2020-02-10 18:18 138k
FileM.A. Applied Psychology Attendance (January-May 2019).pdf2019-05-13 16:39 295k
FileM.A. English Attendance (January-May 2019).pdf2019-05-13 16:40 311k
FileM.A. English Counselling 04 09 2023.pdf2023-09-04 11:29 571k
FileM.A. Public Administration Attendance (January-May 2019).pdf2019-05-13 16:40 269k
FileM.A.Economics.pdf2020-12-01 16:52 537k
FileM.A.Economics2ndmeritlist.pdf2020-12-07 13:34 541k
FileM.A.Education.pdf2020-12-01 16:52 531k
FileM.A.English.pdf2020-12-01 16:53 541k
FileM.A.English2ndmeritlist.pdf2020-12-07 13:34 554k
FileM.A.EnglishResult.pdf2019-01-12 14:34 409k
FileM.A.JournalismandMassCommunication.pdf2020-12-01 16:53 536k
FileM.A.JournalismandMassCommunication2ndmeritlist.pdf2020-12-07 13:35 538k
FileM.A.PublicAdministration.pdf2020-12-01 14:40 2384k
FileM.A.PublicAdministration2nd.pdf2020-12-07 16:09 525k
FileM.A_English.pdf2020-04-02 15:22 313k
[IMG]M.AEconomics.jpg2019-11-11 17:26 542k
FileM.AEconomics.pdf2021-02-11 11:27 321k
FileM.AEnglish.pdf2021-02-11 11:28 321k
FileM.AEnglish2ndSemesterReappear.pdf2020-11-26 15:47 58k
FileM.AEnglish_Gug.pdf2021-02-11 15:07 323k
[IMG]M.AGeography.jpg2019-11-11 17:26 492k
FileM.AGeography.pdf2021-02-11 11:28 495k
FileM.AHindi.pdf2021-02-11 11:29 169k
FileM.AHindiResultDec.2019.pdf2020-01-28 18:14 206k
FileM.AHistory.pdf2021-02-11 11:29 726k
FileM.APol.Science.pdf2021-02-11 11:30 211k
FileM.APsychology.pdf2021-02-11 11:30 141k
FileM.APublicAdmin.3rd.pdf2020-05-24 08:37 114k
FileM.APublicAdmin.pdf2020-10-09 13:53 334k
FileM.APublicAdministration2ndSeesterReappear.pdf2020-11-26 15:48 67k
FileM.ASociolgy1stsem..pdf2020-03-19 14:31 207k
FileM.ASocology.pdf2021-02-11 11:31 186k
FileM.AUrduYasinMeo2-2021.pdf2021-02-20 13:35 148k
FileM.B.A2ndSemesterReappear.pdf2020-11-26 15:49 142k
FileM.B.A3rdSem..pdf2020-06-02 12:32 256k
FileM.B.A4thSemester.pdf2020-11-26 15:51 349k (5yr integrated).pdf2023-01-19 14:02 873k
FileM.Com 2Yr. 1st Sem.pdf2022-06-21 10:59 911k
FileM.Com 5 year07282021.pdf2021-07-28 12:47 379k
FileM.Com 5.10 result.pdf2023-09-13 04:53 1655k
FileM.Com open counselling 4spet2023.pdf2023-09-04 11:22 421k
FileM.Com re-appear 2018-19.pdf2023-09-22 10:16 375k
FileM.Com Ree 1st.pdf2024-04-04 07:26 606k
FileM.Com result.pdf2023-09-13 05:51 1655k
FileM.Com(Integrated)(sem1).pdf2020-02-10 18:16 187k
FileM.Com(Integrated).pdf2019-07-08 16:20 1317k
FileM.Com-2 Years Attendance (January-April 2019 ).pdf2019-05-13 16:41 410k
FileM.Com..pdf2020-12-01 15:56 842k
FileM.Com.2nd.pdf2020-12-07 16:11 350k
FileM.Com.2Year1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:05 22k
FileM.Com.2Yr.2ndSemesterReappear.pdf2020-11-26 15:51 84k
FileM.Com.4thSemesterResult.pdf2020-10-22 15:38 207k
FileM.Com.5Year1stand3rdSem._1-2.pdf2021-03-06 15:06 14k
FileM.Com.5Year5thSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:06 16k
FileM.Com.OpenCounseling.pdf2021-02-03 13:37 3427k
FileM.Com2021.pdf2021-02-11 11:32 784k
FileM.Com2Year3rdSem.pdf2020-05-24 08:08 132k
FileM.Com2Yr1semRe-Appear.pdf2020-05-24 08:09 62k
FileM.Com5Yr.3rdSem.pdf2020-06-02 12:21 522k
FileM.Com5Yr1stsemRe-Appear.pdf2020-05-24 08:58 358k
FileM.ComIntegrated.pdf2020-09-04 10:49 813k
FileM.ComIntegratedNew.pdf2020-09-04 12:10 1225k
FileM.ComIntegratedSecondMeritListUpdated(Final).pdf2020-09-10 09:23 668k
FileM.ComOpenMeritList.pdf2020-10-12 10:50 639k
FileM.ComThirdMeritListFinal.pdf2020-09-16 09:31 219k
FileM.Ed(sem1).pdf2020-02-10 17:51 140k
FileM.Ed. Date Sheet-January 2024.pdf2023-12-18 07:29 105k
FileM.Ed.1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:07 19k
FileM.Ed.FirstMeritList.pdf2020-12-08 13:05 335k
FileM.Ed.pdf2019-11-25 15:41 1164k
FileM.Ed2021.pdf2021-02-11 11:33 143k
FileM.Pharm.(PharmaceuticalChemistry)2nd.pdf2020-12-07 16:09 344k
FileM.Pharm.PharmaceuticalChemistry.pdf2020-12-01 16:06 2396k
FileM.Pharm.Pharmacology.pdf2020-12-01 16:06 2288k
FileM.Pharmacy.(Pharmacology)2nd.pdf2020-12-07 16:10 344k
FileM.PT.тАУCardioPulmonary.pdf2020-12-01 14:37 529k
FileM.PT.тАУCardioPulmonary2nd.pdf2020-12-07 16:11 343k
FileM.PT.тАУOrtho2nd.pdf2020-12-07 16:12 345k
FileM.PTтАУOrtho.pdf2020-12-01 14:38 535k
FileM.Sc Chemistry 1st Sem.pdf2022-06-21 10:59 236k
FileM.Sc Computer Science 1st sem.pdf2022-06-21 10:59 231k
FileM.Sc Computer Science 3rd Sem.pdf2022-06-21 11:00 306k
FileM.Sc Neuroscience 3rd Sem.pdf2022-06-21 11:00 162k
FileM.Sc Physics 1st Sem..pdf2022-06-15 16:35 295k
FileM.Sc Psychology 3rd Sem07282021.pdf2021-07-28 12:47 56k
FileM.Sc(Math)-CBCS(Sem1).pdf2020-02-10 17:52 174k
FileM.Sc(Neuroscience).pdf2019-07-08 16:24 641k
FileM.Sc. Neuro Science 1st Sem..pdf2022-05-26 11:04 144k
FileM.Sc.(Physics)-CBCS(Sem1).pdf2020-02-10 17:51 87k
FileM.Sc.AppliedPsychology2ndSemesterReappear.pdf2020-11-26 15:52 50k
FileM.Sc.AppliedPsychology3rdSem.pdf2021-03-09 22:15 16k
FileM.Sc.Chemistry.pdf2020-12-01 16:53 346k
FileM.Sc.Chemistry1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:08 18k
FileM.Sc.Chemistry1stSem.UTD.pdf2021-03-06 15:09 16k
FileM.Sc.Chemistry2ndmeritlist.pdf2020-12-07 13:35 524k
FileM.Sc.Comp.Sc.pdf2020-03-02 16:57 212k
FileM.Sc.ComputerScience1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:10 19k
FileM.Sc.Mathematics.pdf2020-12-01 16:11 344k
FileM.Sc.Mathematics2nd.pdf2020-12-07 16:12 522k
FileM.Sc.MathematicsFinal.pdf2020-12-02 13:23 436k
FileM.Sc.Maths1stSem.UTD.pdf2021-03-06 15:11 16k
FileM.Sc.Neurosciences.pdf2020-12-02 11:03 2352k
FileM.Sc.Neurosciences1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:11 18k
FileM.Sc.Neurosciences2nd.pdf2020-12-07 16:10 525k
FileM.Sc.Physics.pdf2020-12-01 16:06 4674k
FileM.Sc.Physics1stSem.UTD.pdf2021-03-06 15:12 16k
FileM.Sc.Physics2ndmeritlist.pdf2020-12-07 13:36 346k
[IMG]M.Sc.PhysicsPhysicalCounseling.jpg2021-02-11 16:29 155k
FileM.Sc.Psychology.pdf2020-12-01 16:53 563k
FileM.Sc.Psychology1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:13 19k
FileM.Sc.Psychology2ndmeritlist.pdf2020-12-07 13:36 564k
FileM.ScChemistrySurajDegree022021.pdf2021-02-20 13:41 97k
FileM.ScMathGovt.CollegeSec.92-2021.pdf2021-02-20 13:42 180k
FileM.ScNeurosciences2-2021.pdf2021-02-20 13:43 143k
FileM.ScPhysicsSurajDegree2-2021.pdf2021-02-20 13:44 91k
FileM.ScPsychology2-2021.pdf2021-02-20 13:45 135k
FileM.Tech.1stand3rdSem._1-1.pdf2021-03-06 15:13 12k
FileM.TechECE(Sem1).pdf2020-02-10 18:12 97k
[IMG]m32.jpg2019-06-24 12:49 4762k
Filem_com_5yearattendancemarch2019.pdf2019-05-13 16:44 3752k
FileMA Hindi Open Counselling Merit List..pdf2023-09-05 07:34 568k
FileMA Hindi open counselling merit list.pdf2023-08-18 10:40 107k
FileMA Physical Edcation 3rd Sem.pdf2022-06-21 11:01 227k
FileMA PUB ADMIN 3rd Sem RE07282021.pdf2021-07-28 12:47 64k
FileMAAppliedPSYResult.pdf2019-01-10 20:52 70k
FileMAEconomics1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:14 21k
Filemaenglish.pdf2020-10-12 10:42 358k
FileMAEnglish1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:14 21k
FileMAEnglish1StsemRe-Appear.pdf2020-05-24 08:41 48k
FileMAGeography1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:15 18k
FileMAHindi1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:15 20k
FileMAHistory1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:15 23k
Filemain result notice.pdf2024-02-13 04:46 228k
FileMAJMC 1st sem.pdf2022-06-17 16:22 129k
FileMAMC 1st Merit List New.pdf2023-08-03 10:06 335k
FileManagement Q.Paper Ph.D. Entrance_compressed.pdf2023-03-04 11:55 556k
FileManagement_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 06:56 105k
FileManagement_Ph.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus as per UGC_compressed.pdf2023-01-31 09:52 1045k
Filemanesar.pdf2021-03-05 14:07 338k
FileMAPoliticalScience1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:49 20k
FileMaPublicAdministration.pdf2019-01-16 17:28 428k
FileMAPublicAdministration1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:51 18k
FileMarble Mandir.pdf2022-07-14 17:02 273k
FileMASociology1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:51 20k
FileMaster of Arts (English) - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to 8th Oc...2022-10-05 14:37 404k
FileMaster of Business Administration - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th...2022-10-05 14:37 357k
FileMaster of Commerce - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to 8th Oct 2022...2022-10-05 19:44 507k
FileMaster of Computer Applications - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to...2022-10-05 14:36 452k
FileMaster of Public Health.pdf2022-05-17 16:57 37k
FileMaster of Science (Chemistry) -Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to 8t...2022-10-05 14:36 362k
FileMaster of Science (Computer Science) - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6...2022-10-05 14:28 382k
FileMaster of Science (Mathematics) - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to...2022-10-05 14:35 385k
FileMaster of Science (Physics) - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to 8th...2022-10-05 14:35 349k
FileMaster of Social Work.pdf2022-05-17 17:59 0k
FileMasterinPublicHealth2-2021.pdf2021-02-20 13:46 102k
FileMasterofPublicHealth.pdf2020-12-01 16:05 2321k
FileMasterofPublicHealth1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:52 20k
FileMasterofPublicHealth2nd.pdf2020-12-07 16:10 346k
FileMasterofSocialWork.pdf2020-12-01 16:54 519k
FileMasters in Physical Education & Sports - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges -...2022-10-05 14:35 384k
FileMasters of Arts (Economics) - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to 8th...2022-10-05 14:35 395k
FileMasters of Arts (Geography) - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to 8th...2022-10-05 14:34 438k
FileMasters of Arts (Hindi) - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to 8th Oct...2022-10-05 14:33 415k
FileMasters of Arts (History) - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to 8th O...2022-10-05 14:32 469k
FileMasters of Arts (Political Science) - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6t...2022-10-05 14:32 406k
FileMasters of Arts (Psychology) - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to 8t...2022-10-05 14:30 377k
FileMasters of Arts (Sociology) - Merit List 1 - Affiliated Colleges - 6th to 8th...2022-10-05 14:30 379k
FileMathematics_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 07:04 164k
FileMAUrdu1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:52 21k
FileMBA 2 Year 2nd Merit List.pdf2023-08-07 12:43 555k
FileMBA 2 Year 2nd Semester.pdf2021-03-25 08:24 176k
FileMBA 5.7 Revised.pdf2024-04-22 09:20 929k
FileMBA 5Yr. 7th Sem.pdf2022-06-23 16:26 289k
FileMBA Integrated 3rd Sem.pdf2022-06-21 11:02 237k
FileMBA(Integrated).pdf2019-07-08 16:21 1329k
FileMBA-5.7.pdf2024-04-26 07:37 551k
FileMBA-5.8.pdf2024-04-26 07:38 503k
FileMBA.pdf2024-04-04 06:36 868k
FileMBA2nd.pdf2020-12-07 16:09 567k
FileMBA2Year1stand3rdSem._1-2.pdf2021-03-06 15:52 16k
Filemba2yearsattendancejanmay2019.pdf2019-05-13 16:42 374k
FileMBA2Yr..pdf2019-11-19 10:21 1878k
FileMBA2YR3rdsem.pdf2020-05-29 10:48 2718k
FileMBA5Year1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:53 19k
FileMBA5Year5thSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:53 17k
FileMBA5YrSem1Re-Appear.pdf2020-05-24 08:12 211k
FileMbaIntegrated-2.pdf2019-07-18 11:43 136k
FileMBAIntegratedOpenCounseling31.12.2020.pdf2020-12-30 17:33 739k
FileMBAIntegratedupdatebygunjanmalik.pdf2020-09-04 09:07 43k
FileMBAm.pdf2020-12-01 16:55 528k
FileMBAmeritlistagainstvacantandadditionofseats.pdf2020-12-21 17:46 348k
FileMBAMeritListNew.pdf2020-09-04 11:36 43k
FileMBAOpenMeritList.pdf2020-10-12 10:51 639k
FileMBASecondMeritlistUpdated(Final).pdf2020-09-10 09:16 345k
FileMBAThirdMeritListFinal.pdf2020-09-16 09:32 255k
FileMCA 2Yr. 1st Sem.pdf2022-06-23 16:33 63k
FileMCA-GOVT_COLLEGE_FOR_GIRLS.pdf2021-03-13 17:30 223k
FileMCA1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-06 15:53 19k
FileMCA2Year_.pdf2021-03-09 22:14 42k
FileMCA_GOVT_COLLEGE_SECTOR_9.pdf2021-03-13 17:29 239k
FileMCOM.pdf2024-04-04 06:37 500k
Filemcom2nd.pdf2019-01-21 17:10 613k
FileMCOM2year4sem.pdf2020-10-22 15:52 2372k
Filemcomandmba.pdf2019-07-03 18:24 997k
FileMComIntegrated-2.pdf2019-07-18 11:43 133k
FileMED.pdf2022-06-21 16:47 41k
FileMeeting Notice for Prinicipals of affiliated colleges.pdf2022-07-11 12:51 367k
Filemerit list against open counselling of MBA Integrated.pdf2023-08-03 10:45 1219k
FileMerit List M. Pharm. (Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Chemistry).pdf2022-09-17 16:41 636k
FileMerit list of MAMC Intergrated.pdf2022-08-24 16:20 584k
FileMerit list of 2nd open counselling of M.A. Political Science.pdf2023-09-05 08:33 1434k
FileMerit list of 2nd open counselling of M.A. Public Policy, Administration and ...2023-09-05 08:29 1370k
FileMerit list of 3rd open counselling of M.Sc. Psychology.pdf2023-09-05 08:29 1354k
FileMerit list of B.PT. programme.PDF2022-08-23 15:54 771k
FileMerit list of B.Sc. Animation and Multimedia.pdf2022-08-23 16:27 258k
FileMerit List of B.Tech 2023-24.pdf2023-09-04 15:46 3k
FileMerit List of candidates qualified for provisional admission in Ph.D course i...2021-12-14 14:00 46k
FileMerit List of Candidates qualified for Provisional Admission in Ph.D course i...2024-05-02 09:54 206k
FileMerit List of candidates selected for provisional admission in B.Tech courses...2022-10-13 13:08 262k
Filemerit list of digital marketing Aug 14, 2023 5-02 PM.pdf2023-08-14 15:39 505k
FileMerit List of MAMC Integrated.pdf2022-08-24 17:57 582k
Filemerit list of MBA (Hospitality Management) (1).pdf2023-09-14 11:12 476k
Filemerit list of MBA (hospitality Management).pdf2023-09-08 05:27 425k
FileMerit list of MBA (Integrated).pdf2022-08-23 16:00 1837k
Filemerit list of MBA Hospitality Management .pdf2023-08-21 13:59 494k
Filemerit list of MBA( General).pdf2023-08-21 14:00 457k
Filemerit list of MBA(HM)Aug 14, 2023 5-00 PM.pdf2023-08-14 15:39 540k
Filemerit list of peon.pdf2022-12-24 16:51 337k
Filemerit list of PG Diploma in Business analytics .pdf2023-08-21 14:01 459k
Filemerit list of PGDBA Aug 14, 2023 5-03 PM.pdf2023-08-14 15:40 577k
FileMerit list of Ph.D Admission in Public Administration (2022-23).pdf2023-03-22 14:54 739k
FileMerit list of Ph.D candidates of Pharmacy Department.pdf2023-04-13 04:51 494k
FileMerit list of Provisional Admission for Ph.D in Psychology (2022-23).pdf2023-03-28 08:33 168k
FileMerit list of Videography & Photography.pdf2022-08-24 16:19 520k
FileMgmtIntSeminar.pdf2020-01-17 14:34 417k
FileMigration Schedule 2022-23[515]_compressed.pdf2022-08-05 16:08 4159k
FileMinutes of complaint committee.pdf2022-05-11 11:55 535k
FileMinutes of meeting held on 25-01-2022 regarding examination to be held in Feb...2022-01-31 16:33 584k
FileMJMC1stSem.pdf2021-03-09 22:13 16k
Filemodified_notice.pdf.pdf2020-03-20 12:30 594k
FileMotorrepair.pdf2022-09-05 09:03 397k
FileMPES1sand3rdSem.pdf2021-03-09 22:12 19k
FileMPES1STSEM..pdf2020-03-04 15:33 200k
FileMPT cardio 1st list 03-08-2023.pdf2023-08-03 10:03 509k
FileMPT First Merit List 2023 ortho, cardio & sports 03-08-2023_compressed.pdf2023-08-03 10:03 120k
FileMPT OPEN COUNSELING DATED.pdf2023-08-09 14:10 263k
FileMPT orthopedics 1st list 03-08-2023.pdf2023-08-03 10:03 526k
FileMPT sports 1st list 03-08-2023.pdf2023-08-03 10:02 362k
FileMPT(w.e.f.2019)1stand3rdSem.pdf2021-03-06 15:54 18k
FileMPT(w.e.f.2020)1stSem.pdf2021-03-06 15:54 17k
FileMPT.pdf2024-05-21 09:53 441k
FileMPT1stSem.pdf2020-03-19 14:32 96k
FileMS Gate Mumty.pdf2023-01-09 08:57 339k
FileMTech(ECE).pdf2019-11-25 15:38 1212k
Filenagina.pdf2021-03-05 14:07 278k
FileNational Conference in Commerce.pdf2022-05-10 16:51 5296k
FileNational Conference-19-4-23.pdf2023-04-21 09:46 3917k
FileNational Conference-19-4-23_compressed.pdf2023-04-21 09:48 2148k
FileNational Conference-19-4-23_compressed_compressed.pdf2023-04-21 09:49 2147k
FileNational Conference_compressed.pdf2023-02-20 08:24 2071k
Filenational seminar.pdf2024-02-19 11:00 112k
Filenbgsm.pdf2021-03-05 14:08 746k
FileNBGSMCollege.PDF2020-04-15 09:10 609k
FileNew Doc 01-31-2023 16.38.pdf2023-02-01 04:16 351k
FileNew Doc 02-09-2024 13.39.pdf2024-02-09 10:54 477k
FileNew Doc 03-20-2023 12.25_1.pdf2023-03-20 09:09 972k
FileNew Doc 03-21-2023 14.03.pdf2023-03-21 09:25 858k
FileNew Doc 03-24-2023 16.48.pdf2023-03-24 14:35 1090k
FileNEW DOC 04-08-2022 15.35.53.pdf2022-08-05 09:45 1202k
FileNew Doc 04-28-2023 10.13.pdf2023-04-28 06:41 228k
FileNew Doc 04-28-2023 15.18.pdf2023-04-28 10:43 321k
FileNew Doc 05-01-2023 16.59.pdf2023-05-02 04:34 469k
FileNew Doc 05-02-2023 16.51.pdf2023-05-03 12:50 470k
FileNew Doc 05-02-2023 16.53.pdf2023-05-03 04:12 337k
FileNew Doc 05-09-2023 19.52.pdf2023-05-10 04:06 403k
FileNew Doc 05-09-2023 19.53.pdf2023-05-10 04:06 326k
FileNew Doc 05-12-2023 11.07 (1).pdf2023-05-13 06:53 382k
FileNew Doc 05-15-2023 16.49.pdf2023-05-16 04:03 444k
FileNew Doc 05-16-2023 16.55.pdf2023-05-18 04:31 301k
FileNew Doc 05-17-2023 16.46.pdf2023-05-18 04:30 404k
FileNew Doc 05-18-2023 16.25.pdf2023-05-19 05:09 328k
FileNew Doc 05-20-2024 11.21.pdf2024-05-20 09:14 1248k
FileNew Doc 05-24-2023 16.19.pdf2023-05-24 10:52 348k
FileNew Doc 05-26-2023 16.35.pdf2023-05-29 04:33 491k
FileNew Doc 05-29-2023 16.47.pdf2023-05-30 07:38 462k
FileNew Doc 05-30-2023 16.48.pdf2023-05-30 14:32 429k
FileNew Doc 06-01-2023 10.38.pdf2023-06-01 07:28 314k
FileNew Doc 06-02-2023 16.37 (1).pdf2023-06-06 14:12 473k
FileNew Doc 06-04-2024 15.59.pdf2024-06-04 10:40 1360k
FileNew Doc 06-08-2023 14.29.pdf2023-06-12 04:56 258k
FileNew Doc 06-16-2023 15.22.pdf2023-06-16 10:02 414k
FileNew Doc 06-19-2023 16.40 (1).pdf2023-06-20 04:54 323k
FileNew Doc 06-19-2023 16.40.pdf2023-06-20 04:55 416k
FileNew Doc 06-19-2024 11.29 (1).pdf2024-06-19 06:17 1114k
FileNew Doc 06-20-2023 16.01.pdf2023-06-21 06:21 365k
FileNew Doc 07-11-2023 16.08.pdf2023-07-11 10:42 359k
FileNew Doc 07-19-2023 15.37.pdf2023-07-19 11:05 371k
FileNew Doc 07-21-2023 12.28.pdf2023-07-21 07:46 349k
FileNew Doc 07-21-2023 16.58.pdf2023-07-21 14:58 461k
FileNew Doc 07-21-2023 17.00.pdf2023-07-21 14:58 380k
FileNew Doc 08-02-2023 15.58.pdf2023-08-02 12:15 262k
FileNew Doc 08-07-2023 14.13.pdf2023-08-16 12:21 1558k
FileNew Doc 08-16-2023 16.43.pdf2023-08-16 12:20 781k
FileNew Doc 08-21-2023 11.52.pdf2023-08-21 09:44 1449k
FileNew Doc 08-23-2023 16.43.pdf2023-08-24 03:28 393k
FileNew Doc 08-31-2023 16.15.pdf2023-08-31 14:52 435k
FileNew Doc 09-04-2023 17.01.pdf2023-09-04 18:14 349k
FileNew Doc 09-12-2023 16.28.pdf2023-09-12 14:17 258k
FileNew Doc 09-14-2023 13.13.pdf2023-09-14 07:58 895k
FileNew Doc 09-15-2023 12.12 (1).pdf2023-09-18 04:23 321k
FileNew Doc 09-15-2023 12.12.pdf2023-09-15 07:15 321k
FileNew Doc 09-15-2023 16.18.pdf2023-09-18 04:20 472k
FileNew Doc 09-18-2023 16.48.pdf2023-09-18 13:24 364k
FileNew Doc 10-10-2022 15.52.pdf2022-10-10 20:38 763k
FileNew Doc 10-18-2022 15.52.pdf2022-10-18 16:13 479k
FileNew Doc 10-26-2023 16.18.pdf2023-10-31 06:07 348k
FileNew Doc 11-24-2022 12.48.pdf2022-11-25 10:05 334k
FileNew Doc 12-08-2022 12.37.pdf2022-12-08 14:43 374k
FileNew Doc 12-23-2022 15.22 (1).pdf2022-12-25 04:30 377k
FileNEW DOC 17-02-2022 16.00.34.pdf2022-02-17 19:27 655k
Filenew doc 2022-08-17 17.11.33.pdf2022-08-19 14:14 427k
FileNEW DOC 22-02-2022 15.28.50.pdf2022-02-22 18:12 551k
FileNEW DOC 26-Apr-2021 13.29.18.pdf2021-04-26 14:23 103k
FileNEW DOC 28-10-2022 12.19.43.pdf2022-10-28 12:30 248k
FileNEW DOC 28-10-2022 14.01.08.pdf2022-10-28 14:06 504k
FileNew Document(22) 09-Sep-2022 11-44-20.pdf2022-09-09 15:34 534k
Filenew email id dmc.pdf2023-10-05 04:29 186k
[IMG]new3__e0.gif2018-11-25 05:19 9k
FileNEWB.TECH2NDMERIT.pdf2019-07-18 11:43 135k
FileNEWDOC08-Feb-202113.26.42.pdf2021-02-08 14:05 125k
FileNEWDOC08-Jan-202113.43.25.pdf2021-01-08 14:27 167k
FileNEWDOC12-Feb-202116.02.18.pdf2021-02-13 15:02 102k
FileNEWDOC19-Oct-202016.43.54.pdf2020-10-19 17:39 192k
FileNEWDOC19-Oct-202017.00.59.pdf2020-10-19 17:36 265k
FileNewDoc2019-02-08 13.12.57.pdf2019-02-08 13:47 630k
FileNewDoc2019-03-19 10.37.27.pdf2019-03-19 10:58 283k
FileNewDoc2019-06-1017.31.48.pdf2019-06-10 22:14 1592k
FileNewDoc2019-09-1219.30.22.pdf2019-09-12 20:14 170k
FileNEWDOC22Dec-202010.38.06.pdf2020-12-22 13:50 190k
[IMG]NEWNOTICE872019.jpg2019-08-07 13:18 1652k
FileNIQ (100).pdf2024-06-21 08:10 424k
FileNIQ (95).pdf2024-06-19 05:43 625k
FileNIQ (RCC CHAIR).pdf2024-02-07 07:07 420k
FileNIQ (RCC Circular Benches).pdf2024-02-08 07:46 375k
FileNIQ - Civil Work.pdf2023-10-20 07:08 1375k
FileNIQ drainage pipe.pdf2023-06-27 06:39 559k
FileNIQ earthing work.pdf2023-01-02 15:02 558k
FileNIQ fire extinguisher.pdf2023-06-27 06:39 690k
FileNIQ for Lab Eq. of Phychology.pdf2022-02-26 09:46 7411k
FileNIQ for library Eq..pdf2022-03-07 16:14 4363k
FileNIQ of Physiotherapy.pdf2022-02-26 09:46 6935k
FileNIQ Rest House Electronic Items.pdf2022-04-02 20:52 4004k
FileNIQ(96).pdf2024-06-19 05:44 705k
FileNIQ(98).pdf2024-06-21 08:08 433k
FileNIQ(99).pdf2024-06-21 08:09 458k
FileNIQ(Earthing Work).pdf2024-06-06 07:39 761k
FileNIQ(LED).pdf2024-06-06 07:37 679k
FileNIQ, Answer Books.pdf2021-12-15 16:07 198k
FileNIQ- Dry-Cleaning of curtains and other Accessories of camp office and Guest ...2023-10-20 10:03 587k
FileNIQ- providing and fixing of RCC chair type benches at GUG,Sec-51 (3).pdf2023-10-25 05:44 612k
FileNIQ- providing and fixing of RCC circular benches at GUG, Sec-51.pdf2023-10-20 10:04 637k
FileNIQ- shifting and painting of existing RCC benches at GUG,Sec-51 (1).pdf2023-10-25 05:45 640k
FileNIQ.pdf2024-05-07 04:23 446k
FileNIQDigitalElectronicsLab.pdf2020-08-04 20:21 89k
FileNIQelectrical.pdf2023-06-12 06:02 332k
FileNIQMotor.pdf2023-09-12 10:16 456k
FileNIT ( Classroom) .pdf2024-06-06 07:43 417k
FileNIT ( Protection work of gym).pdf2024-06-06 07:42 431k
FileNIT (wall panelling & Painting room).pdf2024-06-06 07:41 428k
Filenit electrical.pdf2024-06-19 05:41 1162k
FileNIT fire extinguisher.pdf2023-04-25 05:44 358k
FileNiT lab.pdf2023-01-15 04:31 338k
FileNIT Re-tender Lab.pdf2023-08-09 08:50 422k
FileNIT ro water.pdf2022-06-09 14:34 393k
FileNIT Supply of miscellaneous electrical items in GUG.pdf2024-03-01 06:34 780k
FileNIT(Deign, Preparation & Submission of BOQ for the airconditioning work for a...2024-03-06 10:49 388k
FileNIT(Grassing Work).pdf2024-06-06 07:44 223k
FileNIT-GH Roof.pdf2023-01-09 08:57 282k
FileNIT.. (1).pdf2024-03-11 04:40 411k
FileNIT..pdf2024-03-11 04:43 407k
[IMG]nit.jpeg2020-09-17 12:25 97k
FileNIT.pdf2024-03-06 10:48 357k
FileNIT1.pdf2022-03-28 23:12 0k
FileNITcabinet work.pdf2023-08-02 08:26 355k
FileNITcooler.pdf2023-06-02 08:35 404k
FileNITelectrical work.pdf2023-01-02 15:01 357k
FileNITelectrical.pdf2022-05-20 13:23 377k
FileNITenergyaudit.pdf2022-04-21 17:39 1228k
FileNIThostel.pdf2022-06-30 12:18 373k
FileNITpanel.pdf2023-05-25 10:14 394k
FileNITpantry.pdf2023-07-21 08:36 361k
FileNITplumbing work.pdf2022-06-09 14:33 378k
FileNITplumbingitems.pdf2022-06-13 11:39 395k
FileNITplumbingwork.pdf2022-05-06 14:13 125k
Filenitpole.pdf2023-05-04 16:02 438k
Filenitrepair.pdf2022-12-02 20:48 341k
FileNITrowater.pdf2022-05-23 18:25 399k
FileNodal Officer of ABC.pdf2023-12-29 06:51 502k
FileNodal Officer of AICTE..pdf2023-05-29 10:39 1529k
FileNodal Officer of Environmental.pdf2023-12-29 07:13 521k
FileNodal Officer of Meri Fasal Mera Byora.pdf2023-12-29 07:07 508k
FileNodal Officer of UGC.pdf2023-12-29 07:10 523k
FileNominations for AISHE.pdf2023-05-29 10:42 1777k
FileNon-teaching advt. no. ENT-04 -2022 (pdf).pdf2022-06-29 12:39 375k
FileNotice Advt. No.10.2022.pdf2023-03-16 07:02 417k
FileNOTICE List of qualified applicants in written test held on 17.02.2024 for A...2024-02-21 05:08 198k
FileNotice ( for withdrawal of post of Assistant Prof. in Engg. & Tech advertised...2021-05-08 09:54 93k
FileNotice - Document Verification and Assessment of Socio-economic & experience ...2024-01-26 07:13 228k
FileNotice - Document Verification and Assessment of Socio-economic & experience ...2024-01-23 11:51 246k
FileNotice - Extension of last date of receipt of application (Advt. No. ENT-08-2...2023-11-17 04:57 284k
FileNotice - Extension of last date of receipt of application (Advt. No. ENT-08-2...2023-11-11 08:19 284k
FileNotice - Interveiw for the post of Associate Professor (Management) - Advt. N...2024-01-10 11:11 493k
FileNotice - Result of Scrutiny of application and schedule of interview for the ...2023-11-23 09:50 140k
FileNotice - Updated Answer Key of written test for Peon (Advt. No. ENT-04 of 202...2022-11-28 15:20 512k
[IMG]notice .jpg2019-05-20 17:11 1177k
FileNotice .pdf2023-09-26 10:29 470k
FileNotice 02-2020.pdf2021-10-12 20:10 512k
FileNotice 10-2021.pdf2021-10-13 15:46 375k
FileNotice 21 (1).pdf2024-04-19 09:33 1206k
[IMG]notice 27-11-19.jpg2018-11-28 03:08 1568k
FileNotice Advt. No 2022.pdf2023-03-14 09:30 286k
FileNotice Clerk Advt no 10 of 2022.pdf2023-01-30 06:48 299k
FileNotice for admission.pdf2023-07-29 06:07 444k
FileNOTICE for Advt. 10-2021 (Asst. Prof. Commerce).pdf2022-04-29 17:59 322k
FileNotice for advt. 16-2021.pdf2022-02-04 19:29 854k
FileNotice for Affiliated Colleges for updating internal assessment marks on Univ...2022-07-11 15:43 301k
[IMG]Notice for affiliated colleges.jpg2022-05-26 11:06 1274k
FileNotice for all the principals of affiliated colleges of university (1).pdf2022-06-08 16:17 87k
FileNotice for approval for refund of admission fee for PG programmes of Affiliat...2022-11-29 16:10 197k
FileNotice for Assistant Advt. 16-2021.pdf2023-04-13 09:55 506k
FileNotice for Display of Question Papers & Answer Keys for Entrance Test for PhD...2024-02-21 04:15 559k
FileNotice for Display of Question Papers & Answer Keys for Written Tests held on...2024-02-17 10:09 560k
FileNotice for display of Question Papers along with Key of the written test held...2023-12-20 07:01 340k
FileNotice for display of Qustion Papers along with Key (Ph.D Entrance Tests- 07 ...2023-07-10 11:27 183k
FileNotice for display of Qustion Papers along with Key for the posts of Clerk As...2023-02-27 04:29 176k
FileNotice for display of Qustion Papers along with Key for the posts of Clerk As...2023-03-05 03:45 254k
FileNotice for display of Qustion Papers along with Key of the written test held ...2023-12-12 05:31 186k
FileNotice for display of Qustion Papers along with Key of the written test held ...2023-06-29 11:39 224k
FileNotice for display of Qustion Papers along with Key of the written test held ...2023-06-29 07:08 70k
FileNotice for downloading admit card and schedule for entrance examination_compr...2023-02-22 04:45 273k
FileNotice for entrance examination and interview schedule for admission to Ph.D....2023-01-25 09:15 2554k
FileNotice for entrance examination[766].pdf2022-08-31 17:01 1491k
FileNotice for Examinations.pdf2021-03-16 18:43 241k
FileNotice for extension of last date for admission to Ph.D. programme.pdf2023-01-16 11:07 2506k
FileNotice for extension of last date for receipt of application of teaching post...2021-05-31 13:38 83k
FileNotice for extension of last date for UG programmes.pdf2022-08-10 12:16 1601k
FileNotice for Extension of last date for various programmes of University.PDF2022-09-07 14:11 31k
FileNotice for extension of last date of PG programmes of Affiliated Colleges upt...2022-09-14 16:14 2061k
FileNotice for Fee Submission of Existing Odd Semester students for the session 2...2022-08-04 15:48 3379k
FileNotice for intervie for Asstt. Prof. (contractual).pdf2023-10-01 07:53 191k
FileNotice for interview advt no. 12-2021.pdf2021-10-29 19:00 312k
FileNotice for interview advt no. 15-2021.pdf2021-10-29 19:00 301k
FileNotice for interview for assistant professor commerce advt 18-2019 and 10-202...2022-06-07 20:52 527k
FileNotice for Interview for the post of Professor and Associate Professor in Pha...2024-06-16 16:37 186k
[IMG]Notice for interview for the post of protocol officer912021.jpeg2021-09-01 10:21 99k
FileNotice for Interview for the teaching posts (Advt. No. ET-11 of 2022).pdf2023-03-11 08:00 407k
[IMG]Notice for MAMC Intergrated waiting list.jpeg2023-09-14 11:06 111k
FileNotice for NCC enrollment 2023-24.pdf2023-09-05 08:12 1051k
FileNotice for open counseling for M.Com. Integrated to be held on 14.09.2022.PDF2022-09-13 16:25 44k
FileNotice for open counseling for MBA 2 years to be held on 16.09.2022.pdf2022-09-13 15:57 507k
Filenotice for open counseling for MBA integrated.pdf2022-08-26 16:26 426k
FileNotice for open counseling of MBA (H.M.), PG Diploma in Business Analytics, P...2022-09-28 15:43 450k
FileNotice for open counseling scheduled to be held on 27.09.2022.pdf2022-09-21 17:17 448k
FileNotice for open counselling of M.Sc. Chemistry scheduled to be held on 03.10....2022-09-30 16:45 653k
FileNotice for open counselling of Physiotherapy scheduled to be held on 30.09.20...2022-09-28 17:01 42k
FileNotice for Open Counselling with list enclosed.pdf2021-09-23 16:14 11512k
[IMG]Notice for open counselling(LLM).jpeg2023-09-04 04:42 236k
FileNotice for Ph.D Entrance Test_1.pdf2021-10-23 13:01 488k
FileNotice for Physical counseling of M.Com integrated with Application Form.pdf2021-11-25 17:22 2567k
FileNotice for Post Matric Scholarship Portal for 2021-22 (1).pdf2021-11-30 20:29 799k
FileNotice for postponement 10-2021 (2).pdf2021-11-09 14:02 384k
FileNotice for postponement of interview for Assistant Professor Law and Engg & T...2021-11-10 16:40 258k
FileNotice for Question papers along with Answer key of Ph.D. Entrance Test.pdf2023-03-05 03:49 254k
FileNotice for reschedule of written test for engagemnet of teachers.pdf2022-08-08 12:38 1289k
FileNotice for Result of M.Pharma (Pharmacology).pdf2021-11-30 10:46 1476k
FileNotice for result of the PG courses examinations held in June & July 2022.pdf2022-11-25 22:39 2303k
FileNotice for result of UG courses .pdf2022-07-14 17:03 147k
FileNotice for scrutiny of applications, personal interview and counselling for a...2023-03-09 12:51 1858k
FileNotice for syllabus of entrance examination of MBA and M.Com (2 years).pdf2022-08-01 09:22 1911k
FileNotice for the open counseling of B.Sc. Animation, MAMC (2-years), MAMC (Inte...2022-09-20 17:16 273k
FileNotice for the open counseling of LLB and LLM programme to be held on 20.09.2...2022-09-16 18:00 274k
FileNotice for the open counseling of LLB and LLM programme to be held on 20.09.2...2022-09-16 16:39 47k
FileNotice for the open counseling of M.A. (English) professional and communicati...2022-09-19 17:05 274k
FileNotice for the open counseling of M.Com 2-years programme to be held on 22.09...2022-09-19 17:05 42k
FileNotice for the open counseling of M.Sc. Chemistry programme to be held on 20....2022-09-16 16:39 44k
FileNotice for updated answer keys of Question Papers of the written test held on...2024-02-19 11:16 1313k
FileNotice for updated answer keys of Question Papers of the written test held on...2023-07-01 05:43 1319k
FileNotice for updated answer keys of Question Papers of the written test held on...2023-07-01 03:49 1325k
FileNotice for updated keys of writtent test for Asstt. Prof. (ccontractual) held...2023-10-01 07:53 56k
FileNotice for uploading UG-PG Courses examinations held in Feb-March 2022.pdf2022-09-13 16:07 400k
FileNotice for written test for the post of Assistant Librarian vide advt no.3 of...2023-07-14 07:40 1899k
FileNotice for Written test of Assistant Librarian_compressed.pdf2023-07-14 08:15 233k
FileNotice for written test steno typist.pdf2023-09-11 09:40 469k
FileNotice for writtne test of Assistant.pdf2022-02-15 16:36 1316k
FileNotice from Examination Branch.pdf2022-01-18 10:11 398k
FileNotice in partial modification of this office main result notification no.-01...2022-09-09 10:43 295k
FileNotice in regards to Re-Appear Examination for 3rd sem (2 Year Course) and 5t...2022-09-21 16:57 367k
FileNotice in regards to Updated Answer Keys of the written tests held on may 30t...2024-06-06 07:46 622k
Filenotice instruction internal portal.pdf2024-04-18 08:16 847k
FileNOTICE INVITING TENDERS..pdf2023-09-25 09:08 327k
FileNOTICE INVITING TENDERS.pdf2023-09-18 08:56 288k
FileNotice No Estb.pdf2024-04-26 04:21 68k
FileNotice of Assistant Advt 10 of 2022.pdf2023-01-30 06:50 999k
FileNotice of Clerk Advt. No 10 of 2022.pdf2023-01-30 06:54 1136k
FileNotice of DV (Assistant Librarian).pdf2023-09-19 09:21 1759k
FileNotice of DV (Communication Officer).pdf2023-09-19 09:22 1319k
FileNotice of result.pdf2024-04-05 06:52 720k
FileNotice of results of the following UG Courses examinations held in June July ...2022-09-09 10:43 259k
FileNotice Of special Re-Appear Results.pdf2023-09-14 10:57 127k
FileNotice phd admissions Law.pdf2023-04-03 14:53 1086k
FileNotice regarding Documents verification in Pharmacy.pdf2024-06-11 11:40 119k
FileNotice regarding Establisghment of Helpdesk for Student grievances related to...2022-09-09 13:09 534k
FileNotice regarding fake Covid-19 positive report.pdf2022-02-26 13:36 275k
FileNotice regarding internal assessment marks.pdf2022-07-20 10:20 132k
FileNotice regarding open counselling 2.pdf2023-08-04 10:04 247k
FileNotice regarding Ph.D. Program.pdf2023-08-09 07:29 211k
Filenotice regarding postponement.pdf2023-05-04 16:01 258k
FileNotice Regarding Re-evaluation.pdf2023-01-17 12:53 237k
FileNotice regarding re-scheduled of datesheet (2).pdf2022-07-13 12:51 347k
FileNotice Regarding Result .pdf2022-07-26 16:17 146k
FileNotice Regarding Results 17062022.pdf2022-06-17 16:20 58k
FileNotice Regarding Special Examination Fee.pdf2024-05-02 04:26 95k
[IMG]Notice Regarding Subject Booking.jpeg2022-01-03 19:23 65k
FileNotice Result of UG&PG Courses.pdf2022-06-01 10:12 229k
FileNotice to advt. no. 13-2021.pdf2021-11-09 13:47 205k
FileNOTICE to Advt. No. ET-05 of 2022.pdf2022-08-05 11:27 445k
FileNotice- Document Verification of the applicants for the post of Associate Pr...2023-12-19 10:23 57k
FileNOTICE- REVISED ANSWER KEYS FOR CLERK, Assistant & Lab. Assistants written t...2023-03-01 07:10 660k
FileNotice- Addendum to advt. No. ET-102023 (addition of post in Psychology and C...2023-12-30 04:27 53k
FileNotice- Answer key - Assistant Professor (Contractual)- Advt .no. ET-05 of 02...2023-09-28 11:47 472k
FileNotice- Clarification regrding Date of Examinations in Admit Cards.pdf2023-01-18 04:20 557k
FileNotice- Document Verifcaiton Result & Shortlisting of applicants for intervie...2023-09-29 14:16 162k
FileNotice- Document Verifcaiton Result & Shortlisting of applicants for intervie...2023-09-29 14:15 158k
FileNotice- Extension of last date for submission of Print out of online applicat...2023-11-16 14:49 48k
FileNotice- Interview for the post of Physiotherapist and Placement Executives - ...2024-01-10 14:52 44k
FileNotice- List of qualified applicants in written test held on 20.12.2023 and s...2023-12-22 09:49 157k
FileNotice- Postponement of Written Test for the post of Assistant Professor in E...2023-12-20 07:00 41k
FileNotice- Question Papers alongwith Answer Keys of the Writtent test held on 30...2024-05-31 10:39 224k
FileNOTICE- RESULT FOR SELECTION ON THE TEACHING POSTS - ADVT. NO. 07-2022, 08-20...2023-04-05 05:37 233k
FileNotice- Result of written test held on 08.12.2023 and schedule of interview t...2023-12-27 12:56 142k
FileNotice- Result of written test held on 10.12.23 and schedule of interview the...2023-12-27 12:57 146k
FileNOTICE- REVISED UPDATED ANSWER KEY (PEON-ADVT. NO. 04-2022).pdf2022-11-30 15:19 683k
FileNotice- Schedule of Documents Verification for Associate Professor (Advt. no....2023-12-06 06:49 78k
FileNotice- Schedule of Interview for Asstt. Professor (contractual)- Physiothera...2024-02-28 10:58 91k
FileNotice- Schedule of Written test for the post of Assistant Librarian (Advt. N...2024-05-14 03:42 452k
FileNotice- Schedule of Written Test for the post of Assistant Professor (Advt. N...2024-05-14 03:43 498k
FileNotice- Schedule of Writtent Test for Assistant Professor (Advt. No. ET- 0720...2023-12-06 06:49 75k
FileNOTICE- Schedule of Writtent Test for non-teaching post Advt. no. ENT-082023.pdf2023-11-24 10:17 79k
FileNotice- Steno Typist Answer Key.pdf2023-09-28 11:47 95k
FileNotice- supply of internal and practical assessment.pdf2022-02-14 12:14 0k
FileNotice- Syllabus for written test for the non-teaching post of Group-C advt. ...2024-03-19 08:30 502k
FileNotice- Syllabus for Written test for the post of Assistant Professor (on con...2022-07-21 13:02 473k
FileNotice- Syllabus for written test for the post of Assistant Professor advt. n...2023-12-07 05:21 42k
FileNotice- Syllabus for written test for the post of Assistant Professors advt. ...2023-12-30 04:29 285k
FileNotice- Syllabus for written test for the posts of Advt. No. ENT-082023.pdf2023-11-16 14:43 865k
FileNOTICE- Syllabus for writtent test for the post of Assistant Professors advt....2024-03-18 09:01 1543k
FileNotice- Update Answer Keys of the written test held on 08th to 10th Dec 2023 ...2023-12-15 06:14 399k
FileNotice- Withdrawal of post of Associate Professor in Law advertised vide Advt...2023-12-19 10:22 41k
[IMG]notice-09-20at2.26.10PM.jpeg2021-09-20 14:35 235k
FileNotice-17.pdf2023-11-06 10:04 56k
FileNotice-18.pdf2023-11-08 09:55 83k
FileNotice-22.pdf2024-04-25 10:34 484k
FileNotice-23.pdf2024-04-29 09:34 600k
FileNotice-AC09_2019.pdf2019-08-23 22:39 436k
FileNotice-Advt.No. ENT-01 2022.pdf2022-09-21 16:56 400k
FileNotice-AssProf.Law.pdf2021-01-20 10:19 102k
FileNotice-ENT10_2019.pdf2019-08-23 22:41 453k
FileNotice-Schedule of document verification, interview in pharmacy and physio (E...2022-12-27 10:06 374k
FileNotice. .pdf2022-12-28 10:02 279k
[IMG]notice........jpg2020-09-10 16:10 112k
FileNotice..pdf2023-01-13 00:31 370k
[IMG]notice.jpg2018-11-24 23:35 1828k
Filenotice1.pdf2020-07-30 12:48 17111k
[IMG]notice121219.jpg2019-12-12 22:37 1798k
FileNotice15-Oct-2020.pdf2020-10-15 13:36 559k
FileNotice20.05.2020.pdf2020-05-21 13:27 32k
[IMG]notice20.jpg2018-12-13 17:15 1479k
FileNotice26052022.pdf2022-05-26 11:05 58k
FileNOTICE_FOR_WITHDRAWAL_OF_ADV_ NO. 01-2021.pdf2021-02-24 14:50 99k
FileNotice_for_written_test_of_Astt_Prof_Advt 18_2019_POSTPONED.pdf2020-03-27 18:50 78k
Filenotice_latest.pdf2020-03-29 21:17 443k 10:18 114k
FileNOTICEFORAD2NDFEB.pdf2019-02-06 13:50 94k
[IMG]Noticeforcancellationofwrittentest.jpeg2020-07-22 19:10 209k
FileNoticeforInterviwAssoc.Prof.inPharmacy.pdf2021-02-02 17:46 185k
FileNoticeforOpenCounselling.pdf2020-10-01 14:53 2761k
FileNoticeforOpenCounsellingFinal.pdf2020-10-07 17:03 368k
[IMG]NoticeforPhysicalCounseling.jpg2020-10-29 14:04 1804k
[IMG]Noticeforphysicalcounsellingforthevacantseats .jpg2019-08-06 16:35 1584k
FileNoticeforpostponementofwrittentest.pdf2019-02-08 16:40 149k
FileNoticeforrescheduleofinterviewforTRPsinEngg.&Technology.pdf2020-09-21 20:47 17k
FileNoticeforrevisedscreening0resultforthepostofAssistantProfessorinMangement,dat...2020-10-09 17:01 347k
FileNoticeforScreeningtestforthepostofClerk-cum-DEOfor27.02.2019.pdf2019-02-24 13:41 375k
FileNoticeforwrittentestforGroup-CPostexceptClerk(1).pdf2019-02-08 16:49 169k
FileNoticeforwrittentestorGroupCPostfor09.07.2019.pdf2019-06-30 12:06 193k
[IMG]noticepharma.jpg2019-02-27 11:07 1628k
FileNoticeregardingDateSheet.pdf2020-06-24 13:36 25k
FileNoticeRegardingPostponment.pdf2021-03-09 14:35 63k
[IMG]noticeWithdr.jpeg2022-09-13 21:41 93k
FileNotification (4) (1).pdf2022-11-04 16:27 1469k
FileNotification (1).pdf2024-01-10 09:03 212k
FileNotification - Amendments in Date Sheets - May 2023 Regular & Re-appear Exami...2023-06-02 16:03 262k
FileNotification - Hearing of UMC Cases._compressed.pdf2023-03-29 05:25 860k
FileNotification Degree Data (1).pdf2023-03-17 04:16 233k
[IMG]Notification for commencement of classes of UTDs (1).jpg2022-07-26 16:16 1308k
FileNotification for Entrance Exam for PhD Admission-2024.pdf.pdf2024-02-01 05:11 487k
FileNotification for M.Ed.pdf2023-12-20 07:21 81k
FileNotification for open counselling of M.A. Applied Economics and M.Sc. Physics...2022-10-31 11:49 287k
FileNOTIFICATION FOR REAPPEAR & Form (1).pdf2023-09-20 05:49 139k
FileNOTIFICATION FOR REAPPEAR & Form.pdf2023-09-18 10:43 139k
FileNotification for Results.pdf2022-05-18 17:28 25k
Filenotification for umc cases-compressed.pdf2023-08-29 10:02 1211k
FileNotification in regards to subject booking filling up of online exam forms.pdf2022-11-25 22:41 78k
FileNotification no.10.pdf2024-03-14 08:15 40k
FileNotification NO.17.pdf2024-03-21 07:17 54k
FileNotification No.2 Re-Evaluation.pdf2023-12-13 06:18 35k
FileNotification of Syllabus for Ph.D. Entrance test..pdf2024-01-24 10:25 532k
FileNotification Pending DMCs.pdf2023-03-17 04:14 238k
FileNOTIFICATION Reg. UMC Committee Meeting held on Sept.12,2023 (1).pdf2023-09-26 06:31 1108k
FileNotification regarding constitution of Institutional Competitive Examination ...2023-12-22 09:57 388k
FileNotification regarding DMCs 1st Sem 2021.pdf2023-02-09 14:03 219k
FileNotification regarding meeting of Chairpersons and Principals regarding Exami...2022-01-21 17:22 262k
FileNotification regarding Pending DMCs and Degrees.pdf2023-08-16 12:23 314k
Filenotification regarding pending DMCs.pdf2023-02-09 14:02 277k
FileNotification regarding students photographs on University web portal.pdf2023-02-20 15:10 296k
FileNotification related internal practical marks....pdf2023-05-31 06:32 215k
FileNotification related to the Pre-PHD course work examination .GUG-Exam-2023-1...2023-06-14 05:58 561k
FileNotification related to the re-appear result of the examination held in Janua...2023-06-14 05:56 335k
FileNotification related to the result of affiliated colleges examination held in...2024-02-07 05:17 214k
FileNotification related to the result of affiliated colleges examination held in...2024-02-07 07:10 490k
[IMG]Notification related to the result of affiliated colleges examination held in...2023-11-14 05:05 60k
FileNotification related to the result of affiliated colleges examination held in...2023-11-24 06:50 538k
FileNotification- Hearing of UMC cases_compressed.pdf2022-11-16 16:31 1301k
FileNotification-1 of Re-Evaluation.pdf2023-12-15 06:16 76k
FileNotification-15.pdf2024-05-07 04:20 179k
Filenotification-17_compressed.pdf2024-05-28 07:23 418k
FileNotification-18.pdf2024-06-19 06:03 1575k
FileNotification-24.pdf2024-05-07 04:22 473k
FileNotification-5.pdf2024-01-12 08:52 264k
FileNotification-Decision of the UMC Committee Meeting held on October 13-14, 202...2022-10-28 14:11 3486k
FileNotification-Decision of the UMC Committee Meeting held on October 13-14, 202...2022-10-28 14:19 1251k
FileNotification-Hearing of pending umc Cases on 16-02-2024.pdf2024-02-12 10:52 1008k
FileNotification-Hearing of unfair mean-compressed.pdf2024-01-19 15:31 1766k
FileNotification-Meeting of the UMC Committee on June 26-28, 2024.pdf2024-06-22 05:57 1196k
FileNOTIFICATION.pdf2023-06-30 10:26 134k
[IMG]NotificationforChairmanandDean-FacultyofPhysicalSciences..jpg2020-07-30 17:45 2038k
FileNotificationforPhysicalCounseling.pdf2020-12-10 10:07 2281k
[IMG]NotificationregardingPracticalexaminations.jpeg2022-01-20 17:47 124k
Filenotificationsupt.pdf2020-07-25 08:38 89k
[IMG]nRegardingexaminitaion2-26-2021.jpeg2021-02-26 12:59 277k
Filentoti1.pdf2020-03-04 10:54 1275k
Filenuh.pdf2021-03-05 14:08 165k
FileOdd sem Re-Evaluation Resullt (March-April-2022).pdf2022-11-23 18:23 51k
FileOdd Semester Re-Evaluation Reuslt (March-April-2022)_compressed.pdf2022-09-28 16:58 748k
[IMG]oficeorder.jpeg2020-03-19 17:38 127k
FileOpen Conseling Schedule for M.Sc. Physics Programme.pdf2023-08-10 10:20 742k
FileOpen counseling against vacant seats for MAMC(INT.), B.Sc. Animation and Mult...2023-08-17 15:11 399k
[IMG]Open Counseling Animation and Multiledia,MAMC(PG),MA English,For.jpeg2023-09-14 11:13 93k
FileOpen counseling for M.A. Political Science to be held on 16.09.2022 (Applicat...2022-09-14 21:45 1764k
FileOpen Counseling for M.A. Political Science, M.Sc. Psychology & M.A. Public Po...2022-11-02 12:12 371k
FileOpen Counseling for M.Com (2-year) programmes against vacant seats to be hel...2022-09-27 16:44 273k
FileOpen Counseling for M.Com. (2-years) and M.Com. (Integrated) programmes of UT...2022-10-21 15:44 706k
FileOpen Counseling for M.Sc. Physics, M.A. (Applied Economics), M.A. Political S...2022-09-22 16:53 280k
Fileopen counseling Ll.b.pdf2023-08-11 10:53 1989k
Fileopen counseling merit list ll.m.pdf2023-08-11 10:54 1194k
FileOpen Counseling merit list of M.Sc. Psychology.pdf2023-08-11 10:32 1103k
FileOpen counseling of B.Tech Programme.pdf2021-12-20 17:54 1000k
FileOpen Counseling of M.A. English programme.pdf2021-12-20 15:38 998k
FileOpen counseling of M.Sc. Mathematics to be held on 16.09.2022.PDF2022-09-15 10:06 320k
FileOpen counseling schedule for B.Tech. Programme.pdf2021-10-25 19:17 514k
FileOpen Counseling schedule for LLB & LLM programmes.pdf2023-08-10 13:39 729k
FileOpen Counseling Schedule for M.A Public Policy, Administration & Governance a...2023-08-12 07:51 127k
FileOpen Counseling Schedule for M.A. (Applied Economics) Programme.pdf2023-08-10 10:20 753k
FileOpen Counseling schedule for M.Sc. Chemistry Programme.pdf2023-08-10 10:20 754k
FileOpen Counseling Schedule for M.Sc. Mathematics Programme.pdf2023-08-11 10:31 757k
FileOpen Counseling Schedule for M.Sc. Psychology Programme.pdf2023-08-09 09:38 734k
FileOpen Counseling Schedule for the Programmes of OFF-site Campus.pdf2023-08-08 09:25 729k
FileOpen Counseling Schedule of M.Sc. Environmental Science Programme.pdf2023-08-11 10:32 752k
FileOpen Counselling for paramedical programmes to be held on 05.11.2022 (applic...2022-11-04 15:04 648k
FileOpen Counselling for B.Sc. Animation & Multimedia on 04 09 2023.pdf2023-09-05 07:39 550k
FileOpen Counselling for B.Tech. LEET.pdf2021-10-30 14:46 1923k
FileOpen Counselling for M.Com Integrated.pdf2021-10-27 19:24 1786k
FileOpen Counselling for MAMC-PG ON 04 09 2023.pdf2023-09-05 07:41 547k
FileOPEN COUNSELLING FOR MAMC-UG.pdf2023-09-05 07:42 550k
FileOpen counselling for MBA(Integrated).pdf2023-07-26 10:54 477k
FileOpen Counselling for PG Courses.pdf2021-10-30 14:46 3159k
FileOpen Counselling MAMC (PG).pdf2023-08-22 05:53 234k
[IMG]Open Counselling merit list for LL.B.jpeg2023-09-05 07:24 151k
[IMG]Open Counselling merit list for LL.M.jpeg2023-09-05 07:23 138k
FileOpen counselling merit list of 2 year .pdf2023-08-23 04:39 1409k
FileOpen Counselling Merit List of Political Science.pdf2023-08-14 12:08 178k
FileOpen Counselling Notice 09-09-2023.pdf2023-08-08 13:25 370k
FileOpen Counselling of M.Com integrated.pdf2021-12-21 16:57 991k
FileOpen counselling schedule of B.Pharm. (LEET).pdf2023-09-20 09:19 1715k
FileOpen counselling schedule.pdf2021-11-18 09:17 2022k
FileOpen Physical Counseling for M.A Economics with application form.pdf2021-12-08 15:54 2712k
FileOpen Physical Counseling for M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication with appl...2021-12-06 16:09 2659k
FileOpen Physical Counseling for M.Com (2-years) with application form.pdf2021-12-06 16:36 1605k
FileOpen Physical Counseling for M.Com. Integrated with application form.pdf2021-12-06 14:52 2678k
FileOpen Physical Counseling for M.Pharm Pharm. Chemistry with application form.pdf2021-12-06 16:37 1596k
FileOpen Physical Counseling for M.Pharm. (Pharmacology).pdf2021-12-06 16:38 836k
FileOpencounselingforUGandPGalongwithapplicationform.pdf2020-12-11 17:23 660k
FileOpencounselingofM.A.Economics,M.Sc.PsychologyandM.A.PublicAdministration.pdf2021-01-13 16:29 3414k
FileOpenMeritListM.AEconomics.pdf2020-12-15 15:28 44k
FileOpenMeritListM.AEnglish.pdf2020-12-15 15:29 9k
FileOpenMeritListM.Sc.Physics.pdf2020-12-15 15:29 33k
FileOpenMeritListM.Sc.Psychology.pdf2020-12-15 15:29 62k
FileOpenMeritListPublicAdministration.pdf2020-12-15 15:29 34k
FileORDINANCEPHILOSOPHY.pdf2021-01-06 19:04 18513k
FileP.GDIPLOMA.pdf2020-10-19 13:02 104k
FilePaintings.pdf2023-11-06 04:33 333k
Filepanel service.pdf2023-02-21 12:45 373k
FilePaper ID- 1062 Environmental Science (1).pdf2021-04-06 16:58 189k
FilePaper-1_Ph.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus as per UGC.pdf2023-06-14 06:03 363k
FilePapers of Environmental Science and Computer Education.pdf2022-06-28 10:47 309k
FilePart A of application form for Teaching Posts (Professor) - advt. no. ET-06 -...2022-06-30 12:56 61k
FilePart B of Application Form for Professor (advt. No. ET-06-2022).docx2022-06-30 13:00 40k
FilePavitra Institute.pdf2022-09-22 19:19 501k
FilePavitra Institute_compressed.pdf2022-08-10 10:15 2396k
Filepdf chem.pdf2022-03-07 16:11 476k
Filepdf neuro.pdf2022-03-07 16:13 477k
FilePDFGallery_20230513_125200.pdf2023-05-15 04:02 485k
FilePeon Advt no ENT- 04-2022.pdf2022-11-04 15:01 377k
[IMG]peonandvariousteachingposts.jpg2019-03-02 21:10 1822k
FilePG DATE SHEET (1)_compressed.pdf2023-05-06 12:46 276k
FilePGDGC 1st Sem..pdf2022-06-08 16:17 107k
FilePh.D Admission guidelines January 2024 as per new ordinance.pdf2024-01-01 08:58 1239k
FilePh.D Admission Notice January 2024.pdf2023-12-30 04:32 556k
FilePh.d Course Result _compressed.pdf2024-02-22 05:52 720k
FilePh.D Entrance examination syllabus of CSE Final.pdf2023-06-14 06:06 60k
FilePh.D Entrance examination syllabus of CSE.pdf2024-01-24 10:26 580k
FilePh.D. Admission Interview in PSY.pdf2023-03-17 04:43 278k
FilePh.D. Admission Interview in Public Administration.pdf2023-03-20 09:09 619k
FilePh.D. Admission Notice January 2024.pdf2023-12-29 06:57 556k
FilePh.D. Admission Notification 07.07.2021.pdf2021-07-09 15:06 1835k
FilePh.D. application form for international students..pdf2023-06-18 13:11 309k
FilePh.D. Entrance examination Syallbus of Political Science_English.pdf2024-01-24 10:27 231k
FilePh.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus of Commerce.pdf2024-01-24 10:28 841k
FilePh.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus of Law.pdf2024-01-24 10:29 388k
FilePh.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus of Management.pdf2024-01-24 10:35 357k
FilePh.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus of Pharmacy.pdf2024-01-24 10:31 646k
FilePh.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus of Public Administration.pdf2024-01-24 10:42 488k
FilePh.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus Psychology.pdf2024-01-24 10:30 381k
FilePh.D. Entrance Test Result (1)_compressed.pdf2023-03-10 23:25 105k
FilePh.DAdmissionNotification.pdf2021-01-06 18:42 406k
FilePh.DProspectus05.01.2020.pdf2021-01-06 19:04 17239k
FilePharmaceutical Science Q.Paper Ph.D. Entrance_compressed.pdf2023-03-04 12:10 429k
FilePharmaceutical Science Q.Paper Ph.D. Entrance_compressed_compressed.pdf2023-03-04 12:15 322k
FilePHARMACY ENTRANCE RESULT WEBSITE.pdf2022-09-16 09:42 283k
FilePharmacy Result 2018-2019 6th sem.pdf2024-04-03 04:31 671k
FilePharmacy_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 07:06 99k
FilePharmacy_Ph.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus as per GPAT.pdf2023-06-14 06:12 281k
Filephd Entrance Examination Syllabus of Management.pdf2024-01-24 10:36 357k
FilePhD Admission Notice January 2024.pdf2024-01-04 09:40 556k
FilePhD Commerce.pdf2021-12-22 17:38 257k
FilePhd Course work datesheet.pdf2022-07-29 15:06 11k
Filephd merit list.pdf2023-04-17 10:20 808k
FilePhD Physiotherapy Entrance Syallbus.pdf2023-06-14 06:14 48k
FilePhD Syllabus 2024-25.pdf2024-01-29 10:28 310k
FilePhysicalcounselinforPGprogrammesncluding28.12.2020.pdf2020-12-24 15:57 250k
FilePhysicalcounselingforUGprogrammes.pdf2020-12-03 09:31 823k
FilePhysics_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 07:01 109k
[IMG]plan.png2023-02-01 04:48 228k
FilePleated Mesh choco brown.pdf2022-07-14 11:23 281k
FilePlumbing items NIT.pdf2022-06-07 21:15 0k
Filepmc.pdf2020-04-21 20:57 358k
[IMG]PMS for SC,BC & OBC -2021.jpg2021-03-16 18:42 781k
FilepoAda.pdf2020-09-29 10:51 346k
[IMG]pOaP.jpeg2020-07-31 08:23 116k
FilePol. Science_compressed_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 06:53 108k
FilePolishing of various wooden items.pdf2022-05-31 17:23 349k
Fileposreslut.pdf2020-04-27 22:25 11415k
FilePost Graduate Diploma in Guidance & Counseling-Merit List 1 - Affiliated Coll...2022-10-05 14:29 339k
[IMG]post of assistant training & placement officer09012021.jpeg2021-09-01 09:57 83k
[IMG]postClerl-cum-DEo.jpg2020-03-05 15:00 871k
FilepostofAssistantRegistrar.pdf2019-03-02 21:15 707k
[IMG]PostofAssociateProfessorinPub.jpg2019-02-27 21:53 1674k
FilepostofDeputyRegistrar.pdf2019-03-02 21:16 687k
[IMG]postpone.jpeg2019-07-20 17:08 75k
FilePostponed paper Yogic Science (MPES 4TH SEM) 08-Jul-2022 13-05-02.pdf2022-07-08 13:19 611k
FilePostponement of Examination- M.A. (Applied Economics).pdf2023-02-01 09:55 336k
FilePostponement of interview for professor in Psychology.pdf2022-01-18 10:12 248k
[IMG]practical.jpg2021-01-22 15:10 156k
FilePracticalExaminationSchedule.pdf2019-01-07 12:54 462k
FilePracticalExamSchedule2ndSem.May2019.pdf2019-05-27 20:34 497k
FilePRESS NOTICE STATIONARY TENDER61921.pdf2021-06-19 09:25 96k
[IMG]PrivateSecretary.jpg2019-02-16 22:29 1641k
FilePrivateSecretary.pdf2019-02-18 10:19 306k
FilePRO Syllabus Advt. No 04-2022.pdf2023-04-10 05:55 446k
FilePRO. Syllabus (1).pdf2023-07-14 08:25 455k
FilePRO. Syllabus.pdf2023-07-14 07:43 455k
FileProfessor commerce.pdf2023-09-13 07:00 220k
FileProfessor_and_Associate_Professor_Advt- checked. (1).pdf2024-02-20 09:45 1423k
FileProject Report Format_compressed_compressed.pdf2023-06-01 07:23 130k
FileProjectmanagementconsultant.pdf2020-09-18 14:27 240k
FileProviding and fixing curtains in guest house. .pdf2022-05-27 19:48 414k
FileProvisional List of Interview for Ph.D (Law).pdf2024-05-01 06:32 661k
FileProvisional merit list for B.PT. (Bachelor of Physiotherapy).pdf2022-08-19 10:43 1805k
FileProvisional Merit List of MPT (Cardiothoracic and Pulmonary Disorder).pdf2023-08-07 12:34 621k
FileProvisional Merit List.pdf2023-09-18 05:09 328k
FileProvisional Second Merit List of M.A. Applied Economics.pdf2023-08-07 12:34 749k
FileProvisional Second Merit List of M.Sc. Physics.pdf2023-08-07 12:32 658k
FileProvisional Second Merit List of MPT (Orthopedics).pdf2023-08-07 12:32 634k
FileProvisional Second Merit List of M.A (Public Policy, Administration and Gover...2023-08-07 12:30 442k
FileProvisional Second Merit List of M.A Hindi Professional and Communication Ski...2023-08-07 12:29 550k
FileProvisional Second Merit List of M.A Political Science.pdf2023-08-07 12:28 734k
FileProvisional Second Merit List of M.A. (English) Professional Communication Sk...2023-08-07 12:27 650k
FileProvisional Second Merit List of M.Sc. Chemistry.pdf2023-08-07 12:22 628k
FileProvisional Second Merit List of M.Sc. Psychology.pdf2023-08-07 12:26 717k
FileProvisional Second Merit List of Msc Environmental Science (1).pdf2023-08-07 12:39 455k
FileProvisional Second Merit List of MSc Mathematics.pdf2023-08-07 12:25 1133k
FileProvisionla Second Merit List of MPT Sports.pdf2023-08-07 12:24 1285k
FileProvisonal Second Merit List of LLB programme.pdf2023-08-07 12:21 1340k
FileProvisonal Second Merit List of LLM programme.pdf2023-08-07 12:19 747k
FileProvisonal Second Merit List of Mcom 2 Year.pdf2023-08-07 12:24 1558k
FilePsychology (1).pdf2023-09-28 11:46 169k
FilePsychology Q.Paper Ph.D. Entrance_compressed.pdf2023-03-04 12:19 967k
FilePsychology_compressed.pdf2023-06-29 07:00 104k
FilePsychology_Ph.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus as per UGC.pdf2023-02-01 05:36 381k
FilePsychologyRE.pdf2020-01-28 10:54 48k
FilePublic Adminstration Q.Paper Ph.D. Entrance_compressed.pdf2023-03-05 12:29 764k
FilePublic Administration_Ph.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus as per UGC.pdf2023-06-14 06:10 1699k
FilePublic Administration_Ph.D. Entrance Examination Syllabus as per UGC_compress...2023-01-31 09:51 1699k
Filepunhana.pdf2021-03-05 14:09 105k
FileQ.PAPER Ph.D. Entrance Engineering Comp science _compressed.pdf2023-07-10 11:29 1251k
FileQ.PAPER Ph.D. Entrance Pharmacy_compressed.pdf2023-07-10 11:32 1095k
FileQ.PAPER Ph.D. Entrance Physiotherapy_compressed (1).pdf2023-07-10 11:33 1142k
FileQ.PAPER Ph.D. Entrance Public Administraton_compressed.pdf2023-07-10 11:34 1109k
FileQualified Candidate for Ph.D Admission Interview 22-23 CSE.pdf2023-08-23 10:52 48k
FileQuestion PAer along with Anser key of the written test held on June 15, 2024 ...2024-06-15 07:14 100k
FileQuestion Paper & Anser Key- EVS.pdf2024-05-31 10:40 291k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- Assistant Librarian-.pdf2024-05-31 10:41 285k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- Chemistry.pdf2024-05-31 10:41 549k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- CSE.pdf2024-05-31 10:42 339k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- Economics.pdf2024-05-31 10:40 339k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- Education.pdf2024-05-31 10:43 300k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- English & Commn. Skill.pdf2024-05-31 10:44 294k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- Law.pdf2024-05-31 10:43 294k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- Math.pdf2024-05-31 10:44 397k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- Pharmacy.pdf2024-05-31 10:45 383k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- Physics.pdf2024-05-31 10:46 409k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- Physiotherapy.pdf2024-05-31 10:46 286k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Key- VLSI Design & Tech..pdf2024-05-31 10:47 325k
FileQuestion Paper & Answer Keys- Management.pdf2024-05-31 10:47 299k
FileQuestion Paper along with Answer Key of the Entrance test held on 10-08-2023 ...2023-08-10 09:18 1623k
FileQuestion paper and answer key of the written test held on June 14,2024 for th...2024-06-15 07:08 103k
FileQuestion Paper- PhD Entrance- Physiotherapy.pdf2024-02-21 04:16 166k
FileQuestion Paper- PhD Entrance-CSE.pdf2024-02-21 04:18 176k
FileQuestion Paper- PhD Entrance-Pharmacy.pdf2024-02-21 04:20 195k
FileQuestion Paper-Commerce.pdf2024-02-17 10:15 160k
FileQuestion Paper-CSE.pdf2024-02-17 10:14 120k
FileQuestion Paper-ECE.pdf2024-02-17 10:14 312k
FileQuestion Paper-Economics.pdf2024-02-17 10:13 125k
FileQuestion Paper-Management.pdf2024-02-17 10:12 172k
FileQuestion Paper-Pharmacy.pdf2024-02-17 10:11 106k
FileQuestion Paper-PhD Entrance Law.pdf2024-02-21 04:21 165k
FileQuestion Paper-PhD Entrance-Commerce.pdf2024-02-21 04:21 167k
FileQuestion Paper-PhD Entrance-Management(Part-I).pdf2024-02-21 04:23 145k
FileQuestion Paper-PhD Entrance-Management(Part-II).pdf2024-02-21 04:23 116k
FileQuestion Paper-PhD Entrance-Political Science & Public Policy.pdf2024-02-21 04:24 188k
FileQuestion Paper-Physiotherapy.pdf2024-02-17 10:11 113k
FileQuestion Paper-Psychology.pdf2024-02-17 10:10 135k
FileQuotation(Republished).pdf2020-07-31 10:37 790k
FileQuotation.pdf2020-07-07 15:28 845k
FileR-4.pdf2020-10-01 14:47 109k
[IMG]rctment.jpeg2021-11-05 14:52 57k
FileRe Appear exam BPT first Sem.pdf2022-01-14 15:14 688k
FileRe appear result notification Gug-exam-2024-14108 dated 15-03-2024.pdf2024-03-15 10:43 320k
FileRe- Checking June July 2023 (3).pdf2023-12-14 10:56 1242k
FileRe-12 (1)_compressed.pdf2024-04-09 04:19 486k
FileRe-12_compressed.pdf2024-04-08 11:08 486k
FileRe-appear Result Notice.pdf2022-11-07 17:20 207k
Filere-appearDateSheet.pdf2020-09-30 16:49 16k
FileRe-checking December January 2024 (1).pdf2024-04-19 05:06 769k
FileRE-Checking December January 2024_compressed.pdf2024-04-09 09:32 234k
FileRE-Checking Notification-4_compressed.pdf2024-06-11 05:23 219k
FileRe-checking result (December - January 2024).pdf2024-05-22 09:12 1494k
FileRe-Checking Result Dec-Jan 2024.pdf2024-05-03 07:05 536k
FileRe-checking result June-July 2023 (1)_compressed.pdf2024-03-28 08:20 970k
FileRe-Checking Result Notification No. 1.pdf2024-01-10 09:19 844k
FileRe-Checking Result Notificaton-3.pdf2024-04-19 09:34 1100k
[IMG]re-evaluation form.jpg2020-04-19 18:09 505k
FileRe-Evaluation notification-13.pdf2024-04-19 09:34 1718k
FileRe-Evaluation Notification-4.pdf2023-12-21 09:20 173k
FileRe-Evaluation of UTD Notification-3.pdf2023-12-18 09:43 140k
FileRe-evaluation Result (Feb. March- 2022).pdf2022-11-04 10:00 887k
FileRe-evaluation result notification no 19 dt 07.11.2023_compressed.pdf2023-11-08 06:58 1494k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No 24-003 (2).pdf2024-04-25 06:53 535k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No 24-007.pdf2024-05-27 10:16 1849k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No 24-008_compressed.pdf2024-05-29 10:22 542k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No 24-009_compressed-compressed.pdf2024-06-11 05:20 414k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No 24-009_compressed.pdf2024-06-10 06:37 1099k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No 25.pdf2024-01-30 10:35 146k
FileRe-evaluation result notification no 5 dated 22.08.2023.pdf2023-10-18 07:36 916k
FileRe-evaluation Result Notification no. 15 dated 05.10.2023.pdf2023-10-05 11:16 1656k
FileRe-evaluation result notification no. 16 dated 06.10.2023.pdf2023-10-06 11:14 838k
FileRe-evaluation result notification no. 18 dated 20.10.2023.pdf2023-10-25 05:50 1912k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No. 20 dated on 01-12-2023.pdf2023-12-01 10:24 1634k
FileRE-EVALUATION RESULT NOTIFICATION NO. 21.pdf2023-12-22 10:19 315k
FileRE-EVALUATION RESULT NOTIFICATION NO. 22.pdf2024-01-10 10:00 142k
FileRe-evaluation Result Notification No. 23.pdf2024-01-10 09:18 727k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No. 24 Dated on 11-01-2024.pdf2024-01-11 10:33 783k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No. 24-001_compressed.pdf2024-03-22 04:30 761k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No. 24-002 (1).pdf2024-04-25 06:50 975k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No. 24-002.pdf2024-04-22 09:21 975k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No. 24-004.pdf2024-05-08 09:03 1866k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No. 24-006[1].pdf2024-05-21 07:58 1719k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No. 25.pdf2024-01-30 10:32 540k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No. 26.pdf2024-02-15 04:25 1511k
FileRe-evaluation Result Notification No. 27.pdf2024-02-15 04:25 344k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No. 28 (1).pdf2024-02-23 10:30 326k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification No. 28.pdf2024-02-27 05:43 326k
FileRe-evaluation result notification no. 8 dated 04.09.23.pdf2023-11-03 14:52 958k
FileRe-evaluation result notification no.11.pdf2024-04-03 04:15 1552k
FileRe-evaluation result notification no17 dated13.10.23_compressed.pdf2023-10-16 07:11 1211k
FileRe-Evaluation Result Notification Number 25_compressed.pdf2024-02-02 05:07 1455k
FileRe-evaluation Result Re-appear Notification.pdf2023-01-06 05:11 770k
FileRe-evaluation result.pdf2022-10-01 07:25 1720k
FileRe-Evaluation Results.pdf2023-09-14 10:50 1041k
FileRe-Evaluation-16.pdf2024-05-20 04:05 1527k
[IMG]Re-evaluation-Result.jpg2021-01-18 11:41 167k
FileRe-evaluationResult.pdf2020-09-01 12:06 773k
FileRe-evaulation result of UTD and B.ED,M.ED Notification No.06.pdf2024-01-18 07:26 350k
FileRe-Evulation Result Notificaiton-14.pdf2024-04-30 04:14 875k
FileRe-schedule of Interview for engagement of Assistant Professor in various sub...2022-09-01 16:20 143k
FileRe-Tender (NIT).pdf2024-03-12 04:43 395k
[IMG]re.jpeg2020-10-26 17:58 88k
FileReappear 23-24_compressed.pdf2024-03-22 04:31 283k
FileReappear result of UG Courses examination held im Jan-Feb 2023.pdf2023-06-21 10:05 93k
FileReappear Result Only.pdf2024-02-27 09:01 355k
FileRechecking Result Notification Num1_compressed.pdf2024-04-05 06:50 538k
FileReconduct of the written tests for the post of Assistant Professor in Compute...2024-06-05 09:18 88k
FileReconduct of written test for the post of Assistant Professor of Chemistry vi...2024-06-06 13:42 86k
FileRecruitment advertisement in Affiliated College.pdf2022-10-14 16:48 1416k
FileRecruitment Notice Advt No 08 of 2023.pdf2023-10-18 08:08 978k
FileReevaluation result (8882-83).pdf2022-11-25 22:38 2570k
Filereevaluation result 1 uploadin.pdf2022-09-29 19:01 211k
FileReevaluation Result 9.pdf2024-03-12 10:34 131k
FileRegarding Change of Shift of Examinations for B.Ed. Course..pdf2024-05-02 04:51 333k
FileRegarding Covid19.pdf2022-01-06 15:18 339k
FileRegarding deposition of college Continuation Fees for granting Provisional Af...2022-09-22 16:59 385k
FileRegarding Examination.pdf2020-06-23 14:06 44k
FileRegarding Filling-up of Examination Forms(offline) for Improvement Examinatio...2024-03-11 04:44 851k
FileRegarding last date for submission of CR.pdf2022-09-07 18:35 433k
FileRegarding revised procedure of Anti-Ragging Undertaking & Compliance Submissi...2024-05-15 07:43 192k
[IMG]Regarding the fees of SC Candidate for New Admission..jpeg2023-09-11 05:12 48k
FileRegarding to postpone the Annual Examination of 1st to 3rd Year and Implement...2024-05-02 04:52 335k
FileRegardingExamination (1).pdf2020-07-07 16:06 44k
FileRegardingExaminationFeesColleges.pdf2020-07-11 09:36 29k
[IMG]RegardingPh.DExam..jpg2021-01-25 16:02 156k
FileRenovation of room.pdf2022-11-23 15:18 1188k
FileReport Submission and VivaVoce Exam Notice.pdf2023-06-01 07:25 287k
FileReschedule of B. Ed &M.Tech. Examinations scheduled on 10-07-2023..pdf2023-07-10 08:12 283k
FileReschedule of Special Re-appear Examinations. .pdf2023-07-06 11:07 360k
FileRescheduled Date Sheet- M.Ed. Examinations- August 2023 (2).pdf2023-08-04 09:44 699k
FileRescheduled Date Sheet- Special Reappear Examinations- July 2023.pdf2023-07-10 11:48 670k
FileRescheduled of Datesheet.pdf2022-09-28 18:24 387k
[IMG]Research Methodology.jpg2022-06-01 14:38 2500k
FileResheduled Datesheet for B.Pharma..pdf2022-07-15 16:18 270k
FileResolution of the Executive Council in its 23rd Meeting held on 19-08-2022 vi...2022-09-06 10:35 2068k
FileResolution of the Executive Council in its 23rd Meeting held on 19-08-2022 vi...2022-09-06 10:33 2322k
Fileresult 05-10-2023.pdf2023-10-05 10:35 288k
FileResult (4).pdf2022-06-30 15:32 2212k
FileResult 08.09.2023.pdf2023-09-08 10:13 279k
FileResult B.Com 1st, 3rd, 5th Sem. and M.Com 3rd Sem. , BBA 1st Sem..pdf2024-02-28 05:17 478k
FileResult B.Sc 1st Sem and MA 3rd Sem..pdf2024-02-21 04:26 249k
FileResult B.Sc B.ED. (1st & 2nd sem.) Medical, Non-Medical and BA B.ED (1st & 2...2024-04-16 06:12 254k
FileResult B.Sc. Biotechnology 1st Sem. , M.A. (Economics) 1st Sem..pdf2024-02-27 09:02 287k
FileResult B.Sc. Reappear 3rd Sem..pdf2024-03-14 08:16 309k
FileResult BA (Hons. English) 1st , BA Pass 3rd, BA (JMC)1st Sem..pdf2024-02-23 10:28 217k
FileResult BA Bed 3rd and 4th Sem.pdf2024-03-01 06:32 244k
FileResult BA Pass, BA Reappear, MCA Reappear.pdf2024-03-14 08:17 289k
FileResult BA Reappear only.pdf2024-03-11 04:46 309k
FileResult BBA (Hospitality Management) 1st and 5th Sem..pdf2024-02-22 04:44 248k
FileResult BCA 1st sem, 3rd Sem, 5th Sem, and BTTM Reappear 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th S...2024-02-21 04:27 276k
FileResult BCA, MCA, PGDGC, MPES Reappear only.pdf2024-03-11 04:46 263k
FileResult BTTM- 1st Sem, 3rd Sem, 5th Sem, 7th Sem & PGDGC- 1st Sem..pdf2024-02-07 09:18 564k
FileResult cum merit list for Asstt., clerk and lab. Astt. (Advt no. ENT- 10 -202...2023-03-26 05:51 419k
FileResult cum merit list for Asstt., clerk and lab. Astt. (Advt no. ENT- 10 -202...2023-03-26 04:42 392k
FileResult dated 29.09.2023.pdf2023-10-05 05:06 686k
FileResult for Selection to the various post advt. no. ENT-042022, ET-022023, ET...2024-01-19 10:01 67k
FileResult for the post of Legal Assistant, Lab Assistants, Lab Attendant, Librar...2024-01-31 06:43 72k
FileResult for the selection on the post of Professor and Associate Professor in...2024-06-15 07:07 74k
FileResult M.A (Journalism & Mass Communication).pdf2022-06-09 15:56 104k
FileResult M.Com 2year 1st Sem..pdf2022-06-23 16:29 257k
FileResult MCA 1st Sem. and 3rd Sem..pdf2024-02-16 09:41 266k
FileResult Notice (1).pdf2024-01-23 07:36 258k
FileResult Notice (2).pdf2024-03-12 10:35 104k
FileResult Notice 1.3.2022.pdf2022-01-03 19:22 826k
FileResult notice 2.pdf2024-02-09 04:53 72k
FileResult Notice for B.Tech. (CS)-AI-6th Sem.pdf2022-01-06 10:56 730k
FileResult Notice for M.A. History, Govt. College of Nagina-2nd Sem.pdf2022-01-06 10:56 737k
FileResult Notice for PG Courses examinations held in June-July 2022.pdf2022-08-26 15:55 319k
FileResult Notice for Second Semester M.Pharma (Pharma Chemistry), LLM & B. Tech....2021-12-15 16:20 188k
FileResult Notice for the post of Assistant.pdf2022-02-14 19:20 624k
FileResult notice for UG-PG courses.pdf2022-07-08 15:26 119k
Fileresult notice GUG 2024 14091 dated 1-3-24.pdf2024-03-04 06:30 384k
Fileresult notice GUG exam 14089 dated 1-3-24.pdf2024-03-04 06:30 717k
Fileresult notice Gug exam 14090 dated 1-3-24.pdf2024-03-04 06:30 287k
FileResult notice notification .pdf2022-08-16 16:03 140k
FileResult notice of UG-PG courses examinations held in Feb-March 2022.pdf2022-08-26 15:56 339k
FileResult Notice UG PG courses examinations held in FebMarch 2022.pdf2022-09-21 11:18 387k
FileResult Notice UG PG courses.pdf2022-09-17 07:52 337k
FileResult Notice UG&PG Courses.PDF2022-06-23 16:31 21k
FileResult Notice-4072821021.pdf2021-07-28 12:40 1619k
FileResult Notice. (1).pdf2024-01-11 09:53 401k
FileResult Notice.pdf2021-11-25 10:33 213k
FileResult notice.pdf2023-09-13 04:53 519k
FileResult notice15.pdf2024-03-14 10:03 109k
FileResult notics-I (Result-I).pdf2024-02-16 05:01 335k
FileResult notics-II (Result-I).pdf2024-02-16 05:02 318k
[IMG]RESULT NOTICS-III (RESULT-I).jpeg2024-02-19 04:38 144k
FileResult Notifiation No. 2021-06.pdf2021-12-02 11:58 753k
FileResult Notification (1).pdf2022-08-16 16:06 201k
FileResult notification (2) (1).pdf2022-08-16 16:01 121k
FileResult Notification 16.pdf2023-11-03 14:53 75k
FileResult Notification 19.pdf2023-11-14 05:02 58k
FileResult notification 2022 .46.pdf2022-09-17 07:52 222k
Fileresult notification 71.pdf2023-12-04 10:22 49k
FileResult Notification B.Tech December 2021 Semester 7th.pdf2022-05-26 11:10 992k
Fileresult notification BBA GUG Exam 14095 06-03-24.pdf2024-03-06 06:39 274k
FileResult Notification Master Physiotherapy Year - 2020-2021 Year -1 Semester -2...2022-05-26 11:09 518k
FileResult Notification No 2022-43.pdf2022-08-26 15:55 647k
FileResult Notification No 2022-52.pdf2022-09-28 16:56 580k
FileResult Notification No. - 2022-14.pdf2022-05-27 07:37 217k
FileResult Notification no. 24-005 (1).pdf2024-05-16 04:25 1186k
FileResult Notification No.- 2022-12.pdf2022-06-01 10:12 213k
FileResult Notification No.- 2022-13.pdf2022-06-01 10:13 217k
FileResult Notification of UG,PG courses of Examinations held in March-April 2022...2022-07-04 10:26 381k
FileResult Notification of UG_PG Courses.pdf2022-07-29 16:07 430k
FileResult Notification Program Name- Master of Physiotherapy Acadmic Year- 2020-...2022-05-26 11:10 477k
FileResult Notification UG-PG Courses.pdf2022-07-13 16:56 363k
FileResult Notification..pdf2022-01-13 13:25 4861k
FileResult Notification.pdf2022-08-16 16:09 743k
FileResult notification[478].pdf2022-07-29 15:53 434k
FileResult of Assistant Professor (English).pdf2023-12-26 07:13 345k
FileResult of B. Pharmacy 7th Sem (1).pdf2022-05-31 11:48 1428k
FileResult of B.Sc B.Ed. (batch 2021) in ref to Endst GUG Exam 2023 9870-75 dated...2023-01-07 00:38 309k
FileRESULT OF COMPUTER TYPE TEST FOR THE POST OF ASSISTANT HELD ON 13th & 14 th F...2023-02-14 12:40 1911k
FileResult of Entrance Test held on 10-08-2023 for admissions in Master of Pharma...2023-08-11 09:28 368k
FileResult of M.Pharm. Pharmacology 2020.pdf2021-12-08 15:02 1518k
FileResult of M.Sc. Neurosciences 1st Sem (1).pdf2022-05-31 11:52 1499k
FileResult of Master of Public Health 1st Sem (1).pdf2022-05-31 11:45 1423k
FileResult of the written tests held on 30th and 31st May, 2024 for the posts of ...2024-06-06 09:16 65k
FileResult of UG courses.pdf2022-09-17 07:53 260k
FileResult of UG-PG courses.pdf2023-01-07 00:40 375k
FileResult of written test cum for Notice for Interview of the shortlisted applic...2022-08-23 17:51 611k
FileResult of Written Test of Ph.D Programme.pdf2021-11-23 16:41 224k
FileResult of written tests held on Dec 08 to 10, 2023 for various non-teaching p...2024-01-12 09:15 1494k
FileResult of written tests held on Feb 25-26, 2023, for the posts of Clerk, Assi...2023-03-06 14:34 741k
FileResult of written tests held on June 14 & 15, 2024 for the post of Assistant ...2024-06-17 09:45 64k
FileResult Reappear UG and PG Course.pdf2024-02-29 08:29 344k
FileResult SIASTE B.Sc.B.ED.pdf2024-03-06 04:53 272k
FileResult UG and PG.pdf2022-06-09 16:17 60k
[IMG]Result UGPG Examinations held in December-January 2023-24..jpeg2024-02-15 04:27 145k
Fileresult-16.pdf2024-03-15 10:48 95k
FileResult-18.pdf2024-03-28 04:25 154k
Fileresult.pdf2023-05-30 14:39 114k
FileResultB.Pharm.pdf2020-03-14 10:20 247k
FileResultBHM.pdf2020-03-14 10:22 229k
FileResultCulinaryArt.pdf2020-03-14 10:22 167k
FileResultM.PharmDec. 2019.pdf2020-01-28 10:56 98k
FileResultM.PharmDec.2019.pdf2020-01-28 10:59 98k
FileResultM.Sc.NeuroSciencesDec.2019.pdf2020-01-28 11:07 155k
FileResultM.Sc.PsychologyDec.2019.pdf2020-01-28 10:58 131k
FileResultMa2021.pdf2021-04-07 23:13 110k
FileResultMay-2019.pdf2019-06-20 11:38 892k
FileResultMPT.pdf2020-03-14 10:25 108k
FileResultNotice-37172021911.pdf2021-07-17 09:12 1188k
[IMG]resultnotice2021.jpeg2021-11-25 17:25 101k
[IMG]ResultNotificationNo-12021.jpg2021-01-19 15:01 533k
FileResultNotificationNo.-03.pdf2020-09-10 15:46 350k
FileResultofB.Pharmacy.pdf2019-01-28 11:16 874k
FileResultofM.B.A..pdf2019-01-19 12:05 1183k
FileResults of Entrance Test held on Feb 19, 2024 for Ph.D Admissions Amandment ...2024-03-19 08:31 389k
FileResults of Entrance Test held on Feb 19, 2024 for PhD Admissions Amendment t...2024-03-20 05:30 389k
FileResults of Entrance Test held on Feb 19, 2014 for PhD Admissions.pdf2024-02-26 11:01 1089k
FileResults of UTD.pdf2023-08-31 14:53 259k
FileRevaluation result 14.pdf2023-10-03 09:08 316k
Filerevaluation Result March april 2022 (8889-90).pdf2022-11-25 22:40 798k
FileRevaluation Result.pdf2023-09-26 07:48 208k
FileRevaluationForm (1).pdf2024-02-16 04:53 92k
FileRevised Inspection Performa.pdf2022-05-10 17:29 366k
FileRevised Admission Schedule (P.G. programmes, L.L.B 3-years, B.Ed. and M.Ed. p...2021-10-06 17:02 1871k
FileRevised admission schedule for LLM and M.Ed. programme.pdf2021-10-22 16:45 1881k
[IMG]Revised Admission Schedule- B.Tech. LEET 2021-22.jpg2021-09-09 20:23 1357k
FileREVISED answer keys OF pUBLIC ADMIN AND PSYCHOLOGY Ph.D. Entrance Tests _comp...2023-03-09 12:49 29k
FileRevised Counseling schedule (Fresh applications also invited).pdf2021-11-19 16:35 1269k
FileRevised Date Sheet of and B.voc Courses May 2024 Examinations.pdf2024-05-02 04:27 535k
FileRevised Date Sheet of and B.voc Even Semester.pdf2024-05-01 10:41 534k
FileRevised Date Sheet-B. Pharma-M. Pharma-18-01-2023.pdf2023-01-18 12:57 479k
FileREVISED DATESHEET ON 15-02-2022 (2).pdf2022-02-15 16:41 6010k
FileRevised Final Date Sheet of B.Pharmacy, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, MBA, MBA (...2023-11-24 05:19 140k
FileRevised Final Date Sheet of B.Tech., M.Tech., B.Voc., B. Pharmacy, BMLS, BOTT...2024-01-02 09:23 609k
FileRevised Final Date Sheet of UG Courses (BA, BSc, BCom, BBA, BCA, BTTM etc.) ...2023-11-24 05:19 245k
FileRevised Final Date Sheet- Special Reappear Examinations- July 2023.pdf2023-07-06 05:50 672k
FileRevised Important Notice for Open Counselling in Admission to PG Programmes o...2022-10-08 11:50 242k
FileRevised Important Notice of Physical Counselling for admission to PG programm...2022-10-19 14:28 510k
FileRevised inspection proforma(s) for B.Ed 28.12.2022.pdf2022-12-30 14:57 843k
FileRevised last date of online applications and schedule for Ph.D programme Fina...2021-10-11 16:59 343k
Filerevised minimum qualification 4440-4442 (1).pdf2023-01-24 05:36 139k
FileRevised PhD Course work examination (Aug 2022) (Research Based Assignments & ...2024-03-04 06:28 270k
Filerevised Physical Counseling Schedule for Existing applicants.pdf2021-11-19 16:36 747k
FileRevised procedure of Anti-Ragging Undertaking & Compliance Submission..pdf2023-07-21 09:30 305k
FileRevised result and notice for interview for Assistant Professor Contractual 0...2022-08-31 17:03 1654k
FileRevised result and notice for interview for Assistant Professor Contractual 0...2022-08-31 12:33 1807k
FileRevised result of B. Tech. 3rd Sem..pdf2021-06-29 13:09 413k
FileRevised Schedule for Filling-up of Exami.pdf2023-10-06 06:26 496k
FileRevised schedule of PG diploma in Law- PDF.pdf2018-11-25 10:16 226k
[IMG] 14:23 125k
[IMG]Revised-BA-1st.png2019-11-15 14:24 198k
[IMG]Revised-BSC1sem.png2019-11-15 14:23 160k
[IMG]Revised-LLM.png2019-11-15 14:22 159k
FileRevisedAdmissionSchedule2020-21.pdf2020-07-29 09:00 17111k
FileRevisedAdmissionScheduleforPGprogramme,LLBandB.Tech.LEETupto 0.11.2020.pdf2020-11-06 16:57 390k
[IMG]RevisedAdmissionScheduleforPGprogramme,LLBandB.Tech.LEEupt.jpg2020-11-20 15:44 1821k
[IMG]RevisedAdmissionScheduleforPGprogramme.jpg2020-10-28 11:21 1655k
FilerevisedBaHons.pdf2019-11-18 14:41 142k
FileRevisedDateSheetB.Sc.Chemistry(Hons.)1stand3rdSem.pdf2021-03-09 22:12 20k
FileRevisedDateSheetB.Sc.Maths(Hons.)1stand3rd_Sem.pdf2021-03-09 22:11 23k
FileRevisedDateSheetB.Sc.PassCoures1stand3rdSem.pdf2021-03-12 15:10 30k
FileRevisedDateSheetBBAHM.pdf2021-03-12 15:11 17k
FileRevisedDatesheetforseptember2020.pdf2020-09-02 22:36 890k
FileRevisedDateSheetM.Sc.Psychology1st&3rdSem.pdf2021-03-12 15:10 20k
FileRevisedDateSheetMAEnglish1st&3rdSem.pdf2021-03-12 15:11 22k
FileRevisedDateSheetMAHistory1stand3rdSem.pdf2021-03-09 22:09 21k
FileRevisedDateSheetMASociology1stand3rdSem.pdf2021-03-09 22:08 20k
FileRevisedDateSheetMBA2Year1st&3rdSem.pdf2021-03-12 15:12 27k
FileRevisedDateSheetMCA2Years .pdf2021-03-12 15:13 43k
FileRevisedDateSheetsNew.pdf2020-09-03 13:39 383k
FileRevisedM.Sc.MatsUTDs1stSem.pdf2021-03-09 22:05 17k
FileRevisedMBA2Year1stand3rdSem..pdf2021-03-09 22:07 27k
[IMG]revisedmcom.jpg2019-11-25 15:32 451k
FileRevisedscheduleofinterviewfotthepostofAssistantProf.inLaw..pdf2021-01-24 10:26 33k
FileRevisedscheduleofinterviewfotthepostofAssociateProf.inCommerce.pdf2021-01-24 10:24 70k
Filerithoj.pdf2021-03-05 14:09 156k
FileRLA notice june july 23.pdf2023-11-17 05:16 195k
FileRO, Gas.pdf2023-01-26 07:56 322k
FileRoadTenderPressNotice-converted.pdf2021-02-15 21:21 117k
FileRolling Advg for Hiring Adjunct Faculty (1).pdf2022-04-06 16:27 3564k
FileRolling Advg for Hiring Adjunct Faculty.pdf2022-04-05 19:13 3564k
FileRoman blind.pdf2024-03-13 11:24 312k
[IMG]roti.jpg2021-08-19 22:44 1k
FileRR extension(2).pdf2023-09-29 05:32 327k
FileRR of Education college_compressed.pdf2023-10-11 05:01 900k
FileRR(PG).pdf2023-09-02 04:49 1909k
FileRR(PG)_compressed (1).pdf2023-09-05 08:28 936k
FileRR(PG)_compressed.pdf2023-09-05 08:35 936k
Filesalaheri.pdf2021-03-05 14:09 798k
FileSARperformaforteachers,GUG.pdf2020-11-18 13:27 809k
FileSC nominee on the Admission Committee.pdf2023-07-05 09:45 1295k
[IMG]scan.jpg2020-07-11 09:37 108k
FileScan.pdf2024-04-02 10:07 1552k
[IMG]SceduledofExaminationMarch-April,2021.jpg2021-01-19 15:02 817k
FileSchedule for Conduct of Entrance Examination for Admissions in Master of Phar...2023-08-04 09:39 343k
FileSchedule for conduct of Practical Examin (1).pdf2024-03-19 08:32 379k
FileSchedule for conduct of Practical Examin.pdf2023-12-13 06:10 379k
FileSchedule for Conduct of practical Examinations ..pdf2023-05-08 15:55 532k
FileSchedule for conduct of Practical Examinations for All Courses (Even Semester...2024-04-30 10:44 284k
FileSchedule for filling-up of Examination Forms.pdf2023-12-01 06:34 479k
FileSchedule for filling-up of Online Re- appear Form for M.Ed Courses (1st &3rd ...2023-02-21 12:43 391k
FileSchedule for filling-up of Online Re-appear Forms for Even Semester(1) (1).pdf2024-02-27 08:59 412k
FileSchedule for filling-up of Online Re-appear Forms for Even Semester(1).pdf2024-02-16 04:56 412k
FileSchedule for submission of Dissertation, Project Report, Summer Training, Fie...2024-03-28 08:22 421k
Fileschedule for submission of Registration Return & Continuation Return for all...2022-12-08 14:37 439k
FileSchedule of Dcument Verification, Presentation on teaching skilld & Interview...2024-06-17 09:46 223k
FileSchedule of Document Verification, Presentation on teaching skilld & Intervie...2024-06-18 10:19 228k
FileSchedule of Exam Forms(Odd Semester).pdf2023-09-14 11:00 184k
Fileschedule of examination for the session january 2023..pdf2022-11-07 16:46 544k
FileSchedule of Open Counseling for M.COM Integrated against vacant seats.pdf2023-08-03 07:11 696k
FileSchedule of Open Counseling for M.Com Integrated against vacant seats.pdf2023-07-26 09:19 650k
Fileschedule of special examination (Re-appear) for 5th Semester of UG Courses (3...2023-05-31 08:31 304k
FileSchedule of written test for engagement of Assistant Professor ( On contract ...2023-06-26 10:14 622k
FileScheduled of Examination January 2022.pdf2021-12-08 15:03 1847k
FileScheduleoftest.pdf2019-02-07 15:55 238k
FileSchemeofExaminationforAssistantProfessor(Physiotherapy).pdf2019-06-05 12:23 10399k
[IMG]Scholarship.jpg2019-02-15 11:15 1580k
FileScreening Result Assistant Professor Commerce Advt No 10-2021.pdf2022-04-22 21:03 592k
FileScreeningResultforthePostofAssistantProfessor_compressed.pdf2020-09-11 15:39 219k
FileSCRUTINY CSE.pdf2024-04-26 04:27 1841k
FileSCRUTINY E&T_compressed.pdf2024-04-26 04:28 479k
FileSDO Electrical_compressed.pdf2023-12-12 05:31 153k
[IMG]sdo.gif2020-01-03 14:13 2838k
Filesec52.pdf2021-03-05 14:10 239k
FileSecond merit list for B.A. in International Culinary Arts (offsite campus) (1...2023-08-02 06:03 464k
FileSecond merit list for B.A. in International Culinary Arts (offsite campus).pdf2023-08-02 06:03 464k
FileSecond merit list for B.A. Luxury management (offsite campus).pdf2023-08-02 06:04 477k
FileSecond merit list for B.Sc Hospitality Management (offsite campus).pdf2023-08-02 06:04 438k
FileSecond merit list for Bachelor in Design (offsite campus).pdf2023-08-02 06:05 436k
FileSecond merit list for BBA (offsite campus).pdf2023-08-02 06:05 480k
FileSecond open Counseling Schedule for M.A. Applied Economics.pdf2023-08-22 05:51 1925k
FileSecond open Counseling Schedule for M.Sc. Physics.pdf2023-08-22 05:52 1945k
FileSecond open Counseling Schedule for M.Sc. Psychology (1)_compressed.pdf2023-08-21 11:14 260k
FileSecond provisional merit list of B.Ed. (Arts and Commerce group) programme.pdf2023-09-19 05:00 191k
FileSecond provisional merit list of B.Ed. (Science) programme.pdf2023-09-19 05:00 162k
FileSecond provisional merit list of B.PT. programme_compressed.pdf2023-07-21 14:56 379k
FileSecond provisional merit list of M.Com. Integrated.pdf2023-07-21 09:46 1588k
FileSecond provisional merit list of M.Ed. programme.pdf2023-09-19 05:01 141k
FileSecond Provisonal Merit List of M. Pharm. Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemi...2023-08-08 04:15 1043k
Filesector9.pdf2021-03-05 14:11 1916k
Filesewer cleaning.pdf2022-06-20 15:41 280k
Filesexual harassment policy (1).pdf2023-07-08 07:24 1365k
Filesexual harassment policy.pdf2023-07-08 06:34 569k
Fileshort listed candidates for MBA Admission _compressed_compressed-compressed.pdf2023-08-03 13:54 1466k
FileShort tender notice.pdf2022-04-08 17:17 415k
FileShortlisted Candidated for Physical Counselling of Videography & Photography...2022-08-19 12:43 469k
FileShortlisted Candidated for Physical Counselling of B.PT. on 23.08.2022.PDF2022-08-19 12:43 1810k
FileShortlisted Candidated for Physical Counselling of B.Sc. Animation on 23.08.2...2022-08-19 12:40 518k
FileShortlisted Candidated for Physical Counselling of M.Com. Integrated on 24.08...2022-08-19 13:54 776k
FileShortlisted Candidated for Physical Counselling of MAMC Integrated on 24.08.2...2022-08-19 12:39 207k
FileShortlisted Candidated for Physical Counselling of MBA Integrated on 23.08.20...2022-08-19 12:39 1381k
FileShortlisted candidates for physical counselling of B.Sc. Animation and Multim...2023-07-19 04:15 1439k
FileShortlisted Candidates for Physical Counselling of M.Com. Integrated on 24.08...2022-08-23 10:12 3262k
FileShortlisted candidates for physical counselling of MAMC (integrated) on 19.07...2023-07-19 04:15 1465k
FileShortlisted candidates for physical counselling of MBA(Integrated) on 18.07.2...2023-07-17 13:53 1958k
FileShortlisted candidates of Paramedical courses counseling to be held on 28.09....2022-09-27 14:51 65k
[IMG]ShorttenderNotice-GU-VC-CE-2021-10-02-21.jpg2021-02-09 20:48 492k
Fileshrishantisagar.pdf2021-03-05 14:12 152k
Filesidhrawali.pdf2021-03-05 14:12 552k
FileSKM_22720041616530.pdf2020-04-17 21:06 286k
FileSKM_22720041616550.pdf2020-04-17 21:03 177k
FileSKM_22720041616551.pdf2020-04-17 21:02 90k
FileSKM_22721061410580.pdf2021-06-15 16:19 459k
FileSKM_22721071311500.pdf2021-07-13 15:29 218k
FileSKM_22722010413490.pdf2022-01-04 14:37 47k
FileSKM_22722050417010.pdf2022-05-05 12:59 611k
FileSKM_22722100317160.pdf2022-10-04 09:50 607k
FileSKM_22723120416080.pdf2023-12-05 07:46 39k
FileSKM_22724012414580.pdf2024-01-24 09:14 237k
FileSKM_22724042312534.pdf2024-04-24 03:30 68k
FileSKM_22724042415100.pdf2024-04-26 04:25 72k
FileSKM_22724052112110.pdf2024-05-21 07:53 44k
FileSKM_22724061412240.pdf2024-06-14 06:25 103k
FileSKM_558e20081016570.pdf2020-08-10 21:46 68k
FileSKM_558e23101615370.pdf2023-10-16 10:20 71k
FileSKM_558e23101713490.pdf2023-10-17 09:25 58k
FileSKM_C45824030416101 (1).pdf2024-03-06 06:30 721k
FileSKM_C45824030714450.pdf2024-03-11 04:44 184k
FileSKM_C45824031115090.pdf2024-03-12 04:42 466k
FileSpecial Chance 02-Sep-2022 10-27-55.pdf2022-09-02 11:01 684k
Filespecial chance result notice.pdf2024-02-13 04:47 405k
FileSpecial examination (Re-Appear) of Final Semester Year of pass out Batches of...2023-11-23 10:31 529k
[IMG]Special Examinations (Re-appear) of Final Sem-Year of pass out batches of all...2023-11-23 10:14 141k
FileSteno Typist.pdf2023-09-28 11:37 95k
[IMG]subjectbooking.11111.jpg2021-01-25 16:02 155k
[IMG]subjectbooking.jpg2021-01-18 19:54 168k
FileSubmission of Re-evaluation Form.pdf2020-06-23 14:05 33k
FileSukoon the counselling center.pdf2023-05-08 15:57 1517k
FileSummer Vacations (affiliated colleges).pdf2022-05-16 18:38 106k
Filesuraj.pdf2021-03-05 14:13 600k
FileSurajDegreeCollege.PDF2020-04-15 09:13 510k
FileSyllabus & Schedule of A.P (Contract Basis).pdf2023-09-18 13:21 1018k
FileSyllabus for written test for the post of Assistant Professor (on contract ba...2023-12-29 15:50 285k
FileSyllabus of the written test for the post of assistant Professors in the disc...2024-04-08 05:11 45k
FileTeaching Advertisement, 2021-22 05 of 2021 (Asstt. Professor in En...2021-05-08 09:59 876k
FileTeaching Advertisement, 2021-22 08 of 2021 (Teaching- Professors)2...2021-05-26 17:05 914k
FileTeaching Advertisement, 2021-22 10 of 2021 (Asstt. Professors- Com...2021-07-01 14:23 920k
FileTeaching Advertisement, 2021-22 06 of 2021 (Teaching- Associate P...2021-05-11 13:32 933k
FileTeaching Advertisement, 2021-22 of 2021 (Asstt. Professors) (...2021-05-05 19:07 883k
FileTeaching_Post_Advertisement-15-2018.pdf2018-11-24 23:25 354k
FileTENDER ENGG.pdf2022-03-17 16:01 303k
Filetender horticulture waste.pdf2022-04-12 17:21 407k
Filetender notice 478.pdf2022-01-13 16:38 241k
Filetender notice 479.pdf2022-01-13 16:37 252k
Filetender notice 480.pdf2022-01-13 16:37 246k
Filetender notice 481.pdf2022-01-13 16:38 215k
FileTender Notice Canteen.pdf2022-04-14 08:03 224k
Filetender notice physics.pdf2022-03-24 13:34 302k
Filetender notice.pdf2022-04-13 15:22 0k
FileTender-Outsourcing of Job work for Coding Decoding of Answer Sheets (approx. ...2022-12-01 20:11 821k
Filetenderdoc1.pdf2022-11-18 12:59 374k
Filetenderdoc2.pdf2022-11-18 13:01 396k
Filetendergrass.pdf2022-04-12 17:22 330k
Filetendernoticeguesthouse.pdf2022-03-08 12:30 397k
Filetendertoilets.pdf2022-04-12 17:21 340k
FileTentative Date Sheet June July 2022...11 july.pdf2022-06-11 10:04 1214k
FileTentative Date Sheet-BA-BSc-BCom-28-12-2022.pdf2022-12-29 13:16 1186k
FileTentative Datesheet- PG Courses -December 2023.pdf2023-11-22 05:51 547k
FileTentative Schedule of Interview for engagement of Assistant Professor ( on co...2024-02-07 06:13 62k
FileTentativeB.PharmacyandB.PharmacyLateralEntryProspectus2020-21.pdf2020-08-11 21:10 2628k
FileTest Booklet for the Post of Assistant Professor Chemistry.pdf2024-06-16 05:56 591k
FileTest Booklet for the Post of Assistant Professor Computer Science and Enginee...2024-06-15 07:13 137k
[IMG]The 2nd open physical counselling for admission to courses which was e...2022-10-14 08:43 101k
FileThe 2nd open physical counselling for admission to courses which was e...2022-10-17 16:56 36k
FileThe 2nd open physical counselling for admission to courses which was e...2022-10-17 17:03 36k
FileThe results of the following UGPG Courses examinations (RegularRe-appear) hel...2024-01-25 07:04 331k
FileThe results of the following UGPG Courses examinations (RegularRe-appear) hel...2024-02-07 05:20 564k
FileThe results of the following UGPG Courses examinations (RegularRe-appear) hel...2024-02-07 05:15 908k
FileThe results of the following UGPG Courses examinations (RegularRe-appear) hel...2024-02-09 10:00 646k
FileThe results of the following UGPG Courses examinations (RegularRe-appear) hel...2024-02-15 05:34 648k
FileThe results of the following UGPG Courses examinations (RegularRe-appear) hel...2024-02-27 05:48 361k
FileThe results of the following UGPG Courses examinations (RegularRe-appear) hel...2024-04-03 04:12 2021k
FileThe results of the following UGPG Courses examinations (RegularRe-appear) hel...2023-10-30 05:20 79k
FileThe results of the following UGPG Courses examinations (RegularRe-appear) hel...2023-10-30 05:21 61k
FileThe results of the following UGPG Courses examinations (RegularRe-appear) hel...2023-09-20 04:31 312k
FileThe results of the following UGPG Courses examinations June-July (RegularRe-a...2023-09-22 09:42 380k
FileThird merit list of Ph.D .pdf2022-01-12 07:19 1248k
FileThird Open Counseling Schedule for M.A. Public Policy, Administration & Gover...2023-09-14 10:39 1762k
FileThirdMerit.ListB.Tech.(LEET).pdf2020-12-11 17:22 440k
FileThirdMeritLiistL.L.M..pdf2020-12-10 14:09 551k
FileThirdMeritLiistLLB(3-Years)3rdmerit.pdf2020-12-10 14:08 179k
FileThirdMeritLiistM.A.Economics.pdf2020-12-10 14:07 527k
FileThirdMeritLiistM.A.JournalismandMassCommunication.pdf2020-12-10 14:07 527k
FileThirdMeritLiistM.A.PublicAdministration.pdf2020-12-10 14:08 527k
FileThirdMeritLiistM.Com..pdf2020-12-10 14:57 553k
FileThirdMeritLiistM.PharmaPharmacology.pdf2020-12-10 14:53 344k
FileThirdMeritLiistM.PT.тАУCardioPulmonary.pdf2020-12-10 14:53 519k
FileThirdMeritLiistM.PTOrtho.pdf2020-12-10 14:54 527k
FileThirdMeritLiistM.Sc.Chemistry.pdf2020-12-10 14:55 519k
FileThirdMeritLiistM.Sc.Mathematics.pdf2020-12-10 14:54 447k
FileThirdMeritLiistM.Sc.Physics.pdf2020-12-10 14:08 345k
FileThirdMeritLiistM.Sc.Psychology.pdf2020-12-10 14:07 548k
FileThirdMeritLiistMasterPublicHealth.pdf2020-12-10 14:56 519k
FileThirdMeritLiistMBA.pdf2020-12-10 14:57 561k
FileThirdMeritM.Sc.Neurosciences.pdf2020-12-10 21:35 520k
Filetraining for online subject booking.pdf2022-11-11 16:33 324k
FileTRP Advt. 14.10.21.pdf2021-10-10 09:21 2020k
FileTRP Advt. 18.10.21.pdf2021-10-10 09:46 2112k
FileTRP Advt. 21.10.21.pdf2021-10-10 09:22 1934k
Filetrp.pdf2019-07-10 19:05 2096k
FileTRPs.pdf2019-07-10 18:59 941k
Fileug (BPT, LLB, BTTM) datesheet final 03.05.2023 (1)_compressed_compressed.pdf2023-05-03 12:56 93k
FileUG(, B.Voc) 03.05.23_compressed_compressed.pdf2023-05-03 12:55 127k
FileUG(BA,B.Sc.,B.Com, BBA, BCA, B.ED INTEGRATED) Final 03.05.2023_compressed_com...2023-05-03 12:52 462k
FileUMC Committee Decision-1.pdf2023-04-17 05:38 1711k
FileUMC Committee Decision.pdf2023-04-15 04:13 1465k
Fileumc decision cases_compressed.pdf2022-12-02 20:44 1041k
FileUMC meeting decision held on 16 February 2024.pdf2024-03-01 09:50 1193k
Fileumc meeting decision held on 25th January 2024_compressed (1).pdf2024-02-02 05:51 1397k
FileUMC Notification!.pdf2023-09-06 04:40 171k
FileUndertakingforSCCandidatealongwithnotice.pdf2020-09-04 08:19 610k
FileUnfair Means Cases Meeting Notice (2).pdf2023-08-17 10:10 3099k
Fileunfair means meeting decision held on 16 February 2024.pdf2024-03-01 10:54 1193k
FileUniversity Pass _compressed.pdf2023-07-07 11:30 1560k
FileUpdated Answer Key AP (English).pdf2023-12-26 07:14 235k
FileUpdated Answer Key for SDO (Elect.) & Law Officer.pdf2023-12-20 10:38 201k
FileUpdated answer key.pdf2022-08-22 17:11 240k
FileUpdated Answer keys of the Entrance test held on Feb, 19 2024 for PhD Admissi...2024-02-26 11:00 626k
FileUpdated Answer keys of the written test held on 20 th Dec 2023 for the post o...2023-12-22 05:27 193k
Fileupdated date sheet of odd semesters (12 feb)-2.pdf2022-02-12 17:42 1202k
FileUpdated datesheet 18-2-2022 (1).pdf2022-02-18 14:09 457k
FileUPDATED DATESHEET OF ALL PROGRAMS 21-02-2022 IN PDF.pdf2022-02-21 14:41 6446k
FileUpdated final MBA Integrated 5 years date sheet.pdf2022-02-14 12:16 201k
Fileupdated keys.pdf2022-08-22 17:11 1525k
Fileupdatednotce11092019.pdf2019-09-11 17:59 145k
[IMG]urdu.png2019-11-20 13:21 111k
Fileutd.pdf2021-03-05 14:13 864k
Filevide Advt. No. T1-152024.pdf2024-06-08 10:47 482k
[IMG]vntp.jpg2020-09-18 12:06 789k
FileWalk in interveiw for Visiting Faculty (Env. Sciences) - 14.11.2022.pdf2022-11-10 12:08 657k
FileWalk in Interview against the Advt No ET-09-2022.pdf2022-12-07 11:07 96k
FileWalk in interview.pdf2022-04-27 10:00 8437k
FileWalk-in-inetrview for engagement of General Physician & Lab. Technician.pdf2022-10-28 12:28 460k
FileWalk-in-Interview.pdf2023-02-09 07:55 1404k
FileWalkininterviefo11.02.2021.pdf2021-02-04 16:16 596k
FileWalkininterviewnoticefor28.01.2021(Neuroscience,math&publichealth).pdf2021-01-25 15:03 125k
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FileWhatsApp Image 2023-09-13 at 12.54.00.pdf2023-09-13 07:28 117k
FileWhatsApp Image 2023-09-14 at 15.10.35 (1) (1)_rotated.pdf2023-09-14 11:11 184k
FileWhatsApp Image 2023-10-09 at 4.47.22 PM (1).pdf2023-10-09 13:48 95k
FileWhatsApp Image 2023-10-09 at 4.47.26 PM (1).pdf2023-10-09 13:51 89k
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FileWhiteboard 18 Feb 2022.pdf2022-02-18 17:58 408k
FileWindow shutter.pdf2022-07-14 17:02 255k
FileWIT Revised....pdf2021-03-16 18:44 24k
Filewit.pdf2021-03-05 14:14 189k
FileWIT_B.TECH_CE.pdf2021-03-13 17:26 91k
FileWIT_B.TECH_CSE.pdf2021-03-13 17:27 96k
FileWIT_B.TECH_ECE.pdf2021-03-13 17:27 86k
FileWithdrawal of Various posts.pdf2022-09-14 11:14 328k
[IMG]Withdrawal of various teaching posts.jpg.jpg2022-04-21 17:38 1690k
FileWritren test Communication Officer (PRO).pdf2023-07-14 07:38 534k
FileWritten Result of Assistant.pdf2022-02-19 14:48 526k
FileWritten Test for Lab Assistant.pdf2023-02-14 11:05 476k
FileWritten test for the posts of Peon advertised vide Advt. No. 4-2022.pdf2022-10-28 12:27 457k
FileWritten Test Notification Advt. ET-10 of 2023.pdf2024-02-01 07:10 90k
Filewritten test result for assistant professor on contract basis 05-2022_compres...2022-08-25 19:20 1003k
FileWritten test result Steno Typist English.pdf2023-10-03 12:54 673k
Filewritten test result.pdf2023-07-03 04:07 760k
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FileYsinDegreeCollege.PDF2020-04-15 09:14 904k
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